Swaragini SanLak strong bond (Episode 2)

Swara says what you do. He says I’m a lawyer. Swara that’s great. He says give me your number I will stay in contact. Swara says where you are going. He says I’m going to Delhi for some work but I thought I will meet you. Swara it is good you came. He gives her another hug and goes. Sanskaar, Ragini, Kavita and Laksh are sitting down in the living room. Ragini says I will go and see where Swara is. When she goes she is shocked to see Swara sleeping next to Dida. Everyone come and smile looking at Swara sleeping. They say we will wait until she gets up. After 1 hour Swara gets up and freshens up and goes to the living room. Ragini says how your sleep was. Swara says really well. Laksh let’s leave. They come home and go to their rooms. Kavita goes in to her room and tells Sanskaar she is scared can you sit with me. Sanskaar looks at Swara and she rolls her eyes at him and walks off. Sanskaar makes Kavita go to sleep and goes to his room. He looks at Swara sleeping on the sofa and is shocked. He goes to her and wakes her up. She gets up and she stays annoyed with him. Sanskaar apologises with her and she agrees and he picks her up and takes her to the bed, He gets close with her and the lights turn off.

The next day
Swara tells Sanskaar that she is feeling bored and wants to go out. Sanskaar says that I will take my wife out today and pamper you. Kavita comes and says I am feeling bored and want to go out. Swara makes a face and Sanskaar says yes. Laksh asks Ragini if she wants to go out with him. Ragini agrees and says that she will come. The 2 go alone. Swara, Kavita and Sanskaar are together. Sanskaar says you 2 wait her while I get my phone from the car. Kavita and Swara are together. Kavita’s friends stop by and ask her about Swara. She talks very bad about Swara. She says she is characterless and her husband left. Swara cries and gets angry and says it’s not true. Sanskaar hear Swara and Kavita arguing. Sanskaar comes and asks what is wrong. Kavita emotionally blackmails him and says what Swara said about her. Sanskaar gets angry and shouts at Swara. Swara it’s not true. Sanskaar gets angry and says go away. Swara gets angry and says I don’t care if you believe me or not and walks off crying and a car is about to hit her but it stops. She apologises to the man and he says it’s ok. Sanskaar comes to Swara and says are you alright. Swara ignores him and walks off. Sanskaar asks where you going. Swara says I think you have short memory; you’re the one who told me to go. Sanskaar says no stay together. Swara says no and walks off. Kavita comes and talks to Sanskaar and says to him let’s eat. Sanskaar says no we should go. Kavita says please and he agrees. They both go. Swara comes home and no one is there, she sees a shadow and walks towards. The guy stabs her at the back, she is shocked and cries. Sanskaar, Kavita and the whole family arrive. Ragini asks Sanskaar where Swara is. Kavita tells them everything. Ragini and Laksh give a dirty look to Sanskaar and Kavita. They then look at Swara, she is crying and she looks like a mess. They get shocked. Swara comes down in pain and drops on Ragini. Ragini shouts. Ragini and everyone shout what happened. Ragini feels Swara’s back and is shocked to see it wet and then looks at her own hand and is shocked to see blood. She shows everyone and them all get scared. Sanskaar cries and takes Swara to the hospital. She is taken in to the I.C.U. everyone is crying outside. The doctor comes and says that someone had stabbed her. They get shocked. The doctor says Swara is losing a lot of blood and we have to save either the mum or the child. Sanskaar says save the Swara. They all cry and Sanskaar is crying on the floor. Laksh consoles him. Kavita acts and says to Sanskaar why are you overreacting she’s not your wife. Laksh tells her to shut up and leave. Kavita leaves. The doctor comes and says we have saved the patient but not the child. Sanskaar says how Swara is the doctor says we have bandaged her, she is unconscious we will move her in to the ward in a while. Sanskaar is crying. They see the doctor bring Swara in the ward. They all are outside. The nurse is inside; Swara regains conscious and asks her about her baby. The nurse tells her about she lost her baby. Swara cries and then gets unconscious. The nurse runs out and tells about Swara. The doctor comes and Swara regains conscious, everyone talk to her but she doesn’t listen and is in shock. The doctor says she is in shock. They all cry. Sanskaar talks to her but she doesn’t listen.

The next week
Swara is brought home; she walks by herself and walks towards her room. Sanskaar cries and goes after her; she comes in her room and sits on the bed. Sanskaar comes and talks to her. Sanskaar says Swara please come back to me I don’t want you to leave me. Sanskaar carries on talking to her emotionally and he sees Swara and tears rolling down her eyes. Sanskaar says to Swara please cry and talk to me I can’t see you looking like this. Swara doesn’t budge and just has tears in her eyes.

The police arrive with Swara’s friend. Ragini talks to him and asks about Swara. Ragini tells him about how she is in shock. Swara’s friends name is Aditya. Aditya says I also interrogate in these cases, he says can you call everyone downstairs I need to ask questions. Everyone come down but not Kavita. Aditya says not everyone is here. They say everyone is here, he says that girl who I saw the other day. Sanskaar says she can’t do anything and she is ill. Aditya says I still need her. She comes down scared. Aditya asks Kavita about when her accident happened, she tells him the date. He says lie. Everyone is shocked. Aditya says Kavita is lying as that day she didn’t have an accident. Sanskaar says how you know, Kavita died in front of my eyes, and I saw the car going down. Aditya says that wasn’t Kavita but her sister. Everyone is shocked, he shows them evidence and they get shocked. Aditya says that she got jealous looking at Anjali getting close with Sanskaar so she decided to kill her. Anjali is Swara’s and my fiancé. Everyone is shocked. Aditya says that Kavita is jealous of her and did many things with her and Swara. She also tried killing Swara by attacking her with a knife. Kavita says I didn’t kill her but I hired someone. Everyone is shocked. Sanskaar gets angry and slaps her and says because of you I lost my baby and my wife is in that state. Aditya asks why did you come back, Kavita says to take revenge. Sanskaar asks what revenge and from whom. Kavita says Swara. Aditya asks why Swara. She says I can’t see anyone being with Sanskaar. And that day I called that man to cause an accident but she saved. I got my revenge when I insulted her in front of people and when she lost her baby. She starts walking and says my revenge is still not done yet, I haven’t killed Swara. She runs upstairs, Sanskaar and Aditya run upstairs. Kavita comes in the room and locks the door. She looks at Swara and Swara looks at her. Swara cries, as she listened to the whole conversation. Kavita points a gun towards her and Swara shouts at her and why did u kill my child. She comes towards Kavita and they both are fighting with the gun and the gun fires. Sanskaar and Aditya are shocked. When they come in they see Kavita and Swara with the gun. Suddenly Kavita falls down. Swara is shocked, and drops. She tries to wake up Kavita and Sanskaar comes towards Swara. She cries and says I…. Sanskaar tells her to calm down. The inspector comes and checks Kavita and says she is dead. Swara is shocked. The inspector says we won’t arrest you as this was self-defence. Swara is crying and Sanskaar consoles her.

Credit to: Harkaaz

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