Swaragini: Sacrifice


Hello, my lovely reader, this is Lovely! I’m sorry I won’t be able to post Broken heart, because my laptop is with my cousin brother, and all my update is there, so I’m here with this story! Don’t know if I will make it as an SS or FF, will think about it! Regarding the pair, you will know it soon.

It’s never a story, like that of thousands of people, but here is my story.
And of course it’s different
We try, we think we can forget with time
Never did we forget anything, we live with
We have many lives, but one great love story.
When love runs away, there is never a winner
If we could redo everything, sweep our mistakes
I had no patience, to expect just a smile
Our future was breaking on the altar of memories
I was waiting for another chance, I did not see it coming
When you told him “I love you” You hear for life, we never forget anything
It’s always the same problem, we believe what we want

I have hoped that I will win him, but nop he never saw me. He just sees me as his best friend! Yes, I was tagged by him in his friend zone. I love him more anything, but he just plays with my feeling. He never loves me, how stupid I was to believe that he will love me.
Today I’m returning to this city, where he live.
I remembered how and why I left here. This stone heart had once loved someone deeply. Now I’m afraid of this word, no not afraid hate this word. I always sacrificed myself for her or her family, but they never treat me like their family. Even her, she said to everyone that I’m her sister, her best friend, but when I loved someone she snatched that from me. The bitter thing is I’m this family real daughter, but they never give me the same love they gave to her. She has all, her dad, her mom, her dadi, her dada when I want they love they never give me that, but I always keep thinking about them.
Now I changed, now I’m not the old selfless girl, I’m a the one top businesswoman, who can never accept defeat nor lose.
I hate them, I will never forgive them for what they did to me.
I was about to marry my love, but my family snatched my happiness. How can I be happy, when I saw my love marrying my sister? I stop believing in God, while before I was fervent to God.
I’m coming, be ready to face my worse part Gagodia and Maheswari, you all will suffer like I suffer.

Credit to: Lovely

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  1. Awsm..waiting for nxt prt

  2. Woow…awesome…keep writing..interesting
    Plz continue this story…

  3. Plz make it ff

  4. Nice. So Ragini is coming back and Swara and laksh are married? She wants revenge. Will sanskar help? Or distract her from her mission?

  5. Hope dat ragini is cming bk
    Luvd it
    Plz update soon

  6. Good… but try to post broken hearts tht was jst a awesome story..

  7. Want swara to come back plzz make it swara and make raglak màrried plzz plzz

  8. No It’s Swara coz Ragini has dad and her family and RagLak are married. ha ha ha it’s wild guess.. let’s see.

  9. let ragini come back and swalak married and then ragsan wow its ur story ur wish about pairs waiting for next part interesting……… ………….

  10. May be… anywsy continue

  11. Swara oly snatched ragini s love first..itz clear ‘how can I see my love marrying my sis’…think itz ragini…while reading ragini oly came in my mind…hope swalak r married nd sanskar ill help ragini…want ragsan

  12. But like raglak tooo…any way itz upto u…BTW post broken heart soon missing it…

  13. Pls make it ragsan and swalak??

  14. Hope rag is coming back

  15. its Swara Right Ragini snatched Lakshya from her on her wedding day.

    1. Ya I also think the same….I also wish it’s swara…

  16. and moreover, she hadn’t sacrificed anything.

  17. nice hope its swasan raglak

  18. nice plzz plzz make swara come back for revenge and make swasan as a pair coz in broken heart u have already made swalak so plzz swasan over here

  19. I mst say u play amazingly with words nd l jpe she will be Ragini

  20. Plzz make it ragini coming back

  21. I hope she is rags….

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