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Chapter 7

Ragini sees the person and is shocked, then compose herself and stand up, and was about to go., but someone stops her.

Person- Hi Ragini

Ragini didn't turn up and reply- Hello Mr. Sanskar Maheswari

LR- Dad how do you know maasi?

Sanskar looks at LR and smile- Kyon ki yahi tumhari asli maasi. She is your mom sister, you know whom…

Ragini stops him and said- I'm sorry, but you are wrong, I'm not her mom sister. I was never and will never be her sister. So please Mr. Maheswari stop showing fake dreams to this poor soul.
Wo haan I'm sorry, yeh aapki aadat hai, showing fake dreams to someone and then shatter them. Please be human for once, and save this little girl from the hurt.
She was about to go, but Sanskar stops her

Sanskar- Ragini please stop! Ragini didn't do anything! We are sorry for whatever happened, but this is the past. You should move on now, please Ragini didn't do anything. Why you are separating you with her, she has the right to know you.

Ragini smile sarcastically- You know Sanskar, it's very funny when you said to me to move on! I don't need your advice, I have already moved on. In fact, I should thank you, because of your cheat, I came to know my real identity, my real power. You change me, you change my view on the world, on people. In fact, not you, but I should thanks, your wife as well. Coming to Ragini, I'm not separating her with me, I don't want her to be hurt, because of me. I don't care if you have moved on or not, I just want you two to suffer like I have.

LR- Maasi? Why are you talking like this with dad?

Ragini comes to her and tells- I'm sorry sweetheart, but you see your dad and me were old friends

LR frown- were ? Why are you not friend with dad? Are you not my maasi?

Ragini- Yes because we are not friends anymore, when you will grow up you will understand.

LR- I know why you are angry with dad, because he chooses mama over you hai na? In fact mama, always talk about you, and she told me that you loved dad, that's why you are not here, but one day when you will heal you will come back and love me.

Ragini- I love you sweetheart, but sometimes, it's hard to heal! you have some scars who cannot heal! I hope you get all the happiness

LR- But maasi, where is my fault in all that? Just tell me, if you didn't know that I'm dad and mama's daughter, will you stop loving me?
You said everyone should love me, so why now you stop loving me?

Ragini- I didn't stop loving you, and you are not at fault. You are just unlucky to have Sanskar and Swara as parents.

LR- Wrong, you are wrong! I'm not unlucky. You are unlucky to not have them in your life. Mama always said that you are really beautiful, and understanding, but why you don't understand me?

Ragini- Mr. Maheswari please take your daughter! I don't want to hurt her.
With that she goes away, feeling sad to hurt this little thing.

Ragini (in mind)- I'm sorry Ragini but I have to be away from you! You are not at fault, I cannot fight against a child. You are such a beautiful child and very smart. I don't want to destroy your innocence with my revenge, but I have no choice, you will see your parents destruction. I'm sorry sweetheart.

Ragini drives to her office and enters in her cabin. She saw Maheswari files on her desk and call his PA. Her PA came after 5 min and enter the cabin.

PA- You called me?

Ragini- Yes, please you can proceed with the Maheswari.

PA- Ok I will fix an appointment with them.

Ragini just nods, and then Laksh enter

Laksh- Ms. RAWAT, I need your signature on theses paper

Ragini- Why? till then it's you who signed on them, so why this sudden request?

Laksh- This is the past, now you are here, the boss is here, she should take all her rights.

Ragini sight and then sign on the paper, before she read them.

Ragini- Ok, anything else?

Laksh- Yes I want a smile from you?

Ragini- Mr. Mathur, I don't know who you are, and where you come from, but for your kind information, I don't like smiling, and I will never smile.

Laksh- Don't worry, Ms. RAWAT, I will make you one day smile. Can I say something to you?

Ragini- Sure

Laksh- Without a smile, you are not beautiful. A woman should smile, it lightens her face, forget woman, everyone should smile, it won't erase your pain, but atleast you will get some solace.

Ragini- And you will teach me?

Laksh- Why not? maybe with that I will enter in your good bookmarks.

Ragini chuckles and Laksh act like he is fainting- Oh my god, you see you smile

Ragini becomes serious- Mr. Mathur you can go now

Laksh pout and said- You are not funny Ms. RAWAT.

With that, he goes out and Ragini smile at his behavior.

Ragini ( in mind)- Not bad.

Another short update I'm sorry

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