Hey, It’s Anjali!
My friend actually has written these dialogues…..
I asked and borrowed them from her to post it here on all four couples! I have edited a bit…
She has posted it from my ID..
It’s not a complete story or anything! Just few snippets of some conversations
1) SWASAN – What’s in my heart

Her : Your new girlfriend is pretty. (I bet she stole your heart)
Him: Yeah… she is. (But you’re still the most beautiful girl I know.)
Her: Her name is Kavita, right? (How I wish it was something else)
Him : That’s right! (I really wish it wasn’t)
Her: I hear she’s funny and amazing. (Everything I wasn’t.)
Him: She sure is. (But she is nothing compared to you.)
Her: I bet you know everything about her by now. (Like you knew everything about me.)
Him: Only the stuff that counts. (I can’t even remember half the stuff she says because I’m too busy thinking of you.)
Her: Well, I hope you guys last. (Because we never did.)
Him: I hope we do too. (What ever happened to me and you?)
Her: Well, I gotta go. (Before I start to cry.)
Him: Yeah… me too. (I hope you don’t cry.)
Her: Bye… (I still love you)
Him: Later… (I never stopped.)
2) RAGLAK – I do want you
Her : Ooh, is tough girl crying?
Her : Leave me alone.
Him : Are you… actually crying?
Her : You can laugh at me, but can you please do it later?
Him : Oye. Where do you think you’re going? I’m not letting you leave.
Her : Why not?
Him : Sit.
Her : Why? So you can further examine and proceed to mock my face? To laugh at how ugly I look?
Him : …No, not this time.
Her : What is it then?!
Him : I want to…
Her : Yes?
Him : Oh, never mind. Just tell me why you’re crying. It’s about your boyfriend, isn’t it? Do you want me to—

Her : He broke up with me.
Him : What?
Her : He said that… that he knows I don’t love him anymore, not the way I use to. It just hurts, you know?
Him: Heh, yeah, I know what you mean…
Her : He said that… as long as I won’t admit my feelings for this… boy… no one would want me.
Him : He’s a fool. Don’t listen to him,
Her : …Maybe he’s right. Who would want someone who argued so much? I’m selfish too. No one would.
Him : You’re wrong… I would want you. I do want you.
3) SWASAN – She’s not you
Her : You! What’s your problem?
Him : What the hell did I do?
Her : Oh don’t pretend that you don’t know.
Him : Sorry, I’m not psychic.
Her : You’re very frustrating, you know that?
Him : I’m frustrating? You’re frustrating! I’m not the one who’s been ignoring me for the past couple of days.
Her : Well you avoided me first.
Him : Because you rejected me!
Her : W-well . . . Ugh, I’m just not used to guys like you coming up to me and confessing, okay?
Him : Is it so hard to believe that I like you?
Her : Frankly, yes.
Him : Why is that? You’re beautiful, witty, fiery . . .
Her : Stop smirking like that. Flattery will get you no where. And . . . What about her? The most popular girl in school? What is your problem?

Him : . . . What about her? . . . My problem? What the hell did I do?
Her : And we’re back to this again. Face it. You’re captain of the basketball team, you were dating one of the most popular girl in school . . . It’s a wonder you dumped her.
Him : I did it for you.
Her : That’s why it’s a wonder.
Him : I find it honestly amusing that you get great marks in class, but when it comes to relationships . . .
Her : I’m clueless, right?
Him : Frankly, yes.
Her : Heh . . . Don’t mock me. That’s not very nice.
Him : So is rejecting people.
Her : I’m cautious, okay? Like I said, she’s popular, I’m not. She’s far more beautiful than I could ever hope to imagine. She’s decent in class. And you guys make a handsome couple. So, what is it? What’s wrong with her?
Him : Do you really want to know?
Her: It is why I asked.
Him : Hah . . . It’s a secret.
Her: How very mature.
Him : It’s something small . . . But significant. Something that’s so obvious, but to other people they wouldn’t understand.
Her : What is it? What’s her problem, then?
Him : She’s not you.
4) RAGSAN – Just because
Him : So I saw you at the mall
Her : Oh, really? Yeah . . . I thought that was you. .
Him : I mean, I knew you liked me, but I didn’t think you would stalk me.
Her : . . . You are so full of it, you know? And I was not stalking you.
Him : Then why are you blushing?

Her : Oh, shut up.
Him: Heh, I was just playing, but since I see it’s true. . .
Her : Whatever. We live in the same area so we would naturally see each other in the mall, of all places.
Him : I know, we’ve been neighbours ever since we were kids and we’ve been in the same class ever since grade one.
Her : Oh, you actually noticed?
Him : You think I wouldn’t?
Her : No, actually, I don’t. You’re always surrounded by your jock friends and cheerleader girlfriends.
Him : Hey, control the venom in your voice.
Her : Don’t smirk at me like that.

Him: It’s hard not to.
Her: Ha, funny. Actually, I remember that one time . . . in grade one. You got into so many fights.
Him: . . .Yeah, not exactly my shining moment, but whatever.
Her: There was that one time you actually beat a kid up so bad that he had to be sent to the hospital for something. I forget what, exactly. . .
Him: Yup. . .
Her: Why did you beat him up?
Him : I dunno. . . I guess… Just because he was making fun of you.
5) SWALAK – Christmas
Him: So it’s Christmas.
Her: Yeah, I guess it is . . .
Him: Brings back memories, huh?
Her: (chuckles) Oh yeah, definitely.

Him: Weird to think that we only see each other during holidays, isn’t it? I mean, we used to be with each other everyday of our life.
Her: . . . Yeah. I guess there’s been too much things to do than joke around like we used to.
Him: But we always used to have time for each other.
Her: Things change.
Him: You say that like you want nothing to do with me.
Her: . . . I admit, we were the best of friends a few years ago. But things just happen. Reality gets in the way.
Him: (confused) What’s that supposed to mean?
Her: (sighs) I fell.
Him: Fell?

Her: Yeah.
Him: (awkwardly) Are you . . . hurt?
Her: (laughs a little) At first it hurt a lot, but now it’s all better.
Him: I’m not entirely sure I’m following . . .
Her: I don’t expect you to.
Him: Well . . . Uh, anyway.
Her: Yeah. How’s University?
Him: It’s all right. Professors are a pain in the ass, but I’m getting by smoothly.
Her: I’m not surprised. You were valedictorian.
Him: You were rather close.

Her: Mhm, right after Kavya.
Him: Oh yeah.
Her: How is she?
Him: (smiles) She’s okay. How’s school for you?
Her: I’m getting by.

Him: So I never did get answers . . .
Her: Oh? For what?
Him: Why you started avoiding me. Why you started ignoring me. Why you shut me out of your life.
Her: (defensive tone) I didn’t.
Him: Right. So you’re saying that we hung out during the summer like we always said we would and that you didn’t leave the country without telling me?

Him: Exactly. (pauses) Why . . . Why did you do that?
Her: I needed to get away.
Him: You could’ve at least told me!
Her: I’m sorry, but I didn’t think I was capable of that back then.
Him: Why?
Her: I don’t have to answer that.
Him: (frustrated) Yes, you do. We were best friends a year ago! And now I only see you when we go to these stupid parties. You know I hate these stupid get-together parties. But do you know why I go anyway?
Her: (softly) Why?
Him: (exhales sharply) I go because of you. I go so I can see you again, even if it’s just for a little while.
Her: That’s unnecessary.
Him: (angry) Why are you so stubborn? I miss you. Why can’t you understand that?
Her: (shakes head) You don’t know what you’re saying. I’m done with this conversation.
Him: Don’t you dare leave.
Her: I can leave when I want to.
Him: We made a promise never to walk away from each other.
Her: . . . I broke that promise a year ago.

Him: And I’m giving you a chance to redeem yourself! We can still be friends, you know. We’re not that far from each other – we can call and email, and hang out, like we used to . . .
Her: No, we can’t do that. And you know we can’t.
Him: Why not?
Her: Don’t you get it? No, never mind. You will never understand.
Him: It’s because of me, huh? Is it because of that night?

Him: (softly) I remember telling you I loved you, on the night of graduation . . .
Her: (whispers) Please stop.
Him: And I did. I meant what I said. I meant it when I said I’ll love you eternity. I still do –
Her: Shut up. You don’t know what you’re saying.
Him: Stop. You know I meant it. And I know you love me too. We’re made for each other, and you know it. We were destined to find each other and be together for the rest of our lives. I was lucky enough to find you when I was five years old.

Her: (angry) Stop it – before you say something we’ll both regret.
Him: (bitterly) Trust me, I’ve done a lot of regretful things. It wouldn’t matter. I’m sinking anyway, so I might as well come clean, right?
Her: Stop. I don’t like seeing you depressed.
Him: I’m an idiot, did you know that? We had a chance and I screwed it up. I messed up.
Her: No, don’t say that. (sighs) It . . . We did, you know . . . We had a chance. But . . . But it’s okay! Because, because . . . (trembles and tries to bite down her sobs) We’ll always have our memories. And if you need me . . . really need me . . . I’ll be there for you. We can’t be friends anymore, but I’ll always be there for you. I will never walk away from you.

Him: . . . But I walked away from you. I made you sad. Do you know how much it killed me when I knew I was the reason you left the country?
Her: Don’t be sad . . . Everything will turn out all right.
Him: (quietly) And you can go on in life and find someone who can love you as madly as I love you. Someone who can hug you and kiss you, and make you feel better when everything seems dark. Someone who can express how they feel freely.
Her: . . .
Him: I’m just sorry it can’t be me.

Her: . . . It’s a good thing, you know, what you’re doing. It’s a good thing that you’re not turning away from her. I know that you can’t do that . . . You’re a good guy, best friend. (smiles)
Him: Swara….
Her: (softly) How far is she, by the way?
Him: Seven months.
Her: Take good care of her, okay? Tell Kavya I said hi.
Him: (hoarsely) I will.
Her: (smiles wider) And when he is born, you better send me some pictures. You’ll make an absolutely great father. I have no doubt. Raise him to be a good person.
Him: (nods) I will.

Her: Well . . . It was great talking to you . . .
Him: Wait. . . . Does it hurt?
Her: (smiles a little) Sometimes. When I remember. When I breathe. I see things that remind me of you and sometimes I just break out crying. It scares people. (chuckles humorlessly)
Him: It destroys me everyday.
Her: Don’t let it. I’m allowed to hurt, but you can’t, because you have a great girlfriend and a baby boy coming. Be grateful for what you have.
Him: At the price of losing my other half?
Her: . . . It was nice seeing you. Really. (takes a deep breath) Take care of yourself, you hear?
Him: Yeah. Yeah, I will . . . Take care of yourself too.
Her: (smiles) See you next Christmas?
Him: Yeah. Next Christmas . .
Thanks for reading 😀 😀

Please do tell my friend and I how you liked it.. And which story you liked the best 🙂 🙂

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  1. AMkideewani

    Awesome I loved number 4 and 5

  2. G.Chandu

    Awesome..!! I liked all four..!! But first one is more short and cute..!!

  3. Ameera

    everything was jist fab.

  4. Sriya

    dear i liked 2nd 4th and 5th one the most 5th was emotional too love u loads sissy bye take care you rocked it as usual you are juts fabulous writer if i start saying about you my mouth won’t stop saying dear you make speechless dear after reading your two shot/one shot/MMAI/PKDH or anything you rock it and mmai chappy was fabulous love u lots and lots

  5. Hi anjali… 😀
    I like them all..
    Bt i dnt like sad endings.. 🙁
    Best 1 is da 3rd one. I LOVE it vry much.. :-* :*
    2nd best is 4th one. Its rly sweet.. Awww… 😀
    1st & 5th one is rly sad.. Why the hell dat they part away when they lv each others????
    I think if we lv eo we shd stay together.If we r nt hpy hw cn we make others hpy? I think in that storys they r cheating their partners. Or else they hv 2 move on in their lifes.. :-/
    (did i talk too much..i think yes. Lols 😉 sry )
    3rd one also gd.. 🙂

    Even ur friends also talented in writeing.. 😮 i think sangam ka asar.. 😉 tell them keep writing.
    Oh i fogot 2 tell u in mmai.dnt think 2 end mmai.. Ok???.. Nt even in ur dreams.. Or else u’ll see da real me.. Ill kill you.. So nw stop thinking like dat. :-/
    Plz update mmai asap.. I wnt 2 see my lv brds.
    Be hpy always 😀
    Keep writing

  6. all were good but i liked 1st story the best

  7. i loved 4th and 5th

  8. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it

  9. 4,5 awesome

  10. Alll is good..but frst one nd da lst one i lkd da mst..last one ws too emotional..its rlly heart touching..

  11. Hii Anju di…
    Firstly m so so so so so very sorry di for not commenting on the 51st episode of one of the best ff’s in the world, that’s ur ff.
    Sorry…I typed the comment 4 times but it got dltd due to various reasons.
    Coming to this…
    Whoever is ur frnd who gave u these, do tell her that she has got a new fan today, that’s me!
    So very beautiful, like a professional writer writes, this is truly amazing. Lots of love to u and lots of love to ur friend.?

  12. All were diffrent and had their own meaning s???? …. its so amaizing …. anjali di please please can u check ur watty messages please please …. ????

  13. all of them were different nd really beautifully portrayed…
    bt i luved swasan nd swalak’s d most….
    bt atogether it was a lovely combo….
    thanks fr such a cute update…
    luv u sissy…

  14. Mica

    1st and 3rd are the best for me
    1. their ego and their mind are eating their love feeling—>pain &misery
    3. the girl in her lack of self confident, how difficult it is to accept someone who is beyond her imagination propose her, and how sweet he to convince her, and problem solved.
    2. the sweetest words to heal the broken heart.
    5. the misunderstanding is eating their love again—-> pain&misery.
    so, somehow, ego and misunderstanding will just give us pain.
    luv it so much anjuuu…. awesome as your other ff/s
    have nice day.

  15. Hi . I like 4 and 5 a lot. Awesome???

  16. I loved that story she’s not you

  17. RUPA

    I simply loved all of them.

    But as u r asking 1 one was superb. They still love each other but couldn’t confess.
    I liked the way sanky told swara she is not u in 3 one and the last story was awesome the way their feelings were penned was something……….i’m running out of words.

    Love u Anju di and ofcourse ur frnd.

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