SWARAGINI – SANLAK lovebirds…Part 5

dear.. am happy that u all like my ff.. thank u for ur comments. . u know am very very happy because I came to know that u all r waiting for my ff.. its like getting the moon in my hand… thank u so much..
and frnds I think u all like ragsan couple.. sorry dear swasan fans.. I am a great great fan swara and sanskar jody. but I think ragsan can also make a gud pair.. that made me to write this ff… comment ur opunion abt this.. pls.. love u all

swara thinks y laksh behaved like that. swara : does he forgot me? . her mood went off and somehow she completed her work. she came outside and walks automatically. her mind is somewhere . (y he did like that ). . just then she feels something strange. . her heart starts to breathe fast . swara : y I feeling like this..
just then someone put hand on her shoulder. she turns back and see laksh there . swara : u???( angrily) who r u??
laksh smiled seein her like that.

swara : ohh smiling? how dare u to make fun on me.
laksh : relax baby relax
swara : who is ur baby. first go from hrre
laksh suddenly hold her both arms..
laksh : luk at me. swara surprisingly luk at him. they share an eyelock. by seeing her laksh forgot y he came for. they came into senses. laksh : am sorry
swara : its ok. laksh : swara am was waiting for you. I want to talk to you something. shall we have a coffee .. swara nods.. they went to coffee shop and ordered coffee. swara luks at laksh.
laksh : I know wot u r thinking. I avoided you when you came to talk .. sorry its such a situation. . r u working there?

swara : ya. part time
then there is a deep silence. then
swara : y u remain silent
laksh : swara can I take an advantage in our frndship. swara : advantage? frndship ?. laksh : nmmmmmm yeah

swara : when did we became frnds?
laksh : I know we r not even frnds now onwards we can na
swara : ohh u need some help or benefit from me so u r making me ur frnd. very gud. she claps.
laksh : nothing like that swara I like u very much. u know I don’t have that much frnds and all.i really need ur frndship and I do need ur help also
swara : wot help ( confusingly luks at him). laksh tells the entire story abt his company and sk company.so can u help me. swara : no I can’t. I am an employee there and I can’t do any cheating.

laksh : ohh I told u everything na.. they did all these tricks and made us lose in bussiness. I want to gave the same loss to them for that I need ur help.
swara : I need to think
laksh : its ok . Please note my number. he said and she saved.
swara : ohh kk lucky .. c u
laksh gets amused hearing his name from her. he smiles.. she turns to go..then she turns to him and smiles..he too
laksh : I know swara am using u . but I hsve no other way. I need to give the beat by the same way they did. sorry for this.

ragini is hurriedly doing all the works . Its too late and she is worried for swara just then her cell rings and it is swara.
swara : ragini . where are you. .
ragini : am in office dear. swara : wot r u doing there now. its too late.
ragini : have to do some urgent works.. will come soon. swara : ok take care
sanskar sees all this and smiles evily
sanskar to himself : ragini u were playing with me na.. this is for that. almost all went from office. sanskar is lukking at her after sometime she came there
ragini : finished sir. now can I go.
sanskar : u can go now. but tomorrow u should come early ok.
ragini: ok sir she went out

she came outside..its heavy rain outside.she opened her umbrella. and tries to get an auto..sanskar’s car passed from there.. she saw him. he luks at her.. and went from there.
ragini : wot a man he is.. rakshasa.
he sees her through the side glass. he slowly stops the car.. he is mesmorised to see her. her hair blows in the wind.. and rain drops are slowly touching her face.. sanskar lost in her beauty. cjust then her umbrella blows away because of strong wind she is fully drenched in water. ragini : oh my god ..wot will I do now. . she stands there helplessly. just then a car stops in front of her. the window glass opened. . itsnone other than sanskar.he signs her to get in. but she didn’t respond. sanskar shouts : I said u to get in
she who is in fear goes to open the back door.

sanskar : wot u think miss ragini gadodia. am I ur driver?????. and I don’t want to be ur driver
ragini hesitatingly opens the front door and sitted.
she is little uncomfortable to sit with him.. because her dress is fully drenched in water… she tries to adjust her dress..he saw this.. then he stops the car
ragini sees sanskar removing his coat.. she gets fear.
ragini to herself : ohhh devima.. wot is he doing .. am worried.. pls save me from this animal..
sanskar removed his coat and turns to her..

ragini was folding her hands and closed her eyes tightly.. she is praying
sanskar sees this.. and luks at her innocent face.. then
sanskar : wot is this .. wot r u doing.. ragini didn’t speak anything.. she is shivering because of fear.. sanskar understood that.. and he slowly puts his coat over her.. she slowly opens the eyes… she sees the coat and luks at him surprisingly. .
sanskar starts the car..
sanskar : don’t think all r same.
ragini remained silent…
sanskar ask her address and tell her that he will drop ger to house. she constanly luks at him..
sanskar : don’t luk me like that. ok.. its all because of u… .ragini questionably luks at him
sanskar : u provoked me to do all this.. otherwise u can go home earlier na. ragini : wot I did.. I did my job thats all
then she started to sneaks because of cold

sanskar takes his kerchief and gave it to her. she takes it..
ragini to herself : who is he?. I can’t figure out this man’s character.
car stops in front of her house.
she gets out snd turns to say thsnk you but he drived away without even luking her
ragini luks confused
swara sees her snd comes to hug her
swara : r u ok ragini.. am worried for u.
ragini : am ok shona. come lets go inside.
ragini came aftee changing dress.she tells everything to swara
swara : how dare he to do like that
ragini : leave it swara he dropped me here na.. am alright now..
ragini : am tired now.come lets go to sleep

frnds.. I don’t know u like ir nor not.. I need to know ur opinion.. dears.. nowadays there updating episodes very slowly.. am also waiting to know ur response… love u all… gudnyt

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