SWARAGINI – SANLAK lovebirds…Part 2


dear… in this fan fiction I wish to make swalak and ragsan… don’t worry swasan and raglak fans I also started another ff with swasan and raglak… u all pls read my both ff… thank u


swara: oh ragini.. u luks superb… wot a make over.. that innocent girl turned into modern girl
( ragini wearing a white shirt and black coat and black 3 /4 tight skirt. .. she luks damn gud)
swara: I can’t take of my eyes from u …
ragini : stop teasing me swara
( she is adjusting her dress.. )
swara : wot r u doing ragini.. howlong will u pull that skrit down.. it will tear..
ragini: stop laughing
swara: I know u r not comfortable in this dress… but u luk great in this luk.. if u r not comfortable then change it
ragini : how.. then he will eat me…
its his order..
swara: haha.. then go its too late
ragini: swara am going… u should have the breakfast okk… and ur tiffin is here don’t forget to take it..( our ragini is so caring)
swara : okk dear .. u go.. its too late..
ragini: ok takecare

ragini went

swara smiles seeing her
swara: who the hell that MD..

ragini came to office..
tara: u came ..
ragini : sorry i know am little late
tara : mmm its ok .. but don’t repeat this.. he won’t like irresponsible peoples
ragini : can I ask u one thing. is ur sad ver rude
tara : hehe… u r afraid na
don’t worry..he is not that muc rude.. but he is very strict.. thats all

ohh I forgot u pls give this to him.. I forgot to sent an urgent mail.. so pls
( she gave her a file and left. ragini was confused)
ragini went to his cabin..
she knocks the door.. no response.. she opened the door and get in..
she doesn’t find him
ragini : oh thank god he is not here.. she relieved… and put that file on table.. and about to leave ..
sanskar ftom back : wot r u doing here
( hearing his sound she gets shocked and while turing she slips ( she is super tensed… guys imagine that cute face of ragini).. she slips and fall down.. while falling she hold the table sheet and shelf all files fall on her…

sanskar ( putting hands on his forehead) : wot r u doin.. oh my god… r u mad..
ragini couldn’t get up
sanskar goes to help her
gives hand to her and pulls up..
while getting up she gets closer to him.. they have an eyelock

sanskar jerks
sanskar: r u mad.. wot r u doing here.. ruined my cabin…
ragini : am sorry sir.. I didn’t mean to.
.I will clean all..
sanskar : shut up getlost from here

she went out cryingly
sanskar sits on his chair and irritated to c all that.. he shouted tara.. tara..

tara came there
tara: sir wot happend.. wot is this.. luking hrre and there
sanskar : I need this room clean ..
tara : tara takes mobile an informed workers
sanskar : am goimg to home.. if anypaper need sign sent it to home.. okkk
saying thus he went out of cabin
he sees ragini sitting their worried he angrily stares st her and goes..


swara was sitting in classroom. one guy comes to her
guy: do u remember me..
swara : ohhhh sooraj.. wot r u doing here
sooraj: thank god u remember me
swara : how can I forget u
sooraj : anyway its nice u came here.. am ur seniour here
swara : nice dear.. I didn’t expect u here
( sooraj is swara’s childhood friend)
ragini : yhen tell me where is ragini how is she
swara : she is fine.. she is working here in a private company
sooraj: can’t believe… she..
swara : yeah..
sooraj : then how is delhi… our college
swara : super yaar

sooraj : swara I need to say onething u luk absolutely fantastic
swara : aaha thank u
they had a talk..
tsooraj : then can we have a coffee
swara : why not..
they went to a near coffee shop…
they sit and havin coffee
then sooraj call sombody

lucky.. lucky… swara looks back

she sees laksh and… looks on
laksh : hii sooraj.. u here..
sooraj : wot a surprise… am seeing my two childhood frnds after a long time…
laksh : confusingly luks at swara

sooraj ::am sorry .. swara.. this is lucky.. my classmate..and gud frnd

lucky this is swara
they both says hi
laksh : shall I go sooraj.. have sn important meeting
sooraj: ( shockingly) wot lucky.. meeting

laksh : yyyuu u wondering
sooraj: r u laksh
laksh : funny.. da am going will meet yo evng and gave his card to him. call me okk.
he says bye to swara and sooraj and goes

swara : wot happend sooraj.. who is he
sooraj .. he is lucky.. wot a drastic change..
swara: swara wish to hear more abt him.. but she didn’t ask anything
swara : shall we go
sooraj : yea sure
they left

At Home

swara came earlier and waiting for ragini
swara : who is that lucky
y sm thinking abt him
she is just browsing internet .. and she started searching him in facebook sje didn’t find him and get bit disappointed

just then ragini came there
she hugs swara
swara: u seems very tired go.. and get fresh.. I will make tea
ragini : ok dear..

she came after bath.. she saw swara in lost
she takes the cup from her hand and shake her
ragini : wot happend.. wot r u thinling
swara : ntng
they talked so much and went to sleep

next mrng..
its a off day
ragini : swara get ready .. wanna go to temple
swara : should I come
ragini angrily stares her
swara : ohhh don’t make ur beautiful face red I will come wait
ragini the gives her a half saree
swara : wot us this.. I can’t wear this type of dress
ragini : u r going to temple not to film . ok get ready

swara and ragini went to temple
swara is feels uncomfortable in that dress but she luks beautiful..
they left to temple…

ragini: u wsit here.. I just come now
( she went to a shop to buy some pooja utensils)

( swara get bored .. then a car stopped near her.. she can’t c who is inside the car.. she sees her on the window glass.. she adjusts her saree and hsir… and murmering something ( wot the hell is this dress) she then make different faces and then smiles ..hmm miss swara u r luking beautiful… just then the window glass opened… swara gets shocked… seeing laksh there.. she didn’t raise her head.. ( actually she feels very bad…because..wot all nonsense she did by luking that glass.. he saw that all)
he was wearing a white pant snd white kurti and luking handsome.. he gets out of the car.. and goes to temple while passing swara he stops and said
laksh : in low voice.. : ofcourse u r beautiful…
he goes towards temple..

swara in confused state , surprised state, and shocking state .. ( poor swara ) screen freezescon swara’s face

if u like this .. pls comment.. ur reviews.. sm wauting to know ur response

Credit to: riya maheen

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