Swaragini: Sacrifice 8 by LovelyAliya


Hello Lovelies 🙂 I’m back with another update! I hope this shade of Ragini will please you all! So enjoy and let me know if you like the content or not 😉

A day is coming, and Ragini was sleeping. In fact, she was just asleep, and she wake up 1s before her alarm. Her phone rang and she takes it

Ragini- Hello

Caller- Ma’am I’m sorry if I’m disturbing you, but the Maheswari accepts to deal with you and want an appointment for today.

Ragini- Ok keep for 9 a.m

Caller- but ma’am it’s very early, how can…

Ragini- Do as I said, or you are fired

Caller- O.. ok ma’am

Ragini cut the call off and smile- Today it’s a good day for me and a bad day for them! I swear Mr. and Mrs. Sanskar Maheswari I will bring your truth out. I will make you suffer Swara, you and your mom didn’t do good with me! No one knows your truth.

She goes to take a shower and come back for breakfast. She was smiling, no smirking like an evil person. Everyone who know her, know that this smirk of her isn’t a good sign.

Sachin- Hum… Princess what happened to you? Why are you smirking like this?

Ragini- It will be a good day today that’s why I’m smiling

Nana- Pari princess, I know you are hiding something because you won’t be like this.

Ragini- Yeah you are right, I’m hiding something!

Mama- What? please tell us

Ragini- Today my plan will start! Today Swara and Sanskar destruction begin!

Dida- Laado please don’t harm the kids, they are not at fault! Maheswari also didn’t do anything to you!

Ragini while eating like nothing happened just reply- I know, but maybe in the process, they will be hurt, but the most pain will be on Sanskar, Swara, and her parents!

Nani- Princess be careful, I don’t want you to be unhappy! You know I don’t like this revenge plan, I just want to be happy! I know they did wrong, but beta thinks carefully.

Ragini calmy- Nani did they think about me when I was dying of love, dying of sadness or pain? I want they to taste they own medicine. I want them to cry like hell

Mami- Princess, you know how much I love you, maybe I love you more than my own son. You are not my SIL’s daughter, but my sister’s daughter. I consider Jhanki like my own, she was my choti, and my pampered, whenever I look at you I saw her, that’s why I was with you. But two day before, when they came, I saw some remorse, they were sincerely sorry. I know they were at fault but now time passed! You will be the one to be sad because I know still you are the same Ragini, you just put a mask and a wall around your heart.

Ragini is a bit angry but composes herself- I know you all are worried for them and not for me! I know no one loves me, you just fake it like others! Thank you for showing my place in this house.
She stands up and goes out.

Mami- Nahi… mera mat..lab nahi ta ( more soundless)
But before that Ragini was already gone

Mami worried- I didn’t want her to feel unwanted. I just want her to realize that she was destroying her peace for this so-called revenge

Mama was consoling her- Don’t worry darling, she is stubborn like your choti, when she will be calmed, she will come.

Nani- I just hope she will calm quickly, because if Janki was stubborn, Ragini is thousand more than her mom.

Nana- I know Pari will not do anything who will hurt us.

Sachin- Nanu, you don’t know di, when she is angry, she cannot destroy the world. If Janki maasi was a devil, she is a devil. And I’m not joking at all, in theses year she forgot herself, she forgot that she have a heart, she forgot apart her revenge and work there is the world.

Mami- Sachin please go there and be with her.

Nana- No, I know someone there who will keep an eye on her. He has my full trust.
Sachin you come with me, we have to go to some relative.
All are worried for Ragini


At Office

Ragini barge into her cabin in anger, Laksh came and call her

Laksh smiling- GOOD MORNING Ms. Rawat, how are you?

Ragini who was in no mood reply- Get out before I fire you

Laksh still smiling- You cannot fire me! I’m working for your nana

Ragini- Don’t try to be smart with me, you will loose! You are working for my nana, but you are working in MY OFFICE! This office is not nanu’s hardworking, it’s MINE! Technically you are working FOR ME. So better shut your mouth off and do as I said GET OUT!

Laksh- So Ms. Rawat why you are in the bad mood?

Ragini- I’m saying you for the last time, get out!

Laksh- Ok ok don’t get hyper beauty

Ragini- I’m in no mood for your flirting talk, I give you two options: 1- you go and don’t show me your face, except if I call you.
2- You don’t listen to me, so I will fire you and I make sure you will never get any job in your lifetime.

Laksh smiling – Really?

Ragini look straight is his eyes, making him shiver- You want to know?

Laksh- N… no no

Ragini smirk at him- That’s a good boy, so why are you here? I’m sure you didn’t come to see my face!

Laksh thinks a bit and then smile at her- In fact yes, I just came to see your beautiful face! because my day won’t be good, if you didn’t scold, scream at me!

Ragini- Unbelievable! You are the first man who flirts with me so openly! I don’t know why!

Laksh- Because you are beautiful, and maybe you don’t know but you have something that attracts men

Ragini sarcastically- Money, fame?

Laksh- I said ONE thing! No, a beautiful smile! This smile of you can make everyone happy!

Ragini- You never saw me smiling so how can you think that my smile can make everyone happy?

Laksh think of something then said- Your nana told me! and yes I’m sure you have a beautiful smile

Ragini hide her smile turning her chair and stand up- Why you came?

Laksh- I came to tell you that Maheswari’s M.D will come with one hour of late.

Ragini- What the hell? How can they be so unprofessional!

Laksh trying to make Ragini calm- Hey they will come, but they tell some of the members are not fine. If I’m not wrong it’s a kid.

Ragini calm softly and Laksh saw that- Oh ok tell them to not come, I will postpone to tomorrow.

Laksh- You sure?

Ragini- Yes why?

Laksh- Because you were like a volcano some second ago!

Ragini- Yes but I’m human but before that I’m a businesswoman, If some of my future partners are not in his sense, he will not do correctly his work, and I don’t want mistakes.

Laksh- Are you sure?

Ragini- Did your tongue is scratched that you will tell the same thing again and again?

Laksh- Ok ok don’t be so rude, I was just trying to ease you

Ragini- Don’t take you so important! You cannot ease Ms. Rawat.

Laksh slowly- We will see

Ragini- Did you say something?

Laksh- No

Ragini- Good you can go now

Lakhs- In fact, can I take a leave for today?

Ragini- May I know why?

Laksh- Because I have to see some of my relatives!

Ragini- Whatever you can go! Tomorrow comes early

Laksh- Ok boss

Laksh goes out and Ragini gets thinking

Ragini- I hope it’s not Ragini who is sick, even if she is ill why I’m bothering? She will be better after sometimes! Ragini focuses on your work now. It’s useless to think about them!

Ragini heart- Hey darling, don’t you see that you still care for them?

Ragini mind- not them but for Ragini

Ragini heart- Same to same

Ragini mind- No because Ragini didn’t do anything

Ragini heart- It’s time to forgive now

Ragini mind- No never! You don’t know how much time it’s cost me to heal you and build this wall around you.

Ragini heart- I’m strong enough to bear everything

Ragini mind- you are strong because I’m here, theses people are just trying to fool you again

Ragini heart- No, they can use a little girl, maybe she is really ill.

Ragini- So what? You will go and tell them ” hello I came to see if Ragini is ill, you know I’m sorry if I have hurt you! I forgive you all so let’s be like before a happy familly”

Ragini heart- Why not, forgiveness is better than revenge, atleast you can live happily and peacefully.

Ragini mind- You just forgot something, you were never a happy family, just in front of society, you were perfect, that was just an illusion. So better keep your feet on the ground and don’t be trap again! Next time, I won’t be able to heal you!

Ragini heart- Ok I will not see them, but I can see this poor soul, who love me, even if she didn’t know me!

Ragini mind- Do whatever you want

They were a fight between Ragini mind and heart, but finally, Ragini heart win over her mind, and she dials every hospital and atleast she got to know where she was admitted.

Ragini grabs her coat and her bag. She put her sunglass and come out from office. She drove to XYZ city hospital. She hides from Maheswari and Gagodia. Swara was crying and Sanskar was consoling her.

Ragini in mind- Why she is crying? Is Ragini ill? Did she have a disease?
She keeps thinking and didn’t see someone eying her and smiling at her.
A nurse case next to her and she stop her- Nurse, who is the child inside the room?

Nurse- May I know who you are?

Ragini- Why?

Nurse- Because I don’t have the right to tell you who she is!

Ragini- Ok assume that I’m her aunt

Nurse- She is Lavanya Ragini Sanskar Maheswari.

Ragini- What she have?

Nurse- she has blood cancer

Ragini- WHAT?

She was screaming but inaudible from Maheswari. The same person looks at her and has tears in her eyes.

Ragini- What we should do?

Nurse- In fact, for her treatment we have to give her a kidney, and blood, but her mom is pregnant, and she is the only one who has the same type of blood.

Ragini- You can take my blood, my group blood is O-
She takes something in her purse and hands over the nurse.

Ragini- take it this is my group blood card. It will prove you my blood category.

Nurse- Ok but I’ll tell the family that you are ready to give them your blood

Ragini- No don’t take my name. I don’t want them to know it was me.

Nurse- Are you sure?

Ragini- Yes DAMN IT

Nurse- Ok I’ll tell the doctor

Ragini- And yes I will talk with a doctor from Australia, he is the best oncologist in the world, he will give her the best treatment, but don’t tell them anything.

Nurse- Ok your wish

Nurse go and she calls dida

Ragini- Dida comes to XYZ hospital

Dida- What happened Laado are you fine?

Ragini- Yes but come here asap, section cancer

Dida- Ok

After 30 min dida come but didn’t see Ragini but saw Maheswari and Gagodia crying.

Dida- Shona beta what happened?
She caresses her head, and Ragini saw everything.

Swara hugs Dida- Nani, look Lavanya faint today morning, we thought it’s because she didn’t eat anything since yesterday. When we came here, doctor male some analysis and tell us that she have blood cancer. Nani if something happened to Lav I will die.

Dida- No Shona, you have an another life in your womb, please be careful. Sanskar beta you take her to your home.

Swara- No nani, I will stay here with my child, she need me, she need her mom.

Dida- How will you take care of her, if you are not able to take care of you? Don’t worry everything will be alright.

Swara- I will not go, I will stay here.

Dida- Sanskar where is your brother?

Sanskar- I don’t know nani ma, he goes to buy something for us to eat.

Just then, an alarm ring and two nurses and 2 doctors enter hurriedly. After one hour, doctor came out, everyone was tensed

Sanskar- Doctor how is my princess?

Doctor- I’m sorry…

So how was the chapter? I make it a bit longer 😉

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