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Ch 9-

Doctor came and said- I’m sorry
The scene freezes on their face, and Swara was crying. Ragini look at her, and feel her pain, she wants to hug her and tell her that don’t worry I’m here, your sister is here, but then her ego stops her. She concentrates on what the doctor said

Doctor- We are sorry, she felt in coma

Sanskar- What? How is that possible? She is too young??

Doctor- Yes, but if we don’t find a specialist into 14 hours she may not pass the night

Swara- Please doctor don’t say that we will pay you, ask what you want, I will give you, but please save my child, she is innocent, she is my l…

She cannot finish her and she faints. Ragini saw that she want to go, but her leg stop her, she saw the fear in Sanskar eyes for Swara. They take her to a room.

Ragini- I know Sanskar and Swara love each other, but why their play with my feelings? Why didn’t they tell me that it was a game between them? Why I’m feeling that I’m wrong? I know I shouldn’t do all this, but I want to know, even if I have to make them suffer. I want to have an answer to all my questions. The way Sanskar look at Swara, the fear in his eyes when she faint, I can see that he love her a lot.

Her thought was broken by a nurse.

Nurse- Ma’am come with me, you will give you blood

Ragini nod and follow the nurse. Dida saw her and follow her too.

Ragini look at the syringe and was about to faint. She turns her head away and looks at the picture beside her.
Dida saw this and smile between her tears, and goes to Swara.

They finish and took three bottles of her blood.
Nurse- I recommend you to not drive, eat something and sleep. You will get some headache, and maybe vomiting too.

Ragini nod, and was about to fall, but nurse takes her and made her sit.

Nurse- Wait, I will give you some juice.

Ragini just nods, and take her phone. She dials a phone number and then wait for the caller to hung up

Caller- Hey Rags, how are you? It’s been a long time yaar, how you get to remember me? bolo?

Ragini just smiles- Hey Rads if you let me speak, I will get a chance to reply you, my dear.

Rads- Yeah yeah, bolo What can I do for your majesty? ( dramatically)

Ragini- Hum yaar, can you please come to India, a friend of mine have a blood cancer.

Rads- You know I have a lot of commitment here, I cannot come. Even if I didn’t have, dad will not allow me, because he thinks that I don’t have experiences.

Ragini- So tell your dad to come, please, if it was not important I would not have to ask you.

Rads- Ok ok baba I will ask dad and email you his reply ok?

Ragini- Thank you, darling!

Rads- Anyways, batao, did you see your family?

Ragini- Yes I saw them

Rads- And?

Ragini- And what? What do you think, I saw them and hug them and forgave them?

Rads- It maybe sound stupid, but yes, I thought you going there, will give you some brains.

Ragini- RADS!!!

Rads chuckle- Only and unique! Yaar please cannot you move on? I have to ask you this from past two years, and you always reply me, no, but I know you, you cannot think bad for other, so why them? They are your family.

Ragini- I know I know, but scars are too deep to forget and forgive. Please call me when you will get your dad reply. It’s very urgent, Your dad is the best oncologist of the world, he cured some ill patient who was on the verge to die. I don’t want her to die.

Rads- Can I know who she is related to you?

Ragini- She is my niece, Swara daughter.

Rads almost screaming- WHAT????

Ragini- Yes, she is very sweet and please do come here, I need a friend here.

Rads- Don’t worry dear, close your eyes and I will come, I will convince dad.

Ragini- Thank you Rads

Rads- Mention not

Nurse- Ma’am your juice, and don’t forget to eat something, and not drive.

Ragini nod- Thank you

Rads- Kaun hai? Why did she say to you to eat something and not driving?

Ragini- I give my blood

Rads like fainting- WHAT? Am I dreaming ? you ?

Ragini- Yes

Rads- You are afraid of blood and syringe. You love her nahi na?

Ragini- Yes, she is innocent, you know she is like me when I was young. If you saw her, you will think that she is my child and not Swasan child.

Rads- I see, don’t worry Rags, everything will be fine, have some faith in God.

Ragini- It been a long time that I don’t believe in God. And I won’t

Rads take a breath and don’t add further- Ok will call you later, and email you tonight. Take some rest ok bye

Ragini takes her purse and goes to her car. She drives slowly and goes near a beach. She rests like this till the night and then drove back to her house.
There everyone waits for Ragini, when she enter, everyone thinks she will talk to them, but no she went straight to her room, and sleep.

Maami- It’s my fault, I should apologize to her.

Nana- Nahi bahu, let her alone.

Nani- Yeah, she is not angry at you, she will feel bad if you apologize to her.

Maama- Haan darling, don’t stress yourself

Sachin- Haan maa, you know Di is like a volcano, don’t think too much. I’m damn sure tomorrow she will ask us sorry.

Dida was silent and look at them, she thinks- Laado, you are lucky they love you a lot. I just pity Shekhar that he let an angle like you leaving his house. He never stands up for you, but yet I know he loves you a lot. After all, you are his Janki’s daughter, you are his daughter.

Everyone ate their dinner and goes sleeping.


Ragini wakes up and goes downstair. she is wearing casual cloth, and everyone looks at her like she is an alien.

Ragini- What happened? why are ogling at me like this?

Nana- Nahi Pari, but are not going to the office?

Ragini- No dadu, I’m going hospital?

Mami worried- Hospital? kyon? Tum week? What happened to you? Please, Ragini say something?

Everyone smile at maami and Maama say- Darling, let her speak, you are not letting her reply you

Ragini- Wo mami, Swara’s daughter is admitted to the hospital that’s why I’m going to see her.

Mami relieved- Thank god you are fine
Then reality hit her- Swara’s daughter?

Ragini- Haan

Mami- how do you know her daughter?

Ragini- We meet a lot of time, but never know that she was Swara and Sanskar daughter.

Mami- Oh ok, but if they saw you?

Ragini- It’s ok I’m mean I’m here for Lavanya not for them.

Mami little hesitant- Are you… ok

Ragini hug mami- I’m sorry for yesterday, but I want answer and I will get them by hook or crook

Nani- Ragini beta, I want to ask you something but please don’t be angry ok?

Ragini nod and nani proceed- Do you still love Sanskar?

Ragini was surprised but then reply- Nani, please he is my past, I don’t want to reply you

She eat her breafast and goes to hospital.

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