swaragini secret love (episode 2)


laksh-i think we slept in wash room
pari- no no u slept in ur room
laksh- really bhabi thank u(still sanlak were sleeping)
dp- u stupid how much tie u will sleep
pari- papa plz don’t shout.lucky,sanky wake up na sanky u said that today is last date for admmision suddenly sanlak wakes
sanky- thank u bhabi he ran to his room
laksh – thank you bhabi he ran to washroom

@gadodia mansion
a girl standing near window reading something on paper then suddenly a girl hugs from back
girl- shona good morning but no response
girl- oh wow shona from night i was thinking for this how he will express his love today
shona-laddoo plz stop it (yes they are swaragini)
ragini- wait i will read

Millions of eyes, wouldn’t be enough
Lakhs of hearts, wouldn’t be enough
For seeing you, and getting you!!

Languages(how many ever), wouldn’t be enough
Words wouldn’t be enough
For describing you and calling you!
– wouldn’t be enough how much ever I spend with you
This journey with you wouldn’t stop
Through eyes, you creeper into my heart and my breath you’re now!!!
-Like a pure drop from the sky, you’ve jumped(fallen)
You’ve become a pure pearl to my surprise
Let the sky rain meteors, seems like flowers to me
Let it throw lightnings, seems like pleasant melodies
My bad luck has turned into good luck
Darkness has starred spreading the glow
All the obstacles turn into my favour
All these miracles should be because of you

swara-no nothing like that

Credit to: sindhu

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