A train is shown. The peoples around the railway station are gathered to board the rail. After it the rail starts to take off. A girl is shown buying a water bottle. The shop owner calls the girl and points at the rail. the girl turns and it’s swara. “hey, you stop the train. And thanks, bro.” swara runs towards the train. Its already late, the train starts to move from there a little more bit fast. She runs to the door of train close. She cannot grab the handle bar. She tries. A hand comes for swara’s help. She grabs the hand and gets into the train. The girl’s face is shown. she smiles. “next time, don’t be late.” The girl says. “thanks for the help.” Swara breathed. “its okay. “ the girl turns around and about to go. “hey, wait. I’m swara. Swara bose. And you?” swara looks at her. “I’m ragini gadodia. Nice to meet you.” The girl, ragini said it. “mee too. Its pleasure to meet you and if had any idea to god to make us meet again, then we talk about something.” Swara smiles. Ragini nods and goes in. swara also goes to her compound.

Ragini comes to her seat and sit. She looks out of the window. She likes the view very much. She feel very nice. She takes her bag and takes out a photo of her family. In the photo, she looks small in her mom’s hand. Ragini smiles and looks at the photo. “I’m missing you, dad and mommy.” Ragini says. The train comes to another railway. Ragini is sleeping out of tiredness.

Swara is sitting in her seat and hears music in her walkman. A man comes to her and calls. “excuse me.” The man says. Ragini didn’t hear him because of the volume of her music. “hello, you deaf.” The man calls. Swara didn’t. he pulls the walkman out of her ear. Swara opens her eyes and glares at him. “can you take your bag.” Swara looks down. “oops, sorry.” Swara takes the bag from down. She puts that beside. “why don’t you call me?” swara hesitantly asked. “what? Excuse me, I did call many time but you didn’t hear it.” Sanskar says. “oh. I’m sorry.” Swara says behalf. The man nodded. “your name?” the man looks at her. “why?” he looks at her. “just for knowledge” swara says. “What’s in it for knowledge? And anyway I’m sanskar.” The man says. “oh. I’m swara.” Swara giggles. Sanskar nods and takes out a book. He starts reading it. Swara looks at him. “beautiful creature.” Swara reads the title of the book and looks on. She turns and sees the view.
Ragini is sleeping. A man comes to her and sees her sleeping. He has many luggage in his hand. “laksh, be careful. Don’t disturb her.” Laksh says to himself and walks near to the seat. He puts the bags down one by one. But accidently, he puts a bag on ragini’s foot. “ouch” ragini winced and opened her eyes. “sorry. I thought not to disturb you but accidently…are you okay?” laksh fastened himself. “it’s okay.” Ragini says and turns. Laksh sit down and looks at her, “hi,” laksh wishes. ragini looks at him. “hi,” ragini tucked her hair. “I’m laksh. One of the leading businessman Durga Prasad’s one and only son” he introduces. “hmm. I’m ragini. I have nothing to introduce myself anymore.” Ragini smiles. Laksh nods.

After 6 hours of travelling, their destination to college comes. They goes in their separated ways. Swara comes to the college. “my dream college.” Swara cheers and gets in. she walks in smiling like a robot with bags. Some men are ragging the freshers. They sees swara. “hey you.” Swara turns. “come,” the senior calls her. Swara goes to them scare. A voice comes into herself. “don’t get scared. If anything happen. Don’t look and hit them.” Swara says to herself. She stands in front of the seniors. “What is you name?” a senior asked. “swara. Swara bose.” they nodded and laugh. “okay. Good.” The senior said. “then can go?” swara asked. “what so fast. Wait.” a senior says. Swara stands still. They look at swara. “what is this shawl. Take away.” A senior tries. Swara didn’t let go. In a anger, she slapped the man tightly. The whole students look shocked. She hits them with anger. “next time, I f you try no, if you think to rag. I will kill you.” Swara warns them. They looks very pity. “a junior hit us. Very shame.” The senior cries and the other looks on.
Swara walks and a hand blocked her way. She look up. “hey, sanskar!” looks surprised. “I got admission here.” Sanskar says. “wow. Good. I’m science team. You?” swara asked. “mee too,” sanskar says. They laugh and walks. “nice.” Swara looks on. “I mean I liked your bravery when you hit the senior.” Swara blushed and smiles. Sanskar smiles.


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