Swaragini & sanslak & raglak & swasan ff: happy days

Laksh walks into the college with his luggages. He smiles and walks smiling. He didn’t care for anyone. He walks in his way. The seniors see him. “hey, you,” the senior calls him. Laksh turns and look at him. “me?” laksh point at himself. “yes, come.” They calls him. He comes to them. “what?” laksh asked. “are you new?” the senior asked. “yes” laksh says. They nods. “why are you smiling?” the senior asked. “it’s my first day. So…” laksh looks at them. They cut him. “stop. See. Do they smiling?” the senior points at other. “no,” laksh replied. The smile faded from him. “don’t smile again.” They said. Laksh looks on.

Ragini comes to college wit her bags. One of the senior sees her. Ragini looks at the college. “wow, what a beauty,” the senior complies. The other seniors turn and look at her. “wow.” Say the seniors. Laks looks on and turns. He sees ragini. Laksh smile looking at her. “ragini!” laksh murmurs. They looks at laksh. Laksh looks at them. “did her name ragini?” the senior asks. “yes.” Laksh replies. “how do you know her?” the senior asked. “I met her in train.” Laksh murmurs. “okay.” They say and calls ragini. “ragini.” Ragini turns and looks on. “how did they know my name?” ragini thinks and bites her nails. She comes to them.

“did you know him?” ragini looks at laksh. She thinks. “hey, me. Train…bag…laksh.” Laksh murmurs. “hey, stop.” The senior warns him. “oh, yes. Laksh, you! I know him, sir.” Ragini says and smiles. “okay.” Senior says. The seniors see ragini with bags. “help her to take her bags.” They orders. “no, sir.” Laksh stubborns. “hey, takes that or I’ll not leave you.” They warns. Laksh tinks and nods. She takes his and her bags. They walks. “ragini, if any problem by him. Say it to me. I will solve it.” The senior utter. Ragini nods and walks. They walks far away. “laksh, put that down.” ragini says. Laksh puts that down. “sorry,” ragini asked. “it’s okay.” Laksh says. Ragini takes her bag. She struggles with it. Laksh looks at her worried and helps her. “thanks.” Ragini says to laksh. Laksh smiles. They walk.

Swara and sanskar puts their bag on their respective room. They meet again in college compound. “so, where you from?” swara asked. “I’m from Kolkata.” Sanskar looks at her. “same. What a coincidence.” Swara smiles. Sanskar looks at her. They walks silently. They didn’t know what to talk and silently walked. “so shall we go to assembly?” sanskar asked. Swara says okay and they walk from there to assembly. Suddenly, swara stops and sanskar looks on. “I forgot. Sanskar, you go first. I’ll come in a minute. “ swara runs from there. Sanskar looks at her and goes.

Swara comes to her room and takes her guitar from there. Swara kisses her guitar and comes out of her room. She walks from there to assembly.

Laksh and ragini walk. Laksh looks at her. “why did you bring all the things?” laksh asked. “because, I have no home.” Ragini smiles. Laksh looks at her all confused. “what?” laksh asked. “yes, my parents died when I was a kid and then I lived with my uncle and aunt for few years. After that, I came to orphanage and lived there. I’d studied there. Now I came out from there. And I have to work for myself and studies.” Ragini smiles cool. “how can you smile with this pain?” laksh asked. “all changed and I changed.” Ragini cools down. “did you miss them?” laksh asked. “yes. Some time.” Ragini says. Ragini takes her bags fro him and goes to the hostel. She comes to the room where swara puts her things. She puts it there and comes out.

Laksh thinks about ragini. “so sad. How pain she was in.” laksh thinks of her. He gets flashback. He comes to the room and puts his bags. Laksh sees other bags and sees it. He sees a name written on a book. “sanskar Prasad.” Laksh read and smiles. “my roommate.” Laksh murmurs. He walks from there to assembly.

In assembly, the students start to sit in their seats. Swara comes and sit beside sanskar. Sanskar looks at her and the guitar. “what?” swara looks at hm. “nothing. The guitar looks longer than you.” Sanskar pranks on her. Swara blushed. “stop the prank on me.” Swara pats on his shoulder. Sanksr laughs and they laugh together.

Laksh and ragini comes in together. They sit in their seat and looks at the stage. They claps and a man comes. “good evening guys. I’m Om Kapoor. Your college’s principal. I’m glad to meet you all in this fresh evening. It’s the start of your college days. Are you happy t here?” Om voiced louder. “yes” the students chorused. Laksh looks at ragini. “good. I’m welcome to this college. Keep study and get your degree. So, we have some programs for you all. Enjoy it. We are calling ragini gadodia and swara bose.” Om calls out their names. Laksh whistles for ragini. Ragini smiles and blushed. She comes out. Swara also comes out. “good luck.” Sanskar wishes. Swara smiles and goes. Swaragini meets behind the stage. “hey, hi. What a surprise? Swara smiles. “yes. Of course. Good luck for your performance.” Ragini wishes. “you too.” Swar wishes back. Swara comes to the stage. They gets into silent. Swara looks at them. She grabs her guitar and tight and closes her eyes. Sanskar looks at her. Swara plays the guitar. it rocks well. ….teri meri kahani… swara sings in her version. The students cheers. Swara finishes palying and opens her eyes. Swara smiles. She goes from there.

Ragini comes to stage and looks at them. She smiles and looks cool. She didn’t scare. The music plays background. “hmmm…hmmm…hmmmm…hmmm…yahin doobe dil mere….yahin hote hai savere…” ragini sings well. They listen to her song. Laksh likes her singing and smiles hearing it. “such a cute voice.” Laksh compliments. Ragini sings continuously. “cute and superb” swara smiles. Ragini finishes her song. The students cheers well. Ragini thanks them and smiles. She goes from there. Swara hugs ragini and compliments her. Ragini blushed. “superb. Okay, let’s be friends.” Swara gives her hand for shake. Ragini gives her hand and they shakes.


happy friendship day…

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