swaragini- secret love (episode 1)


hello guys thank you for your comments
sorry i forget to say that asha is dum she can’t talk but she is naughty as well as intellegent
and please don’t think about pairs this is all about friends and yes there is pairs also in this gang so you all have wait to know about pairs
ok lets start

A big manshion is shown

two ladies doing puja one person comming down and shouts
person- ap go and wake ur stupid sons(yes the ladie are ap and pari)
ap- they already went to jogging also
pari- ha papa(person is dp)
dp- then what about ur dewana devar laksh
pari- papa plz don’t talk like that he also went to jogging
dp- i don’t know when they both will be responsible like adharsh. whenever their is a speciall occation in kolkata all will invite me. i will give leanghty lectures to them younstars should be like this like that but i am hepless to chage this stupids
pari – papa don’t try to change them do oe thing
dp- what/
pari – u just change urself like them u will enjoy
dp – tum dhono ki vacha se vo waise thi
pari and ap smiles
@play ground
Two persons doing jogging
person 1 – ok what is ur next plan
person2- i don’t know let me enjoy my holidays
meantime some one calls person 1
some one- hi mr. malhotra

Mr.malhotra- hi jhon
jhon – ur son become so big(he was doing jogging without listing malhota answer he passed away)
person 2- dad i think he saw me when i was 5yrs right
Mr.malhotra- karan don’t joke like that(yes he is karan one of our lead)
karan- dad i am not joking
Mr. malhotra-ok leave it shall we drink coffe this is the best cafe in mumbai
karan – dad i think this is ur small world come on dad wake up mumbai is so big just open ur eyes see this is a small water drop in a big ocean
Mr. mal- yes my world is small i like this small worls which shows my happines ok r u coming with me or not

karan – ok this is last time
mr mal and karan entered cafe they occupied two seater table karan looking all around but his eyes stopped at one place
a girl arraginig rosses in a wase she is looking damm cuite some one called her -hey asha come here give this to table 5 she nodes it was karan’s table
karan( in mind)karan ur day starts now by flirting with that girl.she reached his table and puts coffee on table
mr.mal-tq beta.she smiles and nodes suddenly mr.mal phone rings he went out
karan- hey u girl what’s ur name

someother coustmer- asha
kara- uncle did i ask u
uncle- sry she can’t speak
karan – oh i am sorry but how u will mannage ur day day here
another coustmer- she just doing parttime job here
karan- so every one knows her
uncle- yes she is frnd to all here so sweet girl . asha smiles
karan- what is ur daily work
one kid – she is student
karan – student what r u studing
asha took tissue and she write something on that and gives to karan
karan- reads it and says so u completed ur engeneering so nice of u .just then Mr.malhotra shouts come karan we have to leave
karan- ok dad.asha glad to meet u he pays bill and leaves while leaving he turns back and says mai i know ur moble no. asha gives an unbeleble look.karan smiles and leaves
two people enters to a big mansion
voice 1- maa coffe please
ap- it is already ready adharh come have it (yes he was adharsh)
pari- uttara do want coffee(yes another person was uttara)

uttara(anger)-no i don’t want anything and plz don’t act to good like this ok
ap- uttara this is the way to talk to ur bhabi
pari- leave it maa she was just kid na.uttara leaves from there
dp- pari i’m sorry this all becoz of me
pari- no papa she was about to go
dp- then pari beta where is ur dewana devar’s .pari bites her tounge
pari- papa- wo……..wo………
dp- where are they

ap- in their room
dp entered to sanlak room it was totally messy dp brings bucket water pours on them sanlak totally covered themselfs with blanket
voice- lucky its raining we slep n terrace na(yes he was sanskar)
laksh- no sanky we slep in washroom i

Credit to: sindhu

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