SWARAGINI – SANLAK lovebirds…Part 1


swara and ragini went to delhi

laksh also went to delhi…

swara : its nice room na ragini
ragini:yeah swara.. I too like it.. swara am little bit nervous…
swara: for what
ragini:u came here to study.. but me to do job…
swara: dear forget it now come we can sleep.. no need of worry… all will like u…

next morning both of them went in different direction

swara is going in an auto.. suddenly it hits with a car.. she suddenly came out of the car and scolded the driver.. auto driver was badly injured..
car driver came out..its none other than laksh
swara: u idiot.. r u driving or sleeping..
laksh: mind ur language girl.. its not my mistake . he came in wrong way
swara:ohh u r defending urself..very good.. first get this man to hospital.
laksh: I told its not my mistake.. u can get him to hospital .. will give money and all.. and I don’t have to waste time. I have an urgent meeting
swara: r u a man.. animals thinks with more kindness… go to hell. who needs ur money ..get lost…
laksh:okk am going. get him to hospital

he went ..all the people scolded him
swara take that man to hospital.
she thinks abt laksh
how can he do this to an innocent man.arrogant.. she calls the patients relatives and went to college

ragini entered company
one staff named laya came to her
laya: mam wot u need
ragini : am ragini gadodia. came here with appointment order…
laya : ohh its u naa.. come sit here ..will inform md

ragini hears the conversation of some staffs..
from that she get to know that md is very arrogant and short tempered person… they don’t have courahe to talk to him

hearing this ragini worried and becomes nervous…
ragini: devima help me…

then laya came to her
laya: ragini sir called u…
ragini didn’t move a step
laya: wot happend .. any problem
ragini : no am going ..

she knocks the door

he says come inside

she come inside with eyes closed ( because she is afraid ).he didn’t see her and continuously luking to laptop

man: ah miss ragini gadodia .. r u really interested to work here..
ragini didn’t say a word.. then that man looked at her…
he can’t take off his eyes from her… she is thst much beautiful…. suddenly he shouts.. what the hell .. y u closed ryes.
ragini slowly opened the eyes .. and c the board nsmed on his table… MR SANSKAR MAHESHWARI
then she luks at him… he angrily luks at her… ragini stares sanskar… ( that much cute na sanskar).
sanskar: whom u r luking… is anyone behind me..
ragini : no sir .. he takes her appointment letter
sansksr : oh campys selection .. ( he understood that she is afraid)
sanskar: do u really like to work here
ragini: yes sir
sanskar: then do ur work properly. . u can decide ur salaries and all with laya.. the go and do ur duty..

sanskar called laya and ask her to accompany ragini and show her cabin.
while going
sanskar: wait a minute
ragini turned and luking him ..questionably
sanskar: do u come here to any competetion or any marriage
ragini: no sir
sanskar: ur dressing seems like that. .. here we have a dress code..tomorrow onwards u should follow that…okk…
ragini: yes sir
sanskar: ohhh what the hell…don’t u have toungue… y u r always saying yes sir no sir…
now u can go

laya takes her to cabin ..
laya : don’t worry ragini.. he is like this… obey his orders properly. .. thats gud..
she goes out.

ragini: ohhhh god wot a man he is… how can I work under such man…

after an hour she saw he is going out… .and she relieved… and happily works..
then she heard some girls talking abt sanskar
1 girl: hehe u can’t get him navami.. u know he don’t like girls and dating
navami: all r calling him prince charming. . and I want him.
maya: no way dear… its better u won’t try… if he knows abt it definitely he will fire u

ragini hears this and smiles
ragini: that means he is nice…

swara was in college..
she became the attention of almost all boys
she luks fantastic
but all the day swara think abt laksh…
swara: if he comes to me again I will slap him.. just then teacher came and said… who is swara gadodia. someone is came to c u
swara: me …. who us that ( in mind)

she came out snd saw a man wearing suit standing there she didn’t see his face
swara: excuse me..
laksh turned
swara : ohhhh u…. y u came here… wot u want… I don’t want to c ur face… u animal go away from my sight…
laksh: swara stop this… I came here to say sorry
swara : for wat
laksh: mrng I behaved very badly..
swara: (confused)
laksh: I know u were thinking how I came here .. right??
swara doesn’t speak anything
I went to that hospital.. and saw that patient u appointed and from there I got ur address…
actually at that time my mood was out… and I can’t control my angry… thats y..
he said this and went

swara stands surprised
swara to herself: he is not that much bad.. ( smiles)

At Night

swara: how was ur day ragini
ragini: not bad
swara: y u luking like this any problem?
ragini: swara am afraid… I can’t work there… our md is very rude…
swara: leave it ragini… am there with u always…
the hug
ragini: u didn’t tell abt ur first day… did u slap any one
suddenly swara smiles
ragini: wot happend shona
swara tells all incident

ragini: aaha… sounds gud… I wonder.. u didn’t slap him…
they share a laugh and went to sleep

Credit to: riya maheen

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