swaragini secret love (episode 4)

I think my ff is not nice but I like to.write don’t worry I’ll try to end fast and abt pairs don’t think about pairs if I say abt the pairs that will be my last episode.
Episode starts with…..
Swara goes near window she was abt yo open but suddenly someone shouts plz don’t open the door swara get shocked
Swara- who r u wt r u doing here
Voice- I will say but plz don’t open window
Swara: who r u say first or else I will open window
Voice: I can’t say who i’m but I will say why I came here
Swara: for wt
Voice: I came here to see you and to give this to u saying this he handover a paper to her
Swara( excited): so u t the person who giving letter to me
Voice : ha me
Swara: but y
Voice : arey yaar budhu u read so many letters still u didn’t get Y
Swara gets angry
Swara: u called me budhu see wt I will do saying this she opens the door so that person fell down.swara peeps down but it is too dark she can’t see anyone after few seconds she heard a voice
Voice: don’t worry I’m fine
Swara : plz stay there 5 min
Voice(happy): okay okay. After few minutes here receives a letter.he was in cloud nine

Sry for short update i’m little busy

Precap: same as before

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    very short

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    Too short but nice… Keep it up…
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