Swaragini SanLak strong bond (Episode 3)


Few months later

Swara is normal now. Laksh and Ragini are together. Laksh is doing work and Ragini is annoying him as he is always doing work. She puts her scarf in laksh ear. He tells her off and she constantly does it and then runs to get her. Ragini is running around and Laksh is trying to catch her. He grabs her from the waist and pulls her close. She tells him to let her go. Laksh says no you were irritating me all that time I will not let you. He gets close to her and closes the light.

Swara is in room and Sanskaar. Sanskaar says he needs a toilet but Swara runs and goes inside the toilet. Sanskaar shouts and says Swara I need a toilet. She annoys him. He then gets Swara’s favourite dress and says I will burn your dress. She gets shocked and runs out and tells him to give her. He runs in to the bathroom with the dress. He comes out and Swara looks at her dressed ripped. Swara cries and beats Sanskaar. He gets her and kisses her and gets close. The light closes.

The weekend

Sanskaar gets up and doesn’t see Swara there; he goes to the bathroom and looks at Swara crying. He asks her what’s wrong. Swara says to Sanskaar I’m really sorry. He says why you are saying sorry. Swara says when you told me to stay with you and we will leave together, I should’ve listened otherwise I wouldn’t have lost my baby. Sanskaar gets angry and says to Swara to shut up and don’t look at the past. If you are going to cry, what’s going to happen to me? Swara says I am sorry and I won’t talk about this again. He gives her a hug. They both get up and she gets ready and comes downstairs. Everyone are sitting down when Aditya comes, he hugs Swara and then meets everyone. He tells Swara he is getting married to Anjali and I came to invite you and your whole family. Everyone congratulate him, Sanskaar and Laksh get happy and says thank god he is getting married. Aditya asks everyone to come. The wedding would take place in Kolkata as my family is there. They say don’t worry we will come. Aditya says I wanted permission can Sanskaar, Swara, Ragini and Lakhs come with me tomorrow as I wanted help. DP agrees and everyone get happy. Aditya leaves and gives Swara a hug and Sanskaar gets jealous. Swara goes to her room to pack her luggage and Sanskaar. She finishes packing. Sanskaar, Ragini, Laksh and Swara are in the same room. Sanskaar says we are going by plane so we should go and get the tickets. Swara says actually Sanskaar we are going by train. All three get shocked. Laksh says I can’t go by train. Swara says why your legs are broken. Sanskaar says but why train. Swara says Aditya always goes to his hometown by train and his family are going to pick us up from there. Sanskaar says have you ever been to their house. Swara says yes many times. They all go to sleep

The next morning everyone is ready and is at the train station. Laksh and Sanskaar don’t feel like going on the train. Aditya comes and hugs Swara and Ragini. Laksh and Sanskaar fume. Aditya gives them a handshake. Laksh says why you don’t give us a hug as well taunting him. Aditya hugs him. Swara and Ragini get angry because they know that he is taunting him. Sumi and Shekher are also with them. They go inside the train. They sit down. And they leave. They are sitting in the train. The train is stopped at a next station; Laksh says is this our stop. Aditya says no we have many stops to pass by. Aditya, Sanskaar and Laksh get off at the station to buy water. Swara is sitting in the same position and feels pain in her back. Ragini asks what is wrong. Swara tells her. Ragini tells her to lie down, so she will feel better. Ragini massages her back. Swara sleeps. Sanskaar and everyone come back and ask what is wrong. Ragini tells about Swara having pain in her back as she was sitting in the same position for a long time. Sanskaar and everyone are seated. Swara starts feeling pain, she wakes up again. Sanskaar and everyone are talking. Swara gets up and walks out. Sanskaar gets up and walks out to look for Swara. He comes to Swara; she tells him she is feeling pain in her back. Sanskaar says did you have your medication, Swara says no. Sanskaar shouts at her and gives her medicine. Swara eats it and gets angry on Sanskaar for shouting at her. She comes back in and starts talking to Ragini. After an hour the train stops. They come down; Sanskaar wonders who has come to collect them. Laksh says I bet we have to go on a taxi. Laksh sees so much nice cars. They all are standing. Swara and Sumi go to Aditya’s dad and touch his feet and hug him. Everyone meet. Laksh says that is cool. They arrive at the house. Swara meets everyone. Swara asks where the others are. They are Swara and Aditya’s cousins but are very close. They come to Swara and they all hug her. They then see Anjali on a wheelchair. Swara cries and goes to hug her. Swara says but you…… Anjali says no Aditya saved me but I can’t walk. Swara hugs her again. The wedding functions take place, it’s the mehndi. Swara is dressed in a green and yellow Patiala, her fringe is on the side and she has a fish tail plait. She looks very lovely. She goes to get Anjali ready. She does all her makeup and hair and brings her down. Ragini is wearing a yellow saree and she is out with curls from the bottom. Laksh looks at her and stares at her he comes to her and pulls her from her waist and kisses her and says she looks very lovely. She smiles and leaves. Swara comes to Sanskaar; he hugs her and says that you look very beautiful. He then asks if she has had her medication, she says I was doing work so I forgot. Sanskaar shouts at and gets so angry he holds her arm tight. Swara also gets angry and says I definitely not eat my medication now. Swara leaves and Sanskaar is angry. Ragini and everyone are eating lunch. Ragini asks where Swara is. Aditya says that she has gone with Anjali for shopping. Anjali needed something last minute. They say ok.

Anjali is hungry and Swara orders her food, she tells Swara to eat, but Swara says I feel sick so I don’t want any food. Anjali is finished eating and shopping so they come home. Swara is tired. Ragini comes to Swara and her cousins say to her we need to rehearse for dancing. Swara doesn’t feel like it but she does it. She starts to feel dizzy and falls unconscious, Sanskaar comes running and takes her to her room. She is unconscious and the doctor checks her. Anjali says she hasn’t had food as she was saying she was feeling sick. The doctor says congratulations she is pregnant. Everyone is happy and congratulate Sanskaar. Later in the night, Swara wakes up and her head is feeling heavy. Sanskaar comes to her in a serious look. Swara looks at him and then rolls her eyes. Sanskaar says to her that you can’t always do this; you always do your own zid. Swara also gets angry and says and you can’t always shout at me I’m not a prisoner that would always get shouted at. Sanskaar then holds his ears and says sorry. She doesn’t listen and then Sanskaar says please forgive me, I need to tell you something important. She says what. He says forgive me first. She says ok I forgive and kisses him on the cheek. Laksh and Ragini come in. He then tells her I’m becoming a father. Swara gets angry and says to him that you are happy saying this. Sanskaar says yes. (Swara believes that she can’t become a mother and Sanskaar is having an affair). Swara cries and says to Sanskaar I can’t believe that you could do this with me; I know I can’t become a mother and you are having an affair with another woman. You’re disgusting. Ragini and Laksh start laughing. Sanskaar joins in. Swara gets angry. Ragini says what is wrong with you why are you getting angry, you are meant to be happy. Swara says you two also know. My husband is having an affair and you are supporting him. Ragini is about to say something but Laksh says Bhai, I thought you told Swara about everything. Sanskaar says Laksh. Laksh and Ragini laugh and then go out. Sanskaar says Laksh made me stuck and he went out. Sanskaar tells Swara I’m not having an affair you are pregnant. Swara gets upset and says why you are joking; you know I can’t become a mother. Sanskaar says I’m not joking. Swara gets really happy, she hugs Sanskaar

9 months later

Swara has a baby girl and Ragini has a baby boy and they live happily

I made this fan fiction short as I don’t know what to add next

Credit to: Harkaaz

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