Swaragini – Second Love…Episode 1


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This is my second fiction in this website… I thought to write a story in this plot for a long time… now I posted the first update after I couldn’t control myself…. This will be a short story… I will try to finish it soon… and regarding my another fiction I will update tomorrow… If you have any suggestion, please let me know… please read and give your feedback… I hope you will like this too…


‘Ragini… please tell the truth to everyone… I promise… I will make sure it won’t affect your married life… I just want mom and dad to reunite… we will become swaragini again…’
‘At least now, accept your mistakes ragini… I know I am the root cause of this problem… now I realized… love can’t be forced and revenge won’t give peace…’
‘ragini beta… it’s wrong… the marriage with lie won’t be stable… please… believe my words… I will talk to laksh and make him understand… don’t do this act anymore….’
‘Why did you do this?? You knew that I loved swara… then why??? I don’t love you ragini… I thought you as my best friend only… you were not that ragini to whom I befriend with…’
‘I am ashamed of you lado…. I never thought…. the values, the morals I taught you would turn out like this… you proved me, my upbringing wrong…’

‘You cannot be my daughter… you failed me… no… it’s my fault… I trust you blindly… from this minute, we don’t have any father- daughter relationship…’
‘How could you do this, ragini??? Why did you cheat us?? Why did you spoil my sons’ life???’
‘I never thought you would do like this, ragini… A cultured girl like you how could you stoop so low???’

These words rang in her ears again and again. ‘did I really stoop so low?? I just want to get my love… why didn’t they understand it?? Maybe… maybe… the path I chose is wrong… I tried to kill my beloved sister who always stood with me… I kidnapped my mother… I lied to everyone… but I did this to get my love only… ’, said her mind. ‘what??? love??? Which love ragini??? For whom, you did these all is now hating you… he didn’t even think you as a friend now… if you love someone truly, first let them free, ragini…’, said her heart. For the first time her heart won this battle and she understood the reality. ‘yes… I should let him free… but… I blinded with my love… They hate me… My loved ones now hate me… I brought such a shame to them… I should be punished…’. Once again, those hurtful words rang in her ears and tears started to flow.

She closed her ears and shouted, ‘STOP IT… please stop it… plea…’, her words slowly mixed with the thin air while she fell their unconsciously.

After an hour,

She slowly came to her consciousness due to the noise from outside of their room. ‘Their room??’, The thought made her to give a sad smile. She could hear his voice clearly, ‘that is not my baby… I won’t accept it…’. Automatically, she touched her tummy. Her eyes released a set of fresh tears. The wedding night incident flashed in front of her eyes. the night, they consummated their marriage while both were in drunken state. One was due to alcohol and the other was due to the mad love. Her thought disturbed by his words, ‘it was a sin… what is the guarantee that it is my b…???’, he couldn’t complete his words. He touched the right cheek which was burning then with the tight slap given by ragini.

‘RAGINI!!!’ , all were stood still couldn’t process the happening in their mind.

‘I stood silent till now because I was wrong… I felt guilty… that doesn’t mean you can say whatever came in your mind….’, said ragini pointing towards laksh and then turned to others, ‘YES… I did all those things… I bore all the hurtful words because I hurt you more than that… I lied to you all… I broke your trust… but… any one of you asked why did I do this??? Why did I become like this??? Why I tried to kill my swara??? Why I kidnapped my mom?? Why???’, She asked furiously pointing each one of them while the tears didn’t stop their way.

‘from childhood, whatever the elders said I obeyed them… without a word… when they said laksh was your would be husband… I accepted it without even knowing him… because I have full trust on them… I believed them more than myself…’, Dadi had tears in her eyes. ‘ then I found that swara is my sister… my happiness had no bound… eventually, we became swaragini and reunited our parents…’, swara went to her and held ragini’s hand while sumi and shekar looked at them. ‘and papa *pointing DP* broke our relation… I was sad but I managed myself and tried to be happy.. then sanskar entered into my life… he became my best friend… but he used me for his revenge… he instigated me against swara… I, ragini blinded by my first INNOCENT love, fell in his trap and did whatever he said… finally he realized his mistakes and asked me to change but I am nowhere in the state to listen him… and he also left me…’, Sanskar realized how his foolishness spoiled an innocent girl and hang his head down out of shame. ‘and you ma *pointing annapurna* you also loved me right???

But you also used me for your selfishness… for sanskar’s recovery… and you also wanted a marwadi, cultured, traditional girl should be your daughter-in-law… so after knowing swara would be you daughter-in-law you praised me only…’, she cried while Annapurna nodded her head negatively with tears in her eyes. ‘and chachiji… how can I forget you??? You also joined with your son and planned against swara… right?? When your son did back off, you supported me and helped me to brought the dayan… you also didn’t think a minute before spoiling my mind….’, all are shocked and looked at sujatha except sanskar. But she also had some tears realizing her mistakes. ‘and… finally… laksh… laksh maheswari… think about yourself… you flirted with me… you were the reason I fell in love with you… but you used me to irritate swara… I forgave you for that also… but… when I tried to forget you… why did you come into my life??? Once again why did you play with my feelings?? I really loved you… my love was pure and innocent… why did you crush it?? why?? WHY???’

She sat on the floor and let her cry. ‘all of you made me like this… made me to hate myself… my father who loved me as everything… my dadi who loved me to the core… in that love I forgot that I lost my mother… my sister who supported me always… my mom who sacrificed her life for me… even after knowing I betrayed her… she didn’t say a word till I betrayed her daughters’ life… everyone hates me…’, she said and cried inconsolably. Sumi and swara hugged her tightly and said soothing words. ‘please forgive ma… please forgive swara… give me any punishment… please don’t hate me… I can’t tolerate this…’, ragini repeated her words which made dp also have tears in his eyes.

After few minutes, Ragini stopped crying and sat in the same position. shekar asked her and swara to bring their bags while placing his hands on their head with love. Swara looked at sanskar and sanskar also looked at her with guilt and love filled eyes. Raginis’ eyes once again filled with happy tears by knowing that her father forgave her. Swara helped ragini to stand. ‘shona… you go and pack your things… I will help lado’, said dadi which made ragini to hug tightly and cry. Swara nodded and went to the room before that looked at sanskar who just stood there. Dadi wiped ragini’s tear and helped her to walk. Before entering the room she looked at laksh and said, ‘I let you free, laksh maheswari… I will send you the divorce papers tomorrow… and one more thing… remember this… YOU DON’T DESERVE MY LOVE AND THIS CHILD’, while touching her tummy and went to her room.
Laksh stood there without any kind of emotion. He just stood there as another soulless body. The others didn’t know what to say. Because whatever ragini said have some truth. They all were one or the other way reason for her state.

Ragini stood in front of the in home temple. She untied her nuptial chain and placed at the lord’s feet. Everyone gasped by seeing her act but couldn’t say anything. She took blessings in the order – DP, AP, RP, Sujatha, adharsh and then hugged pari. She then folded her hands and said, ‘I knew what I did are unforgivable mistakes… please… if you can forgive me… I am sorry for ruining your lives… thank you for the love you had showered on me… now… I am leaving’. The gadodia family went to their home. Everyone except four souls retired in their room, hoping that new morning would bring new life.

Credit to: Sindhuja

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