SWARAGINI – SANLAK lovebirds…Part 9


hii dears am back….

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after 3 days in office..
sanskar is worried about ragini…
he throws the file.. and scolds himself for thinking abt a girl.. wot happend to u.. he angrily hits her hand on the table and he calls tara
tara : sir u called me
sanskar : how many times I need to call u…
tara : sorry sir am working on sharma’s file..
sanskar : watever..
call ragini and ask her how is her..
tara unknowingly smiles
sanskar shouts at her
sanskar : y r u laughing r u teasing me.. I ask u to call her . and am not in love with her ok.. she is in high fever and even couldn’t walk . ask her when will she come. there r lots of works pending..
tara gets afraid and calls her
tara called ragini.. sanskar ask her to lut loud speaker and she puts it. but swsra takes the call..
swara : hello hi tara.. am swara
tara : ahh ragini’s sister right..
swara : actually she is resting..
tara : ahh I know how is her now..
swara : getting well..
tara luks at sanskar .he angrily luks at tara
tara : swara when will ragini come to office.
swara : may be after one week. wait wait tara where is ur tiger.. bose
tara luks at sanskar..
sanskar gets angry..
tara : he is here.. wot happend
swara : I will slap him… when I see him.. is he mad… how u all adjust him .. idiot
he made my ragini works whole day and always scolds her… ohhh I want to kill him… swara angrily says alm this.. sanskar angrily takes phone from hrr… tara goes from there smilingly.. sanskar scolds her
on the otherside.. ragini scolds swara and takes the phone from her
ragini : sorry tara.. he is a funny girl..
sanskar : am not tara..
ragini’s heart beat increases and gets afraid
ragini : sorry sir… actually she.. she… I mean she
sanskar : stop this.. I asked when will u come..there r lots of works pending
ragini : am fine now will come tomorrow.. sir
sanskar : take rest If u want.. he cuts the call
ragini thinks wot a man he is..

later laksh thinks about swara who saves her from getting injured..
he thinks their first meeting and all..
she thinks to call her
swara takes the call
swara : hii
laksh : hii how r u.. r u fine.. how is ur health
swara : wait wait ask one by one.. then only I can reply to ur questions. .
laksh laughs hearing this… swara keeps pjone more nearer to her ears..
swara : y are u laughing
laksh : ntng then.tell me how r u…
swara : am ok and completely fine..
yhey talk for sometime…
swara : laksh tomorrow I want to c u.. and telk u something important..
laksh : sure I will come
swara : ok gudnyt
laksh : gudnyt
swara goes to room happily and thinks of laksh.. song plays…

next mrng ragini went to office and sees sanskar coming
sanskar luks at her and goes to his cabin
sanskar luks at her..
ragini notices this and feels awkward
ragini : wot happend to him. . y he is luking at me like this..
latee she wentbto his cabin and gives file to sign
sanskar takes it.. and while signing.. he ask her how is she..
ragini surprisingly luks at him
sanskar : ohhh started…. y r u staring me… did I ask u to marry me..
ragini : am ok.. am fine
she take the file and started to move from there sanskar call her and turns to him..
sanskar: I already give tara a list wot u have to in office daily.. and take rest
ragini : now wot happent to u…
sanskar : wot???
ragini : ntng
ragini turns to go..
again sanskar: tell ur sister that I am not that much bad
ragini smiles hearing his words and goes from there

Credit to: riya maheen

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