Swaragini & sanslak & raglak & swasan ff: happy days

After the assembly, the students get out from hall. They go out and swara waited for her other friends. Sanskar comes out. He sees swara and comes to her. “hey, superb.” Sanskar complies her. Swara blushed. “thanks, sanky.” Swara says. “what? Sanky?” sanskar looks confused. “yes, I’ll call you sanky.” Swara says. “okay, nice. Sanky.” Sanskar complies himself. Swara smiles looking at him. Sanskar smiles.

Ragini comes out with laksh. “you great, ragini. You’re awesome. Superb” laksh compliments er. The others look at her. Ragini laughs and looks behind while tucking her hair. “owh, just stop it, lucky.” Ragini smiles. Laksh stops and says “lucky?”. Ragini looks at him. “can I call you lucky?” ragini asks his permission. “loved it. Superb, lucky. Its awesome, yaar. You can call whatever you want.” Laksh approve. Ragini smiles. “but before that, can I call you as rago?” ragini looks at him. “okay. I love rago.” Ragini smiles. Laksh smiles they walks.

Swara sees raglak walking and calls them. “ragini, ragini,” swara calls. Ragini hears it and turns towards her. “hi” ragini waved her hand. Laksh sees her. “who is she?” laksh asked. “ she is my friend.” Ragini says. “so its means she is my friend also. “ laksh says. “yes.” Ragini says. Sanskar looks confused. “swara, who is she to you?” sanskar grabs her hand. “forget to say. She is ragini and I had met her on train earlier. Now here.” Swara introduces. “okay. So you’re saying that she is a friend of us?” sanskar looks at her. “yes.” Swara says. “okay.” Sanskar smiles.

Raglak comes to them. “hi,” ragini says. “hi,” swara says. Laksh looks at sanskar and thinks. Sanskar looks on. “you…” laksh says. “what?” sanskar asked. “nothing. I had seen you before somewhere.” Laksh says. Swara and ragini looks on. Laksh thinks. Sanskar looks on. “I got it. I’ve seen your photo on my room. You’re my roommate.” Laksh says. “owh,” sanskar sighed. They smiles. “I’m laksh @ lucky.” Laksh introduces him. “sanskar @ sanky.” Sanskar introduces. “and me…” ragini says. But sanskar interrupt. “I know. Ragini.” Sanskar says. “I know swara would say that. You can call me ragu.” Ragini says. “so you all have a nickname.” Swara smiles. “yes but you not. What we should name you?” ragini thinks. They all thinks. “I have a name, swaru. Okay?” sanskar says. “good. Nice” ragu complies. Swara smiles. “nice.” She says. They all hugged each other and smiles. They all group hug and take a selfie.

After having a good time together, they walks from there. “hey guys, wait. I want to put this guitar on my room.” Swara says. They approved her to go. “I’ll come with you, swaru” ragu says. “thanks,” swaru thanked her. Ragini smiles. “no thanks and sorry in friendship.” Ragu says. “yes.” Sanlak says from bhinf. Swaragini laugh and walks from there. Sanlak also walks from there.

Swara comes to their room. “is this your room?” ragini asked. “yes. Why?” swara looks on. “omg. What a coincidence. It’ my room also.” Ragini looks surprised. Swara smiles and looks surprised. She hugs ragini. They open the door and puts her guitar in. she comes out and locked the room. They walks from there and have a chit chat.

They comes to college compound and looks for sanlak. “where they gone?” swara asked ragini. “I don’t know.” Ragini says. They search for them. A senior calls them. “siddhart(played by shravan reddy), she is the one who smack us.” The senior who swara beats a while ago says. Sanslak also there with the seniors. Swara and ragini comes to them. They looks very silent. “yes, senior.” Swara respects him. “did you smack him.” Siddhu asked. “yes.” Swara says. “how can you…”swara cuts him off. “before anything, you’ve to know what they done. They tried to take off my shawl. I felt angry and I hit them.” Swara says. “is it true, rajat(played by ‘udaan’ suraj)” siddhu asked. Suraj looks silent. Siddhu knows it what means. “okay, sorry. It’s our fault. You can go.” Siddhu leaves them go. Sanlak and swaragini goes fro there. Siddhu glares at suraj. Suraj looks down.

“did you hit him?” ragini asked. “yes.” Swara says. Ragini claps for her. “why?” swara blushed. “bravo.” Lucky compliment. Swara smiles. “stop it, guys.” Swara smiles and blushed. “ okay” they said chorously. They walks. Suddenly, the senior who ragini and laksh met before comes. “hey, ragini. I’m arjun(played by aham Sharma)” he introduces. Ragini looks on. “hi,” ragni looks scared. “can you come for a cup of coffee?” ragini looks on. “sir?” ragini looks at him. The other also looks on. “coffee.” He says again. “no, sir. I’ve classes.” Ragini says. Arjun thinks for a while. “mmm- okay. Its okay. We go for another day. Okay?” arjun looks at her. “okay, sir.” Ragini says. “bye.” Ajun says. Ragini nods. Arjun goes from there. Ragini sighed. “see, who I have got.” Ragini says. Sanlak and swara smiles. “okay, don’t worry. Don’t care for him.” Swara consoles her. “hey, why I want to care and worry for him?” ragini cools. They all laugh together. They’d a good time together.

In night, sanlak does their room clean and need. “look, now it looks beautiful.” Sanskar points at the room. Laksh looks and smiles. “looks beautiful, sanky.” Laksh complies and and they high fived each other. A bell rings. They come out. The students run towards canteen. Laksh grabs a man. “why they are running.” Laksh asked. “ its warden’s warn to come to canteen sharp when the bell rings.” The man worried. Laksh leaves him. “let’s go.” Laksh says. They go to canteen.

The students sit down. laksh and sanskar sit down. The canteen looks so silent. “why so silent. I’ve hd watched movies. In movies, canteen ere always be in sound. But here, why?” laksh looks at the student. “I don’t know. It looks alike haunted canteen, lucky.” Sanskar says. “yes,” lakh says. A spoon flies to them. Laksh jerked his hand. The students looks at them. Sanskar takes the spoon in his hand and looks on. The students turn and looks. Sanlak sees where other students look.

A man comes. He has a spoon in his hand. He comes to the and puts chapatti and allo ke sabzi. Laksh and sanskar looks on. The man comes to sanlak and puts the food in their plates. Sanskar still hold the spoon. The man takes the soon from sanskar. Sanskar puts his had on table and looks at the food. The man finishes serving the food. He comes and stans mid and looks at them. They eat the foods. “hello, guys. I’m your cook. My name is Ram Kapoor. You’ll have anything you want here. But you’ve to eat what I serve.” The man orders. Sanlak looks on. Suddenly, sanskar laughs. “whay are you laughing, sanky?” laksh asked. “nothing. I thought what ragini and swara have in their hostel.” Sanskar says.


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