Swaragini SanLak strong bond (Episode 1)


It is Diwali. Swara is pregnant. Everyone is celebrating and suddenly a car comes and Kavita gets out. Sanskaar is shocked and the whole family except Swara and Ragini as they do not know who she is. Kavita comes and meets Sanskaar him and his whole family are shocked. Kavita does emotional drama and makes everyone believe that she has had an accident. Sanskaar says why did you come know it’s late I am married. Kavita says no you can’t marry anyone else and faints. The doctor comes and says you need to make sure she doesn’t have any stress and makes sure you comply with everything she says. Sanskaar says ok. Swara cries and walks out the room without anyone noticing. Sanskaar looks around for Swara and then thinks she might not like it that I’m with Kavita and it is not good for her to take stress. He is about to go but Kavita calls him. Ragini tells Sanskaar I will go to Swara don’t worry. Ragini comes to Swara. Swara tells her whenever happiness comes in to my life someone definitely comes and cries. Sanskaar is listening at the door and cries. He comes inside. Ragini leaves. Sanskaar comes to Swara and says don’t cry it’s not good for our baby. Swara says you are not worried about me but the baby. They have a cute nok jhok and then he hugs her. He makes her go to sleep. In the middle of the night he goes out into Kavita’s room and Swara gets shocked, she cries. In the morning Sanskaar wakes Swara up and looks at her eyes, they are all red. Sanskaar says were you crying at night. Swara doesn’t answer him and goes to the bathroom. Sanskaar feels guilty. Swara comes out and decides to go for a walk. She puts her sandals on and walks out of the room. Sanskaar asks her where you are going, she doesn’t answer him. Ragini comes and asks her where you are going. Swara says I’m going out for a bit I feel suffocated inside the house. Ragini says I will come with you. Swara says no I will go myself, you give breakfast to Laksh. Ragini says what about you, eat something. Swara says no I want to go out. Ragini says ok and go. Swara leaves. 1 hour later. Everyone is sitting down. Everyone ask where is Swara. Kavita says who Swara is. She gets hyper and says are you having an affair with her. Sanskaar says no she is Ragini’s sister and has come to stay. Kavita says ok. Swara hears that and cries. Ragini looks at her and calls her to come and eat breakfast. Swara comes, Sanskaar is about to take the chair out for her but she does it herself. She doesn’t feel like anything and runs out as she is feeling sick. Ragini follows her. Kavita says what’s wrong with her. Sujata says she is pregnant so this is common. Swara comes out of the bathroom. Ragini and Laksh are in the same room. They ask her if she is fine. She says yes. Laksh, Ragini and Swara are in the same room. They all talk. Laksh says since this stupid Kavita came our happiness has gone. Laksh imitates Kavita, Swara and Ragini laugh but stop. He then looks around sees Kavita and Sanskaar standing. Kavita asks him who he was imitating, he says no one but there is a girl that likes breaking relations taunting her. Kavita gets angry but controls it. All 5 of them are sitting together. Swara feels hungry and asks Ragini to come with her and she will eat out. Ragini agrees and Laksh says I will come. Sanskaar and Kavita say they will come. They go and Swara orders food she eats a little and then leaves it and tells Ragini she can’t anymore. Swara gets a phone call from her mother and she goes out to talk to her. She comes out and her mum asks her to come as Dida is not well. Swara comes to Ragini and tells her that Dida is not well, we should go. They both get worried and all of them leave. When Swara reaches there she goes in to her house and cries looking at Dida. Ragini and Swara both hug her. Swara cries and Dida tells her not to cry but looks who’s there. Swara looks at a guy; she runs to him and hugs him. Ragini asks Dida who he is. Dida tells her that is Swara’s cousin; they both were close friends when they were small. Sanskaar gets jealous looking at them together. The guy looks at Kavita and says I seen you somewhere. Kavita gets scared and says you may have seen me before I don’t remember. He says maybe. He meets everyone.

Credit to: Harkaaz

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  1. Nice one

  2. twist and turns from the beginning… liked it… and its always true when ever swara gets happiness it is snatched from her in the next moment… continue …

  3. very emotional

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