Swaragini – Sanlak (one shot)

Hi guys I am writing one shot and there is no pairs like swasan raglak or ragsan swalak u can imagine anyone and I am writing one shot because my sister requested this concept is some what like half girlfriend so let’s start the story:

A place is shown where a girl and boy are sitting in a bench they are talking but no they are actually fighting
Girl: you are monkey
Boy: how dare you if I am monkey than you are donkey
Girl: how dare you to insult me you are buffalo
Boy: you said me buffalo you are bull than
Girl: you are rotten vegetables
Boy: you know what all girls fall behind me as am handsome and you calling me all stupid names
Girl: oh all boys falls for me as am beautiful and who said you are handsome they should check their eyes
Boy: do you think you are most beautiful girl the boys who said this check their eyes and whoever is your boyfriend they will be in mental asylum
Girl: your girlfriend will be in mental hospital no one be with you
Boy: ok then we will keep a bet you and me will be girlfriend and boyfriend for one whole day do you accept it?
Girl: girlfriend for you I will better die being girlfriend to you for one whole day
Boy: are you scared of it?
Girl: no I am not scared ok and yes i will accept the bet let’s see who wins and whoever wins they should say sorry to others and they will be slave for two days you will accept it
Boy: ok I accept it be ready today at 8 o clock I will pick you
Girl: why?
Boy: to propose you for being girlfriend for one day
Girl: not bad good keep it up
They parted and went to there respective houses and as the boy said he came to pick the girl and they both headed to some place and the boy blind folded and took to a place as soon as they reached the girl shouted.
Girl: please pinch me
Boy: why?
Girl: because I am inside a treehouse and from here i am able to see beach I think it’s dream
Boy pinched the girl and she started jumping and dancing
The boy sat on the knees and took out fake ring and roses and he said:
I have seen you first time I had been attracted to you and I want you to be a one day girl friend will you be my one day girlfriend?
Girl: yes
The boy put the ring and given her flowers and they both went to restaurant and had their dinner and they went to respective houses
Day 1:
Both the boy and the girl woke up and they went to their works after a while the boy called the girl.
Boy: be ready Jaan we have to go out
Girl: ok jaan when are you coming?
Boy: 10 o clock
Girl: ok
The girl kept the phone and took out a nice sari and went to change and the boy took out some casuals
After getting ready the boy went to pick the girl and meanwhile the girl gets ready and comes out
The boy sees her and lost himself in her and the girl also lost herself seeing him both comes to reality and the boy and the girl sit in the car and drove away.

Boy: today we will keep our anger inside and true to be ourselves
Girl: ok
Boy: by the way you look beautiful in this sari
Girl unknowingly blushed and said: thanks you too look handsome in this casual
Boy: please don’t compliment if you don’t like
Girl got angry but composed: listen I said truth and same to you if i am not beautiful don’t say
Boy: ok sorry but i meant really
Girl: same here
Boy: thanks
Girl: for what
Boy: for compliment
Girl: welcome and thanks for the compliment
Boy: so where should we go first?
Girl: to the temple
Boy: ok
They both went to the temple and prayed to the god and the priest blessed and said: be together always and live as a happy married couple
They both were speechless and inside they are burning with anger but composed
Both unison we are not married
Priest: sorry god bless you
Both: that’s better
They both went but thinking about the priest words and left from there
They both sat in the car and left from there
Boy: I am sorry I should be maintained a distance from you then this would not happen
Girl: it’s ok I should also have maintained a distance so it’s both our fault
Boy: where should we go now
Girl: we will have breakfast and go to movie
Boy: ok
They both went to a mall and in mall they went too food counter to have breakfast and they both had done their breakfast and went to movie they both enjoyed each other’s company without knowing
After the movie they both came out
Girl: can I do some shopping as we came to mall
Boy: ok
Girl and boy both did shopping but the surprising thing is that the girl did less shopping and the boy did more and the girl is having less bag so she asked him for any help
Girl: do you need help in carrying bags
Boy: yes take this bags
They both went towards car and it became night they went to have dinner after dinner when they were going the girl saw something and asked to stop
Boy stopped and asked what?
The girl came outside and saw a boy is hungry and he is crying the girl went and given some food this watched by the boy and he was happy and the girl had given some more food packets and went to the boy
Girl: can we go now
Boy: yeah sure
The boy and the girl left and meanwhile the boy saw some one is misbehaving with a girl he stopped the car and fought with them and helped the other girl and the girl thanked him for saving and this was seen by the girl and felt happy the boy came and drove away the boy dropped the girl and said meet me tomorrow

Next day
The boy and the girl met the same place but their opinions were changed
Boy: I accept my defeat you are so beautiful inside and outside
Girl: you are so good inside and outside and you are handsome too
I accept my defeat
Boy: as we both accepted our defeat no one lose no one win it’s a tie bye
Girl: yes you are right
They both went from there and returned to their world it remained as good memory and experience

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  1. Nice. But wt abt climax.they didn’t propose each other. So sad

    1. Tejasvi

      Actually it’s a one day concept it’s not a love story it’s that just they change opinions on each other

  2. Akshata

    its nice…. something different

  3. Wow Sweet OS..Loved it…Are you a psychologist??

    1. Tejasvi

      Yes I am a clinical student

  4. awesome…!!

  5. Asra

    superbbb dear….

  6. Joyful Jessica

    nice concept something different love it

  7. Beautiful

  8. Mahjabeen

    So sweet os dr..loved it??

  9. interesting and different

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