SWARAGINI – SANLAK lovebirds…Intro


hi dears….. am riya maheen… I already started writing swaragini … a real lovestory..
since u all like swasan and sanlak equally.. then I wish to write another… I need all my swasan and sanlak fans… so one is for swalak fans and other is for swasan fans… don’t want to miss my readers…. one request to both of them support my two fictions…

now I like to introduce my characters..

swara : bubbly… charming .. adorable modern girl… who loves her sister and family more than anything in the world. she is a singer..

ragini: she is an innocent … beautiful… traditional… girl who… loves her sister alot.. she values the tradition…

laksh : .. handsome… matured young man helping in his father’s bussiness… he is not a type of flirty boy…

sanskar: handsome… matured… little arrogant… living with his past memories…and he hates girls… he is a charming prince and he owns his own company and doing bussiness

swara and ragini are daughters of sumi and shekhar.. they r living with their parents and dadi dadaji and dida..

they just completed their degree

laksh and sanskar are sons of annapurna and dp.. sankar loved a bengali girl .. but his father strongly rejected her and her family… and sanskar can’t disobey his father .. reject her.. because of that kavitha committed suicide.. after that sanskar left them..

now sanskar owns a company in delhi.. and he became rich.. but he didn’t enjoy that rich status.. but he is living with kavitha’s memories

laksh at first was a fun lving boy ..but situation changes him
.. his lost his bhai.. and now he become a perfect bussiness man who didn’t bother anything
one day

dp: laksh I think u should shift to delhi.. because our bussiness there was not going gud.. so u should go there and make all things fine

laksh: okk . its our duty to obey u na.. all things happens in this by ur wish.. we all r machines..

ap: laksh wot r u saying .. to whom u r talking like this
laksh: I know ma.. I lost my bhai because of this person… many times I also wish to go from here.. but I am staying here because of u..

laksh: ok I will go
he said this and went to upstairs

ragini: swara I got campus selection and posting is at delhi
swara: ohhhhh congrats ragini ..its a gud news..
ragini: but I can’t go
swara: y
ragini : I don’t want to miss u and my family
swara: ohhh thats the reason..ok then I will also come with u
ragini: how swara.. u didn’t participated in the interview… then how… earlier I told u na.. u didn’t heard me ( angry)
swara: ohhjjj wait wait… don’t worry ragini .. I will come with u… as I want to bulit up career… I am also coming there..I need to become a famous singer… there r lots of music academies..

ragini happly hugs swara
swara: me too can’t miss u darling

ragini: papa I got campus selection and got job in delhi based company..
shekhar: its a great news… congrats beta wot abt u swara
dida: hehe shekhar she didn’t even know what is campus selection. . am right shona
dadi: don’t say like that… my shona…know all that.
swara:(angrily) stop it… I am also going with ragini I want yo study in delhi music academy

all gets happy

Friends do u like this… then comment please

Credit to: riya maheen

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  1. hi riya ……………….ur ff seems to be interesting ……..go on keep writing 🙂

  2. Hey nice but what about pairs I loved your both ff very mch but first clear the confusion that which one is of swasan nd which one is of swalak

    1. dear.. anu.. u r reading my ff thank u… I don’t need to break that suspence… wait for that buddy….

  3. nice story….continue

  4. Hmm. Nice start….

  5. Cute dr

  6. nice but pls make it swasan

  7. nice.
    but confused about pair
    I didn’t get it..

  8. Make it RagSan…?

  9. Good start.. seems vry interesting

  10. u paird only swara wid sanky n lucky what abut ragini >_<

  11. nice ……i lv ur ff but pls state if this ff is of swasan or swalak

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