Swaragini SansLak Reunion


Swara is engaged to Sanskaar

Ragini is engaged to Laksh

They are going to get married after 6 months

Sanskaar and Swara are lying down on the bed and hugging each other. Sumi knock on the door. Swara gets shocked and tells Sanskaar to hide in the bathroom so he hides. Sumi comes to Swara and tells her that I know I shouldn’t be asking you but… Swara says what. Sumi says that for the wedding we would need money, we have money for the wedding but no money to give you and Ragini. Swara says why you are taking tension we don’t need anything. Sumi says but Ragini may need it. Swara says what you want me to do. Sumi says could you do a job so that we save that money. Swara says ok. Sanskaar is listening and Sumi goes out. Sanskaar says to Swara I’m not sure if you should do this job. Swara says I have to. Sanskaar agrees. But he then says what about college. Swara says I have finished my course so I will focus on my work. They share a kiss and a hug. Laksh comes then through the pipe. He tells Swara I’m sorry but I shouldn’t be listening but after marriage I will look after Ragini and give her all the comfort, Ragini comes inside. Laksh hugs her and she hugs him. Swara then says ahem what you are doing. Laksh says nothing and then hugs Swara and says my Bhabhi is getting jealous. Sumi calls Swara and all three of them hide. Sumi and Dadi come inside the room. (Dadi doesn’t really like Swara as she is adopted) Dadi says to Swara, that you have to make sure that you work and all the money that you earn has to come to me. Sanskaar and Laksh are shocked and Laksh whispers to him that her Dadi is so greedy. Dadi says to her that you have to go to Mumbai. Swara is shocked and everyone else. Sumi says why so far. Dadi says I got you a job. Dadi tells her about her friend works in a factory and you would get 2000rs a day. Swara says I don’t feel like going far. Dadi then says I don’t care what you think but you have to go. She then says anyways no one is your blood here so why are you not going. Swara is shocked and cries. She storms outside the room. Sumi cries and Dida goes. Sumi goes. Laksh, Sanskaar and Ragini come out. Laksh says to Ragini why her grandmother said that. Ragini tells them that Swara is adopted and Ragini hates her. Sanskaar says where Swara has gone. Ragini says that she might have gone to Dida’s house, let her be there and let her calm down.

2 days later Swara is getting ready to leave

Swara is at the airport in a black jeans and a white blouse. Sanskaar and everyone come to see her off. Swara hugs everyone and Sanskaar, she then goes and checks in and waves to everybody.

1 week later

DP and whole family come to the Baadi. Sanskaar, Laksh and Ragini are in the bedroom. Laksh asks Sanskaar if he has spoken to Swara. Sanskaar says that whenever he rings she is at work and then when she comes home she is always tired. Laksh says what kind of work she is doing. Sanskaar says I don’t know. Ragini says that she works in a factory where she has to sew clothes. Laksh says but doesn’t she get tired. Ragini gets Swara’s call and tells her that she may not get time to call as she is going to do another part time job. Ragini says but you get tired doing one, so how will you do the other one. Swara tells her about a boutique that wants me to design clothes and then when they get sold I will make money. Ragini says but when Dadi says where you got all the money from. Swara says who said I’m giving the money to her. Ragini says then. Swara says with that money I’m saving and I am going to open a clothing shop. Laksh says to Swara that is really good. Sanskaar says my wife has become a business woman.

3 months later, everyone is at the airport waiting for Swara to come. Sanskaar looks at Swara coming. She is wearing a kurta with cropped leggings she looks very beautiful but she has lost weight and looks very weak. She meets everyone and then hugs Sanskaar. They arrive home; Dadi says chori where is the money. Swara doesn’t give the money to her but Shekher. Shekher hugs her and says you’re the son of the house. Dadi says no have you forgot her blood does not match ours. Swara says Dadi yeah that’s because you have black blood. Laksh, Sanskaar, Ragini laugh. Swara goes and says she is going as she is feeling very tired. Swara goes upstairs and Sanskaar, Laksh and Ragini go as well. Swara is in the bathroom and changes in to her pyjamas, she lies down in her bed and everyone is talking and she falls asleep. Sanskaar gives her a hug and then he leaves. Laksh and Ragini hug and then leave.

The next day in the afternoon

DP and family come to announce the wedding day. He asks about Swara. Shekher says that she is sleeping; she hasn’t woken up since yesterday. DP says she must be very tired. Dadi says tired, she hasn’t done anything great. Sujata says if you do that then we will see. Sanskaar goes upstairs and sees Swara has already woken up. She gets dressed in a cream Kurta and a brown 3 quarters legging. Sanskaar hugs her and says her missed her so much and kisses her.

This story is going to be a bit like Vivah

Swara and Ragini are dressed like brides. The whole suddenly gets on to fire they bring Swara and everyone out. Dadi then shouts Lado is inside. Swara cries and then rushes inside. Shekher informs everyone at the badi. Everyone rush there. Swara looks at Ragini and brings her out and everyone get happy seeing Swara and Ragini coming out. Sanskaar smiles looking at Swara, then suddenly the chimney thing that has fire on falls down and Swara pushes Ragini and Swara gets hurt. Swara’s body is burnt but her face is not, Sanskaar and everyone are shocked, Sanskaar and everyone run to her, the fire engine and the ambulance comes, they lift the chimney and they take Swara to hospital. Sanskaar is crying vigorously. Swara is breathing heavily and is also crying.

The doctor comes and says her body is burnt but they are not very burnt. Her face is saved but she is traumatised. She has also told me to tell you that she doesn’t want anyone near her. She wants her sister’s wedding to take place. The doctor says that the patient will get distressed. Laksh says we will get married. He takes Ragini to the temple and does the pheras and puts sindoor in her forehand and mangalsutra in her neck. Swara is sleeping but this huge dome around her body. Sanskaar comes inside and she tells him to go. Sanskaar says once I have made a commitment I don’t even listen to myself. She looks at his hands which has a sindoor box and a mangalsutra. She tells him before putting this on open the bedsheet and look at my body. Sanskaar says I don’t care. He puts the Sindoor on her forehead and the mangalsutra around her neck. She cries. Everyone are looking from outside and are crying. Suddenly she has breathing difficulty, she screams and the doctors come in give her the injection and put the oxygen mask on her

Credit to: Harkaaz

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