swaragini secret love (episode 3)

Episode starts with karan packing his bag
Lela(karan’s mom): plz karan don’t leave ur mother stay with us study here itself ur papa will pay amount in which clg u want plz don’t go to mumbai
Karan:mom plz don’t worry I’ll be fine there
Leela:when u listen to me( to karan’s dad)tell him no to go
At mm
Sanlak entered house while entering both are paused
Sanlak: bhai
Yes adharsh stood near door folding his hands against his chest
Adharh:what u both did at clg
Sanky:what we did

Adharsh:ya don’t know how u ppl will know such a innocent actually i did na
Sanlak(innocently)-seriously bhai what u did
Adharsh-shutup idiots what u both did in principle room
Sanky-that’s all becoz of this lucky
While entering in principle room
Princi-hlo young man’s adharsh said that u both want to join this clg at any cost
Lucky – really did bhai said that I think he mistaken who would like to.join this clg
Both sanskar and princi where shocked fb ends……
On other side at karan’s house
Mr.malhotra(karan’s dad);leela let him do what ever he want .leela leaves by saying this father and son will never change
Mr.malhotra :(to karan) listen karan I will be always ur side not as a father ad a bother and as a frnd but onething I should say as a father do whatever you want but let my head down and do as u like but.listen to heart once and one more is one shouldn’t suffer becoz of u
Karan: dad plz stop ur thana and tq for ur advice I will follow tq not to u dad to my frnd who always supports me but I should say one
Mr.mal: ha say
Karan,: I’ll Miss you frnd
Mr.mal: I.miss u to and.ha after pancking bag go to shopping and come.fast u have to wake early na
Karan,- okay dad.
Fb continues

Sanky(wisphres): lucky keep quiet
Sanky: ya sir
Princi : many of students wii say that they don’t want to leave this clg
Lucky : hahaha what kind of joke It is sir I asked many they said they want to leave this clg as early sa
Princi irriked by his talk but still our lucky continues
Lucky:they aslo said u will teach one subject they don’t understand one word also u don’t know one definition also

Now princi is super angry
Princi(shouted) get out u both.idiots don’t ever dare to come infront of me.
Fb ends……….
Still they are out side of house just then pari comes there
Pari: adharsh let them to come in and I listened everything lucky u did a great job just get in she drags both arms
Adharsh : pari u pampering them too.much who will answer to dad
Parsanlak: who else you
Adharsh – no ways
Lucky- plz bhai
Sanky-plz bhai
Pari- plz bhai
Adharsh gave a death glare
Pari bites her tongue sry plz adharsh
Adharsh again says no they three were pleading him where ever adharsh go they following just like a hutch dog finally adharsh agrees
Dp comes home

At dinning table
Adharsh- dad
Dp- ha
Adharsh- dad actually sanlak.didn’t get admission.sanlak closes their eyes
Dp:I know they will never get
Adharsh- no actually I thought to send them.u mumbai sanlak were shocked but happy too adharsh continues dad my frnd is working in.mumbai university so I already talked to him so what is ur.decision
Dp- see idiots how ur brother is bothering about you both judt listen to him and follow him u will be in heights
Lucky – dad but we crossed age limit so can’t grow
Dp – shut up useless
Uttera chuckles laksh got angry and left from there
Lucky in his room dancing like a.mad uttara peeps into his room laksh stops.dancing looks at her
Luck(angry): why u came

Uttara- I thought u god angry o.me so I came here to apologize to u but you were too happy
Laksh- yes I’m so happy becoz kaal se tumara chahara nahi dekh na padegi na
Uttara gets sad and speaks with teary eyes bhai what I did y r u angry o. Me it hurts me a lot
Laksh- so hurts without pari bhabi’s mistake u were taunting her from padt 5 yrs. Uttara abt yo speak but laksh cut her words uttara.plz go form here I’m so happy now don’t spoil my mood saying this he close the door

Laksh(in mind): uttara I know I hurts u a lot but what.should i do u have to accept that whatever happened its noy bhabi’s or dad’s mistake I’m sry uttara for hurting u
Uttara sees pari and says this all happened becoz of u uttara runs while crying pari is also crying but she feels someone hand in her shoulder she turns.and sees.sanky there
Sanky; don’t worry bhabi everything will sort out
Pari- I hope so
Pari leaves and sa.ky also leaves to his room

At gadodia
At dinning table
Shekar- sumi did u packed everything
rags- what papa
Sheka-as I said u both were going to mumbai tomorrow morning train
Swara (excited): wow papa I like train journey
Shekar didn’t pay any attention to her
Shekar : ragini take care

Swara feels bad as well as ragini too
Swara finishes her food didn’t utter a word she we.t to her room
Ragini: dad why r u behaving bad towards her
Shekar:ladoo plz don’t talk abt her
Ragain starts going but turns again and says did u remember dad u always used to say that ur shona is very innocent but dad I’m remaining u that ladoo is always after shona only.sumi had tears in her eyes thinking abt swara.ragini leave to swara room
Swara room;

Swara sat on bed bending her hear
Ragini: swara
Swara lifts her head her eyes were red due to crying
Ragini: swara y r u.crying.don’t cry plz.suddenly swara hugs her
Swara- becoz of me dad suffer a lot becoz of me.only he hates me
Ragini- no swara he don’t hates u he is just angry at u that’s it

Ragini(to herself): don’t worry di I everything will be sort out
Ragini: (to change swara’s mood):di plz I will go now if jiju saw u still awake he will curse me that becoz of u eagini my swara is awake a don’t need that okay
Swara smiles and holds rags ear badhmash u teasing ur elder sis ha
Sry di good night saying this ragini runs.out.after sometime swara slept
At mid night swara sleep disturbed due.some sound near window she went to near window abut to open but suddenly someone shouts plz don’t open swara get shocked
Episode ends

Precap: karan at clg.swara cries….

I know this episode is too boring and lengthy too if it is not nice plz let me know I will try to improve

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