Swaragini: Sacrifice 6

Hello guys, I’m sorry I’m very very very late, and I don’t have excuses! In fact yes, I have excuses that I have a lot of work , but I’m really sorry for making you all wait. I know you must forget the story.

Chapter 6

Everyone was silent because of Ragini’s anger. Dida who assists at this sudden outburst was shocked

Dida- Pari? why are you shouting, talking like this? Mano ya na mano, shouting or not, won’t change the thing that Shekhar is YOUR father?

Ragini calms a bit- For the last time, he is not my father, he was never, he is just my biological, in front of your God he is my father, by law, he is my father, but for me my father is dead! Where was he when I need him? When I was crying? When my so call sister married my fiance?? Where was he when I have some function at my school? He never did any father’s duty. I agree, I don’t have any grudge on him, I just pity him, he cannot stand by himself, but I’m not him. We share just some mere blood nothing else.

Dida- Ragini you changed a lot in theses years. Where is your innocence?

Ragini- Thanks to your daughter and grand-daughter. I am what I am due to their mistake. I’m the consequence of their deed. I’m their destruction, they create a monster, they will now face the consequence. Stop this topic, I have work, I’m not here to talk about this stupid family.

Dida- Don’t forget that they are my family too. The family which you want to destroy is mine, your dadaji also. If not for them, for us please stop this

Ragini smile sarcastically- I didn’t start yet. Rahi baat aap ki aur dada ji ki, I’m sorry to say, but my mother comes first. I can forgive them for what they did to me, but not to my mom. Due to them, I’m orphan, if mama was here, I would be happy maybe.

Dida- Please Laado, I’m begging you
Ragini ( in mind)- Dida please don’t do this you know how much I love you, don’t beg me, I will fall weak.
(Speaking) Dida how can you ask me to leave them? You know how much I suffer, and you want me to let them lead a happy life? Unbelievable

Dida was about to go, but Ragini goes out frustrated. Laksh who was here for almost 10 min heard everything.

Laksh- I know now why she is behaving like this. So sad she has to bear so much pain.
Laksh looks at everyone face. The ladies were crying, and the gentle were upset

Nanu- I know it was a bad idea letting her coming here, but she was adamant, and I…
Nanu sees Laksh standing here with some files in his hand and stop talking.

Nana- Laksh beta you here?

Laksh- Hum… Ya, actually Ms. Rawat told me to come here.

Nana- She just goes out, you can catch her at the office. Go otherwise, she will burst on you

Laksh just smiles and bid bye to them.

Ragini takes the key of her car and drove to the office. She increases her speed think about the past and stops at the red signal. Just then she saw Sanskar and Swara and a girl with them. She cannot see the girl, but seeing her sister and her ex-fiance make her furious. Just then Sanskar sees her, and Ragini turns her face aside. The signal was green, and she starts her SUV with a full speed.
At office

Ragini is in her cabin when Laksh knocks the door. Without looking at the door she replies

Ragini- Come inside Mr Mathur

Laksh look surprised ( in mind): How can she know that it was me? Did she have some clairvoyance? Or maybe she likes me and that’s why she know it was me?

Ragini finally looks up- If you are done with your staring can you please give me the file which I’ve asked you?

Laksh- Yeah. Ms. Rawat, can I ask you something?
He forwards her the file and she read the file.

Ragini- Hum…

Laksh- Why you want Maheswari files?

Ragini- Business my dear

Laksh- But you are the most wanted businesswoman, why you want to make a deal with them. In fact why you want the brand of Mr. Sanskar Maheswari and Gagodia’s?

Ragini- Personal issues, you may leave now.

Laksh just nods because Ragini was engrossed in the file. After some time, she was tired and goes out.

She goes at some beach to get some fresh air, just then a girl came to her.

Girl- Hi do you remember me?

Ragini smile at her, she doesn’t know why but she feels connect to her- Oh yes you are Ragini right?

LR smile- Yes you still remember me?

Ragini- Yes but what are you doing here? Where are your parents?

LR- Oh they are here, I saw you so I came to see you.

Ragini- That’s so sweet

LR- Can I call you maasi?

Ragini feels something and says- sure darling

LR- Maasi, you know my mama is pregnant, so maybe I will get a choti sister or chotu bhai

Ragini smile at her- That’s sound good na? you will have someone who will play with you

LR- I know, but you know I’m not alone, I have my chachu with me. He loves me like everything, I’m his princess

Ragini pulls her cheeks and says- Oh I’m sure you are the princess of everyone

LR- Yes, you know I have two nani, and my whole family lives with me, in the same house.

Ragini- Really, you must be pampered by everyone hai na?

LR- Yes, but not with the one I want

Ragini- Why? and who dare to not pampered you?

LR smile- chill down maasi. In fact, she is my mama’s sister, she doesn’t live with us, she doesn’t know me, that’s why. But I love her, I want to be like her. My mama always talks about her.

Ragini- Oh so sad, don’t worry if she is not with you, I’m, so after now, I will be your maasi alright? I will love you the way she will love you.

LR eye pop-up- Really?

Ragini hugs her and says- Yes, you are too adorable to not be love.

LR- Maasi I must go, papa will search me everywhere. You know he is very possessive about me.

Ragini- Ok, but call me, I give you my number, do call me. I will love to listen to your sweet voice.

LR- Yes maasi, good bye, and take care.

LR was about to go, but someone come to her and tells her- Princess where were you? You know papa don’t like when princess goes away without telling him.

Ragini was shocked to listen to the voice and turn around. The smile she has to turn into a sad one then angry one.

Hey I’m sorry once again for being late. Please do tell me if you still like the story.


  1. Fairy

    Oh god oh god oh godddd!!!!i thought dat u stopped writtng it!!!i jst cnt believe dat u posted it!!! U know wt Till now i hvnt read dis chappy!!!!so wait i”ll frst read it n den tell u about it….actually i became soooooo happy after seeing ur ff dat i jst cnt ctrl myselfff..heheheheπŸ˜‚

    • Fairy

      Supebbbbbbbbbbb dear….amazngggg episode….dis chappy worth all my wait!!!!
      Feelng reallly sad for rags….
      I think LR is sanky n swara’s daughter…waitng for raglak scenes…laksh is soooo sweeet!!!!! Plz post nxt part ASAP…n plz plz plzzzzz dont make us wait for sooo long…n last bt not least i jst loveeeeeee ur ff😊😊😊😊😊keep rockng n stay blessed dear😊

    • LovelyAliya



      Yes I’m the writer of sajan maine tumse pyaar on IF. In fact I will end all my stories here, then continue the ones on IF. Don’t worry I will update it, but just have some patience. πŸ™‚

  2. Anjali

    I thought you stop writing this ff. You know what I was crying like mad😭😭😭😭😭😭 not seeing your ff. I am really really happy now and coming to this ep it was fabulous and superb dear❀❀❀❀❀❀❀. Please be regular I really really love your ff. Update soon it very interesting yaar. Love ragini. Poor she had suffered 😞😞😞😞 in the past but not now. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    Finally you are back, i was waiting for this update. like others i also thought that you stopped writing. now i am glad to see you back. coming to the update, its awesome and i think that person is Laksh. i guess laksh is sanskar’s brother or cousin. pls this time update soon πŸ˜€

  4. aditi syam

    Awesome yaar I really missed u i wud everyday check if u had posted plzzzz update asap can’t wait I know the girl’s dad is sanky I hope she will not hate the child update soon will be waiting

  5. Tulina


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    I had a doubt that little ragini is swasan daughter but now it’s confirmed………..waiting eagerly to know that will ragini use swasan daughter for her revenge or not……….post the next part ASAP……..

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