SWARAGINI – SANLAK lovebirds…Part 3


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Ragini came to swara after buying some pooja utensils.. she sees swara standing still with widened mouth. ragini calls swara and waves hand infront of swara swara didn’t see her.. she is lost somewhere.. ragini closes swara’s mouth with her finger…swara came into senses .
swara : ragini … u…
ragini : yeah .. me… swara Where were u .. seems like someone shut ur mouth..
swara : wot
ragini : ahhhhh .. that means u don’t have word to play… thats y u stand like this and opened ur mouth like this… seems like something lost..(ragini acted swara) hehe..
swara : oho.. u r teasing me.. na.. I will give u for this when we reach home.. now come…
they entered temple
swara’s eyes searches for laksh. but she wish he couldn’t find her.. she can’t face him directly..swara saw laksh praying before the idol
swara : mmmm he luks damn handsome… ( actually in this ff laksh luks like the current makeover of laksh in serial… with trimmed beards… )
unknowingly she smiles seeing him .
then ragini came and shakes her
swara : ragini….. wots this
ragini : me to want to ask the same question… wot happend…??? r u came here to pray or dream..
ragini holds her hand and walk towards the idol to pray
swara stops therr.. she doesn’t want to go there because laksh is there
ragini : swara r u coming or not?
swara : ( angrily) yeahhh…am coming …go….
swara goes with ragini
while going she murmered
swara:because of this u got that type of MD
ragini : did u say anything
swara: no .. goo
they goes towards the idol… laksh is near to them
ragini folded her hand closed her eyes and prays…
ragini : devima… u know I always come to u to pray for my family’s happinness..pls be always with them and my swara…and u know am very nervous nowadays.. he is very rude.. and am afraid to work there.. pls give me strength..
swara is also folding her hsnds and eyes closed..she evenly opens her one eye and luks at laksh… she didn’t even c the idol .. but laksh didn’t notice her.. and didn’t pay any attention..
ragini : swara
swara opened her eyes and luked angrily at ragini..
ragini : don’t widen ur eyes.. wait here .. I will come..
laksh turns to leave.. when swara turns panditji called her..to give the pooja plate
swara takes it and turned to c laksj.. but she didn’t find him… and she gets disappointed.. she slowly walks through the steps.. but she slips… laksh came there and hold her… they share an eyelock .. swara was staring at his eyes..
laksh then leaves her… swara remains silent
laksh : if u continusly stares a boy like this .. the result is this..
swara wondered
laksh : I think u got it
and he walks down
swara to herself: wot he said.. y swara y u didn’t reply to him.. wot happend to u.. u r swara gadodia.. u should reply
swara : ey mr
laksh turns and takes of the cooling glass
swara : wot u said? I stared u right? r u that much handsome? do u yhink like that? thrn itd wrong
laksh : eyyy wait wait.. did I say u stared at me .
swara : nooo ( swara didn’t get words.. but she didn’t give up)
swara: I mean yes u sait it
laksh luks at her by holding his hand
swara : y r u staring me like this
laksh : onlmmy u can stare like this right?? then am sorry
swara : to herself : swara… all went from hands.. its better escape…
swara : I don’t want to argue with u .. am going..
she left from there.laksh smiles seeing this
swara was murmering and walks here and there
ragini sees her .. ragini : shall we go
swara : ragini… y u didn’t ask me that wot happend to me..
ragini : I know. . swara : wot
ragini :I know that u forgot to take ur tablets
swara : tablets?
ragini : ahhh tablets that u take when ur madness increase
swara laughs hearing that… she runs behind ragini…
at night..
ragini was in thoughts .swara came there
swara : wot my doll is thinking?
ragini : am worried for tomorrow
swara : tomorrow??? ohhh I got it… u were thinking abt ur MD
ragini: mmmmm I don’t know what will happen tomorrow
swara : y r u fearing him. be cool baby
ragini : u can say like that.. but I can’t.. he is such a msn.. yesterday I thought he will kill me..
swara : ragini try to impress him
ragini : how
swara : u r a girl na.. has many ways to impress..u r my sweet beautiful doll..
ragini : swara .. am girl.. thats the main reason.. he didn’t like girls… all girls like him… he us there prince charming.. but he will never pay attention to them..
swara : u know one thing ragini.. whoever luks into ur face become prince.. even it is a rakshasa because that much u r cute..
ragini : fine… but don’t praise me like this my head will hit the roof
swara : hehe.. ok I will tell a plan to impress him
ragini : wot plan.
swara tells her the plan
they get ready to go for college and office.. before going
swara : ragini.. don’t forget wot I told u yesterday..okkkk .
ragini nodes head and left.. swara smiles seeing her and prays for her..
ragini came to office and sit in her cabin..
she can see sanskars cabin from her cabin.. she didn’t find him on the chair..
she moves right and left to search him…
suddenly sanskar came to office.. all wish him gud mrng..
he notices ragini.. ragini didn’t see him… and luks to his cabin…
sanskar to tara 🙁 loudly).. here I appointed every one to work properly.. and not to waste time…
ragini shocked to c him
she luks on him
sanskar luks to ragini and said
sanskar : I think everyone understood that..
sanskar went his cabin
ragini leans to her table..
ragini : how can I find that. I didn’t have the courage to face his eyes
swara telling ragini
swara : ragini everyone if us has some weakness.. first u should find his weakness and.. hold that.. then u can impress him..
ragini : swara.. how???
ragini continusly lukking at him while working ( for getting any idea abt his weakness)
sanskar sees all this..
after some time..tara came to ragini and told that sir called u
ragini : me… for what .. us there any reason ?
tara : eyy don’t worry dear… he won’t eat u…
saying this she left..
ragini slowly moves towards his cabin
because of fear her hand is shivering..
ragini to herself : nooo am not that much weak..
she knocks the door
sanskar : yes come in
ragini gets in and luks at sanskar
but he didn’t luk at her
ragini : sir tara mam told that u called me
sanskar : yes.. I told her.. then he turns to his laptop and works
ragini stands there
ragini to herself : wats he doing.. he called me here and didn’t say anything..
ragini : sir
sanskar : wot
ragini : y u called me
sanskar : ahh I called u.. now u can c me clearly na..
ragini wondered : sir
sanskar : ahhhj morning onwards ur eyes is on my face.. come sit here and luk directly..ragini becomes nervous
ragini.. sir … actually… I….
sanskar : wot ragini ( angrily ) r u came here to work or.. ( he stops )
ragini : sir I was finding some thing
sanskar : wot
ragini : that…. I…. I am .. finding
sanskar get up and angrily shouts : wot r u finding
ragini gets afraid and suddenly said
ragini : files sir
sanskar holding his hands : ohhhh really????… on my face?????.
ragini : no sir… actually I am finding some files .. its not in my cabin.. I think.. it was here.. ( how cute)
sanskar: ohhhh.. mmmm there is the shelf.. go and find.. which one u want.. and one request.. don’t repeat wot u did yesterday
(ragini recalls.. that scene.. she slips and while slipping she pulls the table sheet and shelf.. on get messed).
ragini goes towards shelf and take some files and checks it
actually she is luking at him..
sanskar while sitting in the chair saw this
sanskar : miss ragini gadodia is anything wrong in my face?
ragini : no sir
then she checks the files and murmered.. how I will find this man’s weakness. little loudly she calls swara’s name
sanskar hear that
sanskar : swara?
ragini doesn’t know wat to say and she moves towards his table
ragini : ahh sir.. swara.. she is my sis..I love her very much.. its my hobby to call her nsme frequently ( cute ragini)
she is my weakness .. sir.. what is ur weakness.. ( she somehow asked)
sanskar wondered.. ragini gets nervous.

no precap

Credit to: Riya Maheen

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    3. Its really hurts fot the person who are writing if you judge their story for sake of pairs

      1. thank u for bothering abt me sindhu dear… yeah first I felt bad… then I understood her. … its her wish… she loves swasan.. am ok with it… but I have u all to read my ff naa.. love uuuuu

    4. pinky .. am sorry… this is ragsan and swalak’s fanfiction… I won’t tell u not to read this… u have to read this… its my request..
      am also a great great swasan fan… I read so many ff .. with swasan and swalak… even am also writing another ff with swasan.. just then I thought about ragsan.. and my mind says.. they also can become a wonderful pair… if my words hurt u am sorry

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