Swaragini and Sanskar FF: You are my Day, I am your Night, We are Swaragini (Introduction)


Hi all. I think some may know me. Yes, I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo, and I have written fan fictions in the past also. I have written fan fictions on other shows like Tashan-e-Ishq, Manmarziyan, Thapki Pyaar Ki, Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi, Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise bhi etc. Now this time, I am going to write a fan fiction on Swaragini. I have got some people requesting me to write FFs on Swaragini while I was writing my other ffs. I hope you all will love the introduction and support me.
As you all know the title, Swaragini and Sanskar FF: You are my day, I am your Night We are Swaragini. Well, the main pair of my fan fiction is Swasan and JaiRa. I think most Tejaswi fans know this pair, yes its Jai-Dhara pair from Sanskar Dharon Apno Ki.Yes, Ragini and Jai is a pair in my fan fiction. Actually more than Ragsan or Raglak, I like JaiRa pair more that’s why I made them a pair here. I used to watch that show Sanskar-Dharon Apno Ki only for JaiRa(jai-Dhara)pair. I hope you all like the pairs. Sorry Swalak, Ragsan and Raglak fans. And my fav pair of Swaragini is Swasan. And yes, this fan fiction is for Swaragini and Sanskar fans not only Sanskar, but also Jai. And coincidentally, Tejaswi’s previous show name was Sanskar too. So, yes this fan fiction maybe on Swaragini and Sanskar show or Swaragini and Sanskar 😛 but only Swaragini show characters are in this fan fiction. Well I do watch Swaragini and I only like swasan and raglak (my fav after swasan in swaragini). I have written this intro like a month ago but I was confused if I should publish it or not and finally I published it today.

Well, here introduction and when you will read it you will get it. And as for Laksh fans dont worry, there is Laksh in this fan fiction.
And my storyline, will focus on more of the bonding of Swaragini. And also there will be scenes for the pairs.
I have made some slight changes to the characters from the show and added some new characters too.
Swara Gadodia (Helly Shah)
Here Swara is a modern girl and she is chirpy, bubbly and happy going girl. She is not the actual daughter of Sharmista and Shehkar here, she lost her mom when she was young. But she calls Sharmista maa and Shehkar dad. She is very talkative and she have a passion for rock music. She loves Ragini a lot and is closest with her, she can do anything for her. She is a foodie.
Ragini Bose (Tejaswi Prakash)
Here I have made Ragini a Bengali character instead. Ragini is the biological daughter of Sharmistha and Shehkar here. She is a traditional Bengali girl. She loves to play the sitar and also have passion for music too. She and Swara are of the same age. She loves Swara a lot and is closest with her, she can do anything for her. She loves to cook.
Sanskar Maheswari (Varun Kapoor)
Sanskar is the eldest son in the Maheswari family. He is an arrogant businessman and hates his family a lot. He feels that his family is the reason behind his breakup with Kavitha. He hates everyone, except for his younger brother. He doesn’t believe in love at all, and he tries to create problems whenever he sees them romancing. Sometimes people think he is crazy. Sanskar is only close to his best friend.
Jai Karla (Assume Jay Soni as Jai Karla) (New Character)
Jai Karla is the best friend of He knows Sanskar since childhood and is the only one who can cool Sanskar down. He is also from a rich family. He is an IPS officer. He knows Swaragini as they are his sister’s best friend. He is also their friend from childhood. He have a soft corner for Ragini.

Here are the other characters.
Parallel Lead
Laksh Maheswari (Namish Taneja)
Sorry for making Laksh a parallel lead here, I am not really a Laksh fan but I like Raglak pair after Swasan pair. Laksh is the younger brother of Sanskar here. He is a positive character, but his character have some grey shades and mystery too. He is a flirt, and he have a soft corner for Swara. He likes girls of his types, he doesnt care when he hurts any girl. But he loves his brother, Sanskar a lot.
Kavitha Roy (Assume Shiny Doshi as Kavitha here not Nikita Sharma)
Kavitha is the ex-girlfriend of Sanskar. She left Sanskar due to his family, but she still loves him a lot. She wants Sanskar to be happy. youShe is kind-hearted. She doesnt want to get married as she still loves Sanskar. She is only in contact with Laksh so that she can know about Sanskar’s wellbeing.
Kavitha’s character will make entry in the upcoming episodes.
New Characters
Sakshi Karla (Assume Digangana Suryavanshi as Sakshi)
Sakshi is the best friend of Swaragini. She have a very special bonding with her. She is a sweet friend who tries to help Swaragini out. She is a bookworm and she loves to read books. She is close to Ragini for reading books and Swara for her fashion sense. She is the sister of Jai.
Sahil Gupta (Anuj Sachdeva)
I have made some changes to Sahil’s character here, Sahil is a boxer, who is the rival of Laksh and hates him a lot. He and Laksh always compete with each other and he also have problems with Sanskar as he is the son of a rich businessman who is Sanskar’s rival. He is the enemy of Sanlak. Initially his character will be negative, but later it will be positive.

Well I am not sure which actor and actress should play the role of Rohan and Sakshi. Well, Rohan and Kavitha will be a pair and Sakshi and Laksh will be a pair.
Here are the options:
For Rohan: Mohit Sehgal or Aham Sharma
For Sakshi: Digangana Surywanshi or Ketki Kadam
(I had more in mind, but dont know their actual name)
So, in my fan fiction Swasan and JaiRa will be the main pair and Lakshi and Rovitha will be the supporting pair.

Other characters
Bose family
Well, I have transformed Gadodia family to Bose family here.
Sharmistha Bose
She is the mother of Ragini and she have adopted Swara. She loves Swaragini equally and never discriminates between them. She gives them equal love and she wants them to follow their passion and also study well.
Shehkar Bose
He is the father of Ragini. He also loves Swaragini equally. He wants his daughters to complete their education well and also help him in the family business. He doenst mind them continuing with music too. He is very protective over both his daughters.
She is the grandmother of Ragini. She is a positive and funny character here. She wants her grand-daughters to get married in a good family soon and always is behind them for their marriage. She is closer to Ragini as Ragini always helps her in her household, but she loves Swara too.
He is the grandfather of Ragini. He is also a positive and funny character here. He is a foodie like Swara. He is closer to Swara and he loves Ragini too. He is the one who always prevents Swara from getting scolded.
Janki Gadodia (Daljeet Kaur)
Janki is the biological mother of Swara here. She passed away in an accident when Swara was very young, and she was Sharmistha’s best friend. Well, there is a mystery behind her character which will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

Maheswari Family
DurgaPrasad Maheswari
He is the father of Sanlak here. He is a strict person and his traditions, rules and customs are very valuable to him. He hates it when someone disrespects it. He used to run a business later he gave his business to Sanskar. He is sad that Sanskar hates him, but he doesnt feels bad that Kavitha left Laksh.
Sujata Maheswari
She is the mother of Sanlak here. She is a funny person here. She wants her sons to get married in a good family and wants a perfect Marwari girl. She doesnt wants any other girl from different culture. She is always worried about Sanskar and Laksh. She hates Kavitha.

Karla family
Annapurna Karla
She is the mother of Jai and Sakshi here. She is a nice and kind-hearted person. She is very religious and she also prays for the wellbeing for her children. She is a single mother and have been raising Jai and Sakshi alone.

In order to avoid confusion let me brief the character belongs to which family in short.
Bose: Swara, Ragini, Sharmistha, Shehkar, Dadaji, Dadiji
Maheswari: Sanskar, Laksh, Durgaprasad, Sujata
Karla: Jai, Sakshi, Annapurna

Well, that’s all for the introduction. And as I said, the main focus of my fan fiction is Swaragini bond not the pairs, but there willl be some scenes for the pairs too.

Promo 1: A girl is seen doing aarti and taking care of the household. She is none other than Ragini. Ragini wakes Swara up, who is still sleeping. Ragini says Swara wake up. Swara says let me sleep more. Ragini is runing here and there for her work, and Ragini introduces herself that I am Ragini, Swara comes and hugs her and says who is busy all the day. On the other hand, it’s night time and as Swaragini plays their favourite instruments, later it’s late and Swaragini goes to bed. Ragini is sleeping, and later she sees Swara watching a romantic movie in late night. Ragini says that Swara you must sleep now, its 2am. Ragini again sleep. Swara listens to music and does stuff and is about to sleep, Swara says I am Swara and Ragini wakes up and says who is busy all night. Swara smiles and Ragini tells her sweet dreams. Swara sleeps and smiles while sleeping as she is dreaming.

Promo 2: Swaragini are seeing the stars, and they are talking about it and smiles. Ragini says the stars is shining so nicely, Swara says that mom must be one of them. Swara is teary-eyed and Ragini wipes them, Ragini says we are sisters, I can never see my sister cry. Later, Swara says that I wish my dream man comes, my Prince Charming who is dashing, full of life, and gentle and friendly and most importantly believes in love.Here a guy is seen scolding others and he is loner who hates to enjoy and is a workaholic and says love have no place for me. The guy is Sanskar and he puts the picture of Kavitha away. Swara asks Ragini what kind of guy she wants, Ragini thinks of Laksh and smiles saying any will do. Next day, Laksh is seen a flirt, and all girls are crazy about him Ragini eyes Laksh and as she was about to go to him, she slips and Laksh doenst sees it, a guy holds her and he is none other than Jai.

Here are the two promos for Swaragini and Sanskar FF: You are my day, I am your Night, We are Swaragini. I hope you all liked it.

The first episode will be published on next Sunday, 3rd June. Well, currently I write 6FFs which is due to holidays, I wrote as much as I could. And after two weeks, I will end two of my fan fictions and then if possible will try to update more regularly I have already written half of first episode by now. And I have a common test next week due to which I can’t submit before Sunday. Well I don’t know if I should continue with this fan fiction, because I hope I didn’t make Swaragini or Swalak/Ragsan/Raglak fans feel angry.

Please do comment and feel free to express your opinions.

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