Swaragini and sanlak friends to love episode 4


Guys before episode we saw that shear had a great loss and dp came to help him

Today’s episode:

Shaker tells dp that how could I accept my friend money.but dp tells u can’t accept my money then I will give it to u as a repayable money after u are back to your normal position you may return my money back and after thinking shear hesitantly tells k .dp keeps hand on shekar shoulder and hugs him everything will be k.and shekar gives another shocking news to his family that we have to leave our mansion due to the loss we had .everyone gets shocked and swaragini runs to their room crying.

Sumi gets shocked and ask shekar what do you mean that we have to leave our house .did you forget shekar that we have two daughters and what about them shekar keeps quite and doesn’t have a answer to her.dp ask sumo to calm down and tells that u all have to stay in my house till all problem gets over shekar doesn’t accept it but dp ask him to keep quite if he think of has his friend.

Swalak goes to swaragini and sees them and they get worried and they goes and pacified them swaragini crise to sanlak that how can this happen to them and they swasan and raglak hug each other.dp ask shekar to accept it and ask him to accept it at last shekar say a yes.

Swaragini family enters sanlak house.

Credit to: Nandy

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  1. Good..nice one

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  3. Verrrrrryyyyy nice….hope its swasan

  4. Nice track,keep going.

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  6. swasan the best

  7. Swasan i just loved them

  8. Good,Telly team pls upload ff,y none today?

  9. Exactly yr desperately waiting for ur ff

  10. Thank u for your encouraging comments and soon i will update my next episode

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