Swaragini-Sanskari Swara & Atrangi Ragini (Shot 6)

Hi everyone..thank u so much for accepting my story and yh only 4 shots left and abt coming back with another ff..yes i’ll be but it will take some tym hope u guys understand it…but yh it will b Ragsan ff..as my friend Aditi wants..
Love u all
Adi 🙂

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Recap: Shobha stops Ragsan’s marriage

Parvathy: Janki..
Janki: maa..
Shekhar angrily goes to Janki he was about to slap her
Rathore comes in between and stops him
Shekhar: leave me..
Chandrakala: Shekhar..she was ur sister but nw she is my bahu my daughter..
Shekhar: tht doesn’t mean we don’t hv any ri8 on her.
Janki: bhai
Shekhar: just shut up Janki
Chandrakala: pls stop it..jo hua so hua..its been 22 yrs pls stop..and today is my Laado’s special day..
Shobha: kiska Laado..dont say she is going to go in the same house where my Shona is there.
Swara: haan dida..
Shobha: no no..this cant happen..no..Sanskar u cant take her where my Shona is there.
Ragini: wat is happening in here..
Dida: u stay away frm my Shona..
Chandrakala: Shobha one more tym u call my Laado tht..i really don’t knw wat i’ll do with u..
Shobha: u knw everything and still..
Chandrakala: there is nothing lyk tht Shobha..
Ragini: Maa dadi papa..wat is all these..
Janki: Laado i’m their daughter…
Ragini: wat?

Chandrakala: haan Laado 22 yrs back me and Raghu were staying in Kolkata..Raghu and Jaan were in the same collage they fall in love..but her family decided another marriage for her just the day after her brother’s marriage but tht day
Janki left home and started to stay with her..and after u were born we moved to Delhi..
Ragini: tht means this is my nani..Swara is my cousin?
Shobha: don’t take her name..u r bad luck for my Shona..
Chandrakala: bus..everyone out of my house..
Ragini: but dadi why is she calling me tht..
Shobha: i’ll ell u
Chandrakala: Shobha..dont try to make things more bad..
Shobha: no she should suffer.
Ragini: i want to knw the truth..
Shobha: the truth is u r not Janki and Raghu’s daughter.
Rathore Janki and Ragini are shocked.
Janki: no u r lieing..
Rathore: haan ..she is lieing Ragini is our daughter..
Shobha: u both don’t knw anything…ur child was born dead…if u don’t believe me ask Chandrakala.
They look at her

Chandrakala holds Ragini close to her.
Shobha: Mishti was pregnant ..and i went to see a guru ji he predicted tht Mishti will b giving birth to twins..but the 2nd child will be a black shadow to the house Mishti and the first child..I always wanted to hv a pothi and ..i could’nt risk it..and she is ur 2nd child Mishti
Mishti: tht means i hv 2 daughters.
All r shocked..
Shobha: i was going to make her away frm her..i saw Chandrakala..who was informed tht her bahu gave birth to a dead baby..seeing me she asked why am i carrying this babay i told her she is bad luck and Chandrakala readily accepted her…and tht child is Ragini.
Jnaki: no maa Raghu this is not true Laado is ours….she is my daughter
Ragini; dadi…wat she is telling?..am i not..
Chandrakala: haan Laado is not our biological daughter..but tht doesn’t mean

Mishti comes to her
Mishti: she is my daughter..my
Mishti and Shekhar r very happy..
Sanju hugs Ragini who is standing still.
Janki hugs rathore and cries..
Parvathy: come Ragini we will go home…
Rathore: no u cant tk her she is ours…
Swara: Ragini is my twin sister…
Dayal: come Ragini ghar aao.
Chandrakala: wat..no this is her house she is not goig anywhere..
Parvathy: Chandrakala u all played a very big game with us we will never forgive u for tht
Ragini: enough..Not a word against my family..
Ragini hugs Chandrakala
Parvathy: beta they rnot safe for u..
Ragini: safe?…oh lyk if dadi was not their then Shobha aunty would hv thrown me smwhere..and u people call it safe..
Shobha: she cant stay with Swara..it will harm Shona
Ragini: i am not going anywhere..and don’t wry ur Shona will not hv to suffer anything becoz me
Swara: Ragini..u r my sister pls come with us..
Ragini: i am sry Swara maybe ur mom gave me birth but my mumma gaveme love care everything tht i needed..and i cant choose ur mom over my mumma dada and dadi…see my dadi knw tht i am someone else daughter still she raised me as her own…
Rathore hugs her..
Rathore: whatever happens..she is my daughter
Janki: haan i am not leaving her anywhere
Shekhar: dekho beta agar tumhe Sanskar ke saath yeh shaadi manani hain toh tumhe humare saath chalna padenga
Ragini: in tht case……no i am not coming to u.
Shekhar: u r breaking this marriage
Ragini: i love Sanskar and he loves me thts enough for us..but if he thinks i should go back with u then..
DP: Ragini i think u should give them a chance..
Ragini: sry i am not going anywhere uncle
All r shocked.
Ragini: thanks for coming making my best day the worst day of my life…
Precap: Ragsan separated…still …..Ragsan masti…Swalak

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