SWARAGINI – SANLAK lovebirds…Part 7

sanskar understood that she feels pain. he leaves her shoulder and ragini is shocked to c his concern
sanskar turns and avoided eye contact.
ragini: sir wot happend?
sanskar: u don’t know wot happend na???? he angrily moves towards her
sanskar: you r having high fevrr and wot u doing here.
ragini: sir am ok. sanskar hits his hand on the table
sanskar: u r ok right?? then how u fainted? answer me
sanskar sees ragini in a crying state because of fear by seeing this he melted
sanskar : am sorry.. come with me . I will drop u at home
ragini: thank u for ur offer but I will go myself
sanskar: but ragini…. u r tired..
ragini once again luked at him and goes from his cabin.. he goes towards the main door . she couldn’t stand well. ragini feels head ache. suddenly sanskar came there and picks her up. ragini and all others shockingly luks at him and his act
ragini: sir leave me.. wot r u doing? she manages to get down.but he hold her tight
sanskar gave her an angry luk. ragini: I say leave me.. sanskar luks at everyone
sanskar: y all luking lile this? she is tired and couldn’t stand well.. thats y droping her at her.. do ur job without wasting time
sanskar luks at ragini .. she too luks ay him.. they share an eyelock. he takes her to the car.. and he starts driving
ragini angrily says : wot r u doing? who are u to do all this
sanskar suddenly luked at her. she too
sanskar: actually I do this as a favour to my employee thats all. and I want to tell one more thing that you r not even a friend of mine.. and I don’t like u..
ragini feels hurt hearing that..
he starts driving.. a drop of tear came from her eyes she cleaned it with her hands without showing him

laksh was sitting near swara. she is sleeping
laksh to himself: y swara.. y u did this? am sorry. it is all because of me.. swara open her eyes and sees laksh
laksh: swara.. how is u??? u ok na tell me..
swara: laksh am ok.. there is a small wound na.. I can manage it.
laksh: swara am sorry it is all because of me.
swara: I said u na am ok. If I didn’t do this wot will happen to u then
laksh: but I can’t c u like this .. he suddenly stops and she is surprised to hear him
swara: am ok. can I got to home now?
laksh: I will drop u
she nodes and goes to car.. while she walks he cares her and she loved to c him like this..
swara sit in the front seat.. when laksh starts the car he sees swara struggling to put seat belt because of wound in hand
laksh: wait wait I will do
he comes closer to her. and puts the seat belt. when he comes closer to her she luks at him.. they share an eyelock.. later both became aware of this and moves .. he starts driving
sanskar’s car reach ragini’s home
sanskar luks at her. ragini too luks at him. but didn’t say anything. she gets out of the car and he moves the car. she luking at the direction to which his car goes. she turned and started to walk and c his car coming towards her. he opened the side window and gives her the tablet
sanskar: take this and have according to the prescription.
ragini nodes
sanskar: take rest.. you are on leave now . came to office after u get well
ragini is luking at him without saying anything
sanskar: is there anything in my fave miss ragini gadodia?
ragini confusingly luks at him
sanskar: u are only luking at me.. ohhh I forgot u use ur toungue only to fight na.. or to say yes sir no sir
saying this he goes
she turns to go home. she again hears car’s hone and turns angrily thinking it is again sanskar. but it is laksh’s car
she sees swara came out with injured hand
ragini rushes to her and worried seeing her
ragini: swara… r u okkk… wot is this
swara: ragini its just an accident am ok now don’t worry.
swara: wot happend to u ragini . y u came earlier.. r u okkk…
ragini: ha… am ok… fever na.. so ame earlier.. and took leave..
swara: ragini by the way this is laksh..
ragini says hi to him and says that swara told abt him
ragini: come lets go inside and talk
laksh: sorry .. I have an urgent meeting.. will cone some other time..
laksh to swara : takecare..
he went … both sister goes to home

frnds I know this is too little and not that much gud.. I wrote it in a small time.. sorry guys… support me…

Credit to: Riya maheen


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