SWARAGINI – SANLAK lovebirds…Part 4

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ragini moves towards the shelf and take some files and checks it. actually she is luking at sanskar. sanskar while sitting in the chair saw this .
sanskar : miss ragini gadodia is anything wrong in my face ?
then shechecks the files and murmered how can I find his weakness. . he angrily called swara loudly. sanskar heard this
sanskar : swara? .. ragini don’t know what to say and moves towards his table. ragini : ahh sir..swara. she is my sister.i love her very much. .and its my hobby to call her nsme frequently.. (cute ragini ). and she is my weakness. sir wot is ur weakness? (haww somehow she asked)
sanskar wondered to hear her question
sanskar : wot? ragini : I mean.. ( she gets nervous) sanskar goes to her. she gets super tensed.. sanskar : ohhh u want to know my weakness na
ragini luks on. sanskar then takes a bunch of file from the table and gives to her.. sanskar : my weakness is my work so pls complete these all.. ok .. go.
ragini feels very bad and she went from there by scolding swara for giving this idea while she leaves
sanskar : UNBELIEVABLE Huh!

At Home
swara: wot I did, why u luking angry at me.. I tried to help u..
ragini : mm whatever. .all went in vain.
swara : its ok ragini we will find another way. ragini : wot way
swara : he said his weakness na (ragini confusingly luked at swara)
swara : so u should work hard to impress him. ragini : wot u mean
swara : u should do all workd pending thrre and try ti impress him
ragini luks on..
swara : ah ragini I forgot to tell u .I got a job.. its a part time job. sooraj helped me for that
ragini : that was nice na.. they both hugs and went to sleep
laksh phone rings its annapurna
laksh : ahh ma tell me.. r u fine
ap : am fine beta ( then she kept silent)
laksh know wots her problem
laksh : maa .I know..I will come soon after finishing my work
ap : my both son’s are away from me
laksh : ma don’t worry. this time I will come there only with bhai..its my promise.. phone disconnects
ragini : swara am hoing don’t miss ur class by sleeping like this and remember its ur first day in ur company. .all the best
swara : come here ragini
ragini goes to near her bed
swara : give me my specisl
ragini kisses her forehead

swara : and do pray fir me.. not to get MD like urs
ragini : ohh u remembered me that she gets nervous and went.
IN Office
ragini to herself : ragini today u should be strong snd u should show him who is this ragini gadodia. ragini did all works properly. then sanskar came tbere.ragini gained confidence by hiding the fear snd wish him
sanskar luks her and went to his cabin
laksh : wot wot r u telling
staff: yes dir its not our fault.we did our best but that man did msny false tricks to mske us fall. and there plan worked
laksh : who is he
staff : SK .MD of SK GROUPS
laksh fumes in anger

sanskar is luking at ragini..: wot happend to her. is there any magic happened.. dhe is working with full concentration. sanskar calks ragini.ragini came there
ragini : sir u called me
sanskar : yeah wot happend to u
ragini : wot sir.. did I do anything wrong?
sanskar : no… I mean.. yes..
ragini : now wot happend to u sir?
sanskar amused hearing that he didn’t expect that question.
Sanskar : ohh u learned how to speak
ragini : circumstances mskes us to do sir
sanskar : ohh u r teaching me?
ragini : no sir just said . sanskar : did u do all works I gave ragini : yes sir
sanskar : then do finish that RV company’s project
ragini : already finished that
sanskar surprised. .but he didn’t give up
( may be our vute sanskar likes that cute ragini who is always nervous while seeing him)
sanskar : then give me s tea
ragini : sir.. me? sanskar : yea uuu.. its my company. .and u all should do wot all I say.. ragini : yes sir.
sanskar : hey miss ragini gadodia .this is not a military office.. always saying yes sir no sir
ragini pour tea in a cup and gabe it to him
ragini : sir shall I go

sanskar : then take this files ..and u can only go home after completing this files.okk.. she went eith thst . sanskar : wot happend to her. wot a change.
ragini came to cabin.. she relieved snd sits
ragini : oh my god is it me.. who talked like that.. she luks worried seeing the files.
swara enters the new company
she met sll collegues and she loved that place.and she started working.
after some time
actuslly u know na our swsra is a cool fun loving girl.. she gets bored and lye on the table. she suddenly saw laksh coming towards the office.. swara gets surprised to c him
she pinched herself to check whether it is a dream or not
swara stands up but laksh didn’t c her snd he went to MD’s room..laksh sit there without permission.
SK: who r u wot r u doing here?
laksh : am laksh maheshwari .from maheshwari pvt company.
SK:Oh its u who came from kolkaya to luk after the business
laksh : wot u think mr. u can do any thing with oyr company ahh???. I csme here to warn u.. thst don’t dare to luk into maheshwari pvt . and don’t make me c u again.. and now I will show wots the real game. he angrily points st him..
outside swara is luking to inside ..

swara : wot he doing here? wots happening
just then laksh came from thrre and he stops seeing swara and removed the cooling glass..
swara smiled seeing him and moves towards him.but laksh go from there without saying anything
she felts very bad
screen freezes on her face

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