SWARAGINI – SANLAK lovebirds…Part 6

sorry dear frnds I am very sorry… I know u r waiting for my ff… am very sorry dears..

ragini laying on the bed and thinks abt sanskar and the incidents happened from first.. their first meeting his anger and the incident in car..
swara : ragini u didn’t sleep. wot r u thinking of.
ragini: ntng swara u sleep

next mrng swara wake up and sees ragini still sleeping
swara to herself: may be she is tired
she covers ragini with bedsheet and went to kitchen.
after some time. swara came to room with a cup of tea. swara: why she is not getting up. its too late. she go to ragini and calls her.. she touches her head) swara to herself: ph my god.. she is having high temperature.
swara: ragini wake up.
ragini slowly opens her eyes..
swara: ragini ..r u ok… come get up.. we can go to hospital.
ragini: no swara. am ok now. I want to go to office now.
swara : officw??? now. no way.. arey bhudhu u r having high fever. I won’t allow u to go to office today.
ragini : no shona. am ok now.. lots of works are pending. will u please come earlier from office. then we can go to hospital. ok .swara : but
ragini : am ok shona.. come lets have tea.

ragini went to office
swara to herself : oh god ! take care of her.. she then thinks abt laksh and called him
swara : helo is it laksh laksh: yes
swara: am swara gadodia..
laksh : ha tell swara. I was waiting for ur call.. wot u decide
swara: can we meet..
laksh : ha sure.. will meet

sanskar is in his office. he is luking at ragini’s cabin and didn’t find her.
sanskar : where is she.. its too late.. damn! he pushes the chair
actually he doesn’t know y he behaving like this.. after sometime he sees ragini coming to his cabin and giving some papers… he luks at her.. she luks more more beautiful..that day.. may be bevause of dry hair..which moves with every movements.. ( we know na having fever)
sanskar : where were u ragini.. do u know wats the time now… I was just wauting for.. ( he cuts the words) he doesn’t know wat to say then
she is surprised.. to hear him.. she also noticed one thing that he called him by ragini.. its first time he is calling by her first name only..
sanskar : I mean.. I mean I was waiting for u because this work isn’t completed. he throwed some files in front of her
ragini: sorry sir… I woke up late.. because
sanskar: wot??? ohhh irresponsible.. go
ragini feels very bad and she goes with the file.. he angrily sits in the chair

ragini sits and does the work..

laksh is waiting in a coffee shop and sees swara coming towards him.
laksh luks at her. and can’t take off his eyes.. swara rabs to him
swara: sorry sorry… am too late I know.. u r waiting for a long time na
laksh : ( unknowingly ) adorable
swara: wot ( happily)
laksh came into senses
laksh: I said about that girl.. pointing to another girl.. she luks beautiful na
swara : ohhh.. yea she is.
laksh: ok swara tell.. why u called
swara : ohhooo ey mr its for u .. not for me.. u r behaving like I am going to do all that for me..
laksh: am sorry.. I just asked
swara : okkk… I came here to say onething.. I will help u.. and I don’t need any reward like. job or anything. I came to know that he cheated ur company.. I will always be with truth. thats y
laksh amusingly luked at her
swara: y u r luking like this
laksh: noo.. I was thinking that u r genious..
swara smiles hearing his answer
laksh smiles seeing her smile…
swara : okkkk laksh…shall I go now?. c u she walks of and laksh luks at her.. suddenly his phone rings and he attend the call. swara turns to c him.and she saw someone is coming to laksh to attak him. and that man have a knife in his hand.. swara sees this and runs to laksh..
that man came near to laksh and attacks with knife.. swara pushes laksh and knife touches swara’s arms .. her hand got injyred.. laksh sees this and runs to her… murderer escaped
laksh panicked
and sees swara’s arm bleeding. he scold her for coming between.. swara : if i did’t did this u aill get injury..
hearing this laksh gets emotional and hugs her.. and then laksh : don’t worry.. come we have to go to hospital
swara seeing blood fainted and he takes her in his arms and take to hospital.

sanskar was luking at ragini. sanskar: wot happend to her??
ragini also luked at sanskar’s cabin and sees him luking at her
ragini to herself: y I am thinking of him? why I am feeling like thsanskar avoided eye contact and act like he is busy

ragini get up from the seat and moves to tara’s cabin to give the file. when she is at the centre she feels headche.. and can’t take a further step.. sanskar notices this and runs to her… ragini fainted and about to fall.. sanskar hold her at the time… everyone in the office is shocked to c that….. she fainted… sanskar holds her and take her in his arms and made her lay
sanskar shouts : call doctor
sanskar touches her forehead
sanskar: oh my god she is having high temperature
doctor comes and chevks her
doctor : she is very weak.. need rest
doctor goes

after sometime ragini woke up and sees sanskar beside her
she stands up slowly
sanskar sees this
and moves to her and holds her arms tightly
sanskar: wot r u doing ragini? u r suffering from fever.. and .. he got angry
ragini feels pain and he understood it.. and remembers doctors words.. he leaved her. .. she is shocked to c him like this

sorry dears… support me .

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  6. Please update next part fast. I love swalak. I am big fan of swalak.Plz update daily.

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  10. thank u that u continued… plss update next part soon…. by the way today’s episode was awesome…. ragsan r simply super..:)

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