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Hey, guys Lovely is here! 🙂 Yes, after a long time OMG but maybe some of you know, I was on vacation with my family! After a decade I saw them, so I want to be with them and enjoying they company! Whatever now I’m here so enjoy the epi :p
I don’t know but maybe I will end this story soon, maybe before July start


Ragini runs to her room and closes the door. She looks at her old room with tears, she notices her photo and takes it

Ragini- How innocent I was! This smile, this shining! I’m no more this girl, now I’m a woman who wants to seek revenge for her mom death and my unfinished love story. This Swara will pay for what she did, she took away my happiness, like her mom took my happiness. She snatches my mom! I don’t have any grudge on this Shekhar Gagodia, I just pity him, because he cannot take any decision on his own! Theses people turn me into this emotionless person. I cannot cry because I have cried a lot before, no more tears want to come out! I remember this day like it was yesterday


A girl is shown in a bridal attire, she looks like an angel. She looks at herself in mirror

Girl- Ragini bacchi you look beautiful! today Sanskar cannot take his eyes off on you!

Nani- Laado, you talk alone now? I have to tell Sanskar this

Ragini- Nani, I’m looking beautiful that’s why. Sanskar will not be able to take his eyes off on me!

Nani- Yes my laado is the most beautiful bride in this world! I’m sad that you will leave me, I know Sanskar will make you happy, he promises me.

Ragini- Nani don’t be sad, I’m coming tomorrow for my mu dikhai

Nani- Yes and you will leave the night, how will I leave without you?

Ragini- Nani don’t worry, you can call me whenever you want, I will also call you! BTW I won’t go far away from you, we can see each other

Nani- I know bacchi but you are my child, and a mother cannot see her daughter going far away from her

Ragini- Oh nani I have an idea, why don’t you ask Sanskar to be ghar jamai?

Nani- I have asked him, he just smiles but didn’t reply!

Ragini- Nani you really ask him that?

Nani- Yes, because I want to be with my Laado! I cannot tell you, but whenever I see you I saw your mom! You are like her, simple, beautiful, stubborn but you have your dad trait too, you don’t like to fight, always obedient. I just want you to be happy, and if being with Sanskar made you happy, I won’t come between! Yeh hi meri dua hai ki meri laado get all the happiness in the world.

Ragini smile and tears come from her eyes- Nani, I love you so much, your laado will always be happy because she gets the dua of her nani, I get your blessing. You were always with me, beside me, you never let me down.

Nani- I have to thanks, Swara, because of her you and Sanskar talk with each other, and of course, she is the one who made you realize your love for him, though she never cares a lot about you, I’m happy that she is not like her mom.

Ragini- Yes, because of her, I get Sanskar….

Someone call Nani and she goes out but before she steps out the room, she turn around and tell- Apply some makeup, I can see your drained tears, I don’t want my laado to cry today, I want her to be happy in her new life. A new chapter of your life, a new story to be told.

Ragini smile at her nani- I won’t cry if you will not

Nani sight- Keep crying, because I won’t stop. If Sanskar asks me, I will tell him that he married a crying baby, not a grown up girl

Ragini- Ok ok, BTW Sanskar love me the way I am, so it’s ok if you complain
Nani goes out and after some time, she waits for her nani to come to pick her. Minutes goes like anything and nani didn’t come, she feels something wrong. She goes to open the door but find that it’s lock from outside. She keeps screaming in the hope that someone will hear her and open the door, but no. So she waits and after sometimes, she heard her nani screaming at someone, and the door open.
She steps out and climbs down the stairs, but she saw her nightmare.
Sanskar and Swara together with garland. Swara wearing sindoor and mangalsutra.

Ragini crying- Swara? Sanskar?

Sanskar- Look Ragini…

Ragini- Please Sanskar tell me that it’s a joke?

Swara- Ragini I’m sorry

Ragini- Sorry? For what?

Swara- Look Ragini, I love Sanskar and he loves me, that’s why we married. I cannot see him marrying my sister…

Ragini- And what about me? How do you think I’m feeling now? Do you saw me happy?

Sanskar- Ragini please, I love Swara, not you?

Ragini- You love Swara? So what the need to play with my feeling? You two think that I don’t have a heart? Sanskar I didn’t come to you, you yourself told me that you love me. I never beg you to love me, and what you did today? In our marriage hall, you came with my sister and declare that you love her?

Swara- Please Ragini what a big deal if I’m marrying him? He loves me not you, at least be happy that you will not live with someone who doesn’t love you.

Ragini- Please Swara, shut up! You were the one who told me that I love Sanskar, so why you are doing all this? Why you made me realize something, you made me dreams, and then shattered all my dreams?

Swara- I’m sorry, I was challenging Sanskar that he can date you easily, and he accept. And when you reject him, I thought to tell you that he love you, but tings go out of my hand.

Ragini- Bet? with me? How much low you stood Swara! To win a challenge you play with my belief, my dreams, my emotion, and my heart? and then you ask for sorry? Not easily Swara, I won’t forgive you, and I hope you will never be happy. Mubarak aap dono ki, you build your happiness on my sorrow but never mind, you won’t be happy.

Sumi- How dare you to…

Ragini- I dare everything, after all, yeh aapki beti hai, she has this in her ADN, having someone else fiance. Like you take my mom suhaag, she takes my fiance.

Sanskar- Ragini…

Ragini stop him- What you want now? be happy, live your life! Just remember this, today you broke me in million pieces, I will heal but I will never forgive you two. I won’t

She goes to her room and cried. She looks at herself in the mirror. Today was suppose to be her wedding. She takes off her dress and jewelry, put them in a bag and put in the wardrobe. Her nani tries to speak with her, but she remains in her room, like this till the morning.
Few day, after she stops crying. She comes down and was about to go to university, but nani stop her.

Nani worried- Laado beta where are you going?

Ragini- At university

Ragini didn’t smile or cry, she just looks emotionless. Nani just lets her go

At university, everyone knows how Sanskar made fun of her, and they also made fun of her, but she tried to concentrate on her studies. She was about to go, but some student male and girl misbehave with her, but Sanskar comes to her rescue.

Sanskar- Please stop, I’m at fault, not her, so please stop

Ragini doesn’t look at him nor speak to him. She just goes away from him, because seeing him here, just open once again her wound. She doesn’t want to be near her

Sanskar saw this but then try to talk with her- Ragini stop, please
Ragini doesn’t reply, she just walks till her car.

Sanskar run toward her and block her way- Please Ragini I’m sorry, you are my friend and I shouldn’t do that

Ragini look at him, tears full in her eyes- Sorry? Ok just wait a minute

She takes a paper and hands over him- Take this, now crumples the paper.
He execute

Ragini- Now made this paper like before without utilizing anything, just with you’re sorry. Made this paper clean like before, you cannot do you?

Sanskar- I know I shouldn’t do this

Ragini- I thought you were smart but no! You cannot break something and then come to me with a sorry. If you have said me that you don’t love me before agreeing to marry me, I could understand and accept your sorry, but you made fun of me in front of society. You cannot erase what I heard, the taunt , the badmouthing from our neighbor. How happy I was, and now I cannot think of smiling, juts because of you. I hate you MR Sanskar Maheswari, you and your wife! I hate you both. Please never come again in front of me, because you saw my nice part, you don’t want to see my worst part! And one thing Mr. Maheswari, you will pay for what you did to me! This is my promise to you.

Ragini comes to her house and talk with her nani and ask her to send her to her nanu place.
At Australia, she works with her nanu and maamu. She gets love, happiness, but her smile was gone. She just smirks, and if she smiles, it won’t reach her eyes. She is very harsh with other people. She respects the old one.
She gets to know also that her mom death was not an accident! When she know this, the fire of revenge turns her on.

Flashback end

Ragini stares at her mom picture- Mom I will make your justice and mine too! I promise you, your daughter won’t let you down. I will never forgive them, I know you are kind, you can forget and forgive, but I’m not like you, maybe before, but now I’m Ragini Rawat, who never give up, and will fight. I love you and miss you so much mama

Next day

Ragini comes down wearing a royal blue suit and was talking with someone on phone

Ragini- I have to ask you something if you cannot do this please tell me? .. Ok, come to my house now…. No, the new one, nanu is here also… Yes I will message you the address

Everyone look at her

Ragini- What?

Nanu- Pari beta, where are you going?

Ragini- At office nanu, and good morning everyone

Maami- Office? but beta today it’s Sunday

Ragini- So what? I will work until the day I will get my justice to my sacrifice.

Nani( sumi mom I think I will call her now dida, hope you will not have a problem, I’m afraid that you will be confused)- Sacrifice?

Ragini- Yes dida, I let Swara marry Sanskar! The day when they came to us, I could ask them to divorce, if not I will report them to police because promising someone to marry and then marrying someone else is a crime! I let them leave peacefully when I was dying in sadness and anger, now It’s my turn to have some peace. And I will get peace when I will see them crying blood.

Maama- Ragini is still time to back off!

Ragini- No maama, I won’t back off, yesterday night you told me that if mama was here, she won’t let me do this, but unfortunately I don’t have this chance. They take my mom from me, I never see her, just in a photo, I cannot feel her, I don’t remember her! This Sumi and Swara snatch my happiness, and I won’t let them leave in happiness.

Nanu- Pari beta, Janki was my daughter too and I make them suffer too, by leaving them in road

That was a shocked for them, even for Ragini

Nanu- I won’t regret it, because of them I lost my daughter, and you lost your mom. But he is your dad

Ragini scream- STOP IT NOW! THIS MAN IS NOT MY DAD, just by giving his sperm don’t make him my dad! He never did the duty of a dad! I know he loves my mom but he never loves me! I was alive, but he killed me too with his ignorance and silence! Which child can take that his dad keeps her responsible for her mom death?

Sachin- Please Di shaant to jao, don’t be angry! We are with you, I’m with you

I’m sorry for giving short story Love from Lovely Xxxx

Credit to: Lovely

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