hi guysss….i’m Athira here…nice to meet you all. i came here with my third new ff…it’s swasan and raglak both ff…i hope you will like it….


Ragini Gododia : A college student. she is a fresher in the college. she is very kind-hearted girl.

Swara Bose : college fresher. same age to ragini. she loves music. she is fun-loving girl.

Laksh Maheshwari : fresher man. he is the son of a leading business man. he is a playful man.

Sanskar prasad : fresher man in the college. he is very brave and good at studying.

Kavya Malhotra : laksh’s girlfriend and very possess on him. she is also a fresher.

Karthik Malhotra : second year student of the college. he became friend with ragini. he loves her as a friend.


PROMO 1 ~~~~

a college is shown. someone opens the gate… a voice over introduces the college…

voice over:

the college is running for 28 years…this college had has educate so many people…but now 4 students with one aim come to study….will they find their true identities? will they can break the obstacles? will they achieve their aim? can they find friendship and true love? what their destiny have for them?

to know ; tune into ‘happy days’ ff to know their destiny.

so guys, its the cast and crew…i hope you will like it…bye…i’ll update the first episode on tomorrow….bye…

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  1. SNY

    Interesting dr…!!

  2. Seems interesting…continue for sure?

  3. Dharani

    very nice

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