Swaragini: Sacrifice 4


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Episode start with Ragini is in her cabin

Ragini think about something and then get a call from unknown number

Ragini- Hello

Caller- My dear pari how are you? You didn’t call me if you have reached safely or not? Fortunately, Laksh called me and told me that you reach safely! Did you see you, Nani? She was eager to see you!

Ragini- Nanu please take a breath, I didn’t go in any war! I reached safely, but your useless Laksh didn’t come in time! Nanu, I don’t know why you trust him so much! And yes I saw Nani, but she hides something from us! Dada is dead, and Gagodia mansion is for sold

Nana- Kya so much happened and she didn’t tell us! I will call her right now

Ragini- No nanu, I want to know why she hides this to us. I will buy this house, not because I want to live with them, but because I will make them suffer like they did with me! I will make sure this Sumi will pay for her deed! I will do my justice and I will make them for every tear I have shed for them or due to them

Nana- Pari are you sure? Do you really want that? Don’t forget that they are your family too, like us.

Ragini- Please stop nanu, not again! I wait for this for almost 5 years, I reach this level, even if God told me to back off I won’t. They will suffer like I suffer, Swara and her so called family will beg me to stop but I won’t! I will make their live hell

Nana- Swara didn’t do anything intentionally, even Maheswari didn’t do anything!

Ragini- I won’t make all Maheswari suffer just one. What did you say nanu? Swara didn’t do anything intentionally? My foot she knew that I love him, but no she married him, IN MY PRESENCE. She took my happiness and now I will take hers. If not I will change my name, I will break their overconfidence now! For Gagodia it almost the end, I will make them beg me, I will make them implore me! They knew the old Ragini not this avatar of me, they will soon know what it cost to harm me!

Nanu- Please don’t do anything! You have still time come back to Australia, you will leave in peace here

Ragini- No nanu, I won’t come back till I complete my mission that to completely destroy Gagodia and this Sumi!

Nanu- Your nani will break if anything happened to her daughter. Please, I cannot see my innocent pari like this! I know they hurt you a lot, they break you, but please, it’s my kind request don’t something you will regret later

Ragini- Ragini Rawat never regret anything! I make my own way to success, and I will achieve this mission too

Nanu- Ok it’s futile to talk with you in this case! be careful, I cannot see you in pain

Ragini- Don’t worry nanu nothing will happen to me, just pray your God that theses people don’t face my worst part.

Nanu- My proposition is still open, you can come back now!

Ragini- No nanu, I will not. How was everyone? Nani? Maama and maami? And Shaitan? I’m sure they are upset with me?

Nanu- Yes they are, your nani don’t speak with me because I didn’t tell her that you were leaving. Don’t talk about your maami, she almost faints when she heard you are going back to India. You shaitan remain shaitan, he wants to talk with you, but his ego doesn’t let him. He is very very irritated with you! You nani and maamu is furious at you and at me as well!

Ragini- I’m sorry, nanu I have to cut the call now!

Nanu- Pari wait

Ragini- Yes Nanu

Nanu- You did the right thing

Ragini- About what?

Nanu- buying Gagodia mansion! This is the house when your mom stays till the end of her life, and you have grown up here. I’m happy that it’s not a stranger who will stay here.

Ragini- Ok nanu I’m going now

Nanu- Take care Pari, and yes I love you my love

Ragini- I love you too nanu!

Ragini cut the cut, talking with her nanu, was always like a medicine against ache. Someone knock her door

Ragini- Come In

Laksh enter- Ragini…

Ragini- Do I know you personally?

Laksh- What?

Ragini- Cannot you reply me? What the need to reply me with another question? The question is simple, so the reply also is simple! Just reply by Yes or NO

Laksh- No

Ragini smirk- We agree on this thing, ahinda you call me Ms. Rawat, not Ragini! I’m your boss here, and I don’t like when my employee calls me by my name. My nanu trust you, but not me

Laksh ( in mind)- Oh God where was your attention when you create her! See her she is so beautiful out but a devil and heartless in! How can MR Rawat is related to her, don’t know why she is like this! She doesn’t even know me properly, she thinks I’m a mere employee. Let her think


Laksh- I’m sorry Ra…
Ragini frowned at him and he continues- I’m sorry Ms. Rawat.

Ragini smirk- That’s a good boy! I like obedient worker, so tell me why are you here?

Laksh- I came here because you have to attend a meeting tomorrow

Ragini- It’s your work to attend the meeting, not me!

Laksh- Yes, but when you are here, client want to talk with the real owner, and yes your success travel around the world, so they are eager to see you!

Ragini- Then I will buy some magazine for them! I won’t attend any meeting because I don’t like it, and yes you will do this!

Laksh smirk- I thought you don’t trust me?

Ragini- Yes I didn’t trust you, but nanu does, and yes I know you are able to manage this little meeting, because even if it cost me to tell this, you are a hard worker, and I like hardworking people!

Laksh- OH MY GOD, THE RAGINI RAWAT praise me, not once but TWICE? OH God today I have a good day

Ragini- Don’t fly high, I’m just honest, now go, I want to be alone

Laksh- Yes boss
He was like a military and left after the glaring of Ragini.

Ragini- Unbelievable, but cute
She smiles at herself, and again start to work.

The interphone ring

Ragini- Yes?

Secretary- Someone is here for some document, he said he is from Wood immovable

Ragini- Send him

After some time, some man comes to her

Ragini- Do you have the paper?

Man- Yes Ms. Rawat

Ragini- Hand them over me, I will read them and make sure you don’t make any mistake! BTW what it your name?

Man- Raman Choudry, don’t worry I, myself make the paper, they won’t have any mistake!

Ragini read all the paper and take a plume and sign on every paper;. She gets her checkbook and just sign and hand over the check to him

Ragini- Fill the amount of your own

Raman C- Oh no it’s ok, I will fill the right amount
He notes on the check the price of the mansion with the interest of the agency.

Ragini smile- I like people who are honest, it was a pleasure to make a deal with you!

Raman C- No Ms. Rawat, I’m lucky to see you personally, my daughter love all your designing

Ragini- Oh, If your daughter wants something, just tell me, I will make her dressing for nothing

Raman- You are very kind, thank you

Ragini- No thank you, because by soldering this house to me, you made my mission very easy

Raman- Mission

Ragini smiling evilly- Yes for having a house here

Raman- Here are the keys, I think you know where the house is?

Ragini- Yes I know don’t worry

Raman- I will leave now

Ragini- Ok

Raman goes out and Ragini calls Laksh- Come to my cabin

Laksh comes- Ms. Rawat you know I’m not your PA, I’m a manager here, and if you keep disturbing me like this, I won’t do my work

Ragini- Shut up, I thought to talk with you nicely but no

Laksh- Like you ever did that

Ragini- please keep your comment outside this office, now please I will throw a tomorrow, so invite our clients, and if you have family they can come too, after all, you work for me.

Laksh confused- Party? Ajanak se?

Ragini rising an eyebrow- Do you have a problem?

Laksh- No, and yes I won’t come and my family too

Ragini- Ok

Next day-

Ragini is with her nani- Nani I will throw a party tonight in my house, please come, and yes, this is your dress for tonight.

Nani- No Laado mera maan nahi hai

Ragini- No excuse, you will come for sure, a driver will come to pick you

Nani- It’s ok Laado I will come by taxi

Ragini- No nani I insist, a driver will come to pick you up, don’t worry

Nani- I will come na, so no driver ok

Ragini- Ok nani as you wish, I will call you to tell you the address

Nani- Ok I will go now

Ragini- Why?

Nani- To prepare me buddu

Ragini- Ok ( in mind) I know why you don’t want to come with a driver! Don’t worry Nani, I will make sure that you will stay with me at Gagodia mansion.

Ragini get a call

Ragini- Yes Mr. Chatterji?

Mr. Chatterji- Can I meet you at your office?

Ragini- Anything serious?

Mr. Chatterji- I will tell you when I will meet you.

Ragini- Ok I’m coming

Ragini cut the call and turn toward her nani. She was lost in something, Ragini was sad to see her like this.

Ragini- Nani, I have to go, you want me to drop you somewhere?

Nani- No it’s ok beta, I will go now

Ragini kisses her forehead and drives to her office.

She enters in her cabin and saw Mr. Chatterji chatting with Laksh

Ragini- Mr. Mathur will you please excuse us?

Laksh- Ok Ms. Rawat

After Laksh going, Ragini ask him- So what you want to tell me?

Mr. Chatterji- The Gagodia lost their pride, for saving them, MRS Sumi Gagodia’s mother, sold her property and pay all the debt of her son in law. Now they don’t have nothing, MRS Sumi Gagodia works with her mom in a textile factory. Their daughter’s sasural help them, they leave in the same mansion, Maheswari mansion.

Ragini shaking her fist in anger ( in mind)- What my nani have to work and she didn’t tell me?

Mr. Chatterji- Shekhar Gagodia helps his son in law in business, he is like a manager. They have their own world, don’t have any enemy, but yet one of the family don’t like them, Sujata Maheswari.

Ragini smile- Sujata Maheswari, I think she will help me, She will useful.

Ragini- Thank you, Mr. Chatterji, here is your check!

Mr. Chatterji- I will leave now

Ragini nod, and think of something, and then smile- Be ready now!

At the party, everyone come one by one. Ragini is not to be seen, but she is here waiting for them to come! She has personally invited them, they didn’t recognize her! Her nani come and was shocked, but Ragini remain hiding. Nani tries to call her but she cut the call. Finally, they came, Maheswari and Gagodia. They were shocked too, to see that they came to Gagodia mansion. After almost 5 years she sees them, Gagodia and Maheswari spot nani and comes to her

Sumi- Ma what are you doing here? You told us that you are not well and you will rest in your room

Nani- Yes, but then I want to come so I came, do you have a problem with that too? ( she said in anger)

Sumi- No ma ( lowing her head)

Nani ( in mind)- Laado what are you doing? Please Bhagwan ji, don’t give my Laado pain.

Nani was praying but then the light went off.
Someone speak, a man speaking, but we can see his face.

Man- Hey Dramaqueen where are you? You think I won’t come to you and beat you? How dare you to come to India and not inform me?

Everyone look at him confuse, then the light go on, it showed a handsome and dashing boy. All girl are drooling at him, but his face show some irritation, his eyes search for someone, then he stop at someone.
( the man is played by Arjun Biljani)
Man- Haan you are here dramebaaz girl come. ( pointing to a woman)
Everyone turn they gaze to the direction, and a beautiful and hot woman come to him smiling. She wore a fuchsia and purple dress with silver embroidered on the top of the dress. She wore a simple diamond necklace and matching earrings.
Maheswari and Gagodia except nani were shocked to see the woman.

Shekhar- Ragini?

Ragini goes on stage and hugs the man!

Ragini- Shaitaan? How are you?

The man broke the hug- Oh no don’t start? I’m angry at you

Voices- We are angry at you too

Ragini face lit up- Nani, maami, maama?

Nani- No don’t dare to call me nani? Why didn’t you tell us?

Ragini- Nani can we talk later?

Nani nod and smile at her.

Ragini- Shaitaan doesn’t you want to dance?

Man- Nani hold me? this drama queen want to dance?

Nani- Shut up Sachin

Sachin- Guys I’m sorry you have to see our drama here! Come princess let fire the stage now

Ragini smile at him and they begin to dance and sing on Galan Goodiyaan.

Sachin- Main daalun taal pe Bhangra
Tu bhi gidda paa le
Chal aisa rang jamaa de hum
Ke bane sabhi matwaale
( He dance with his nani and Ragini take the mike from him)
Ragini- Mann kahe ki main le aaun
Chaand aur taare saare
Inn haathon par main chaand rakhun
Iss maang mein bhar doon taare
( she dance with Sachin, Gagodia and Maheswari were watching her)
Ragini’s nana take the mike and sang
Nana- Hello! Hello! tu floor pe kab hai aayi
Ye lo, ye lo, badi solid masti chaayi
Hello! Hello! too much hai tumne lagayi
Ye lo, ye lo, control karo mere bhai
Now Ragini, Sachin, her maama and maami dance together.
Dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhadke ye dil
Chhan chhan bole Amritsari choodiyan
Raat badi hai mastaani
koi dilbar jaani kar le gallan goodiyan
(Ragini’s maamu sing and dance for his wife)
Ye nain matakka tera mujhe bada tadpaave
Tu dekhe to ajj vi dilbar kudiye
teer sa ek chal jaave
Aahaa.. Aahaa..
Kar de bin piye sharabi, chehra tera gulaabi
Koi kyun na yamla ban jaave jo itni ho betaabi
( Now Ragini come to her nani passing near Maheswari and Gagodia and take her nani along with her. They dance together like a perfect family. Everyone is enjoying
Hello! Hello! dil dil se connect karna
Ye lo, ye lo, ye baatein direct karna
Dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhadke ye dil
Chhan chhan bole Amritsari choodiyan
Raat badi hai mastaani
toh dilbar jaani kar le gallan goodiyan
(Oye.. oye marjana oye..)
Dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhadke ye dil
Chhan chhan bole Amritsari choodiyan
Raat badi hai mastaani
toh dilbar jaani kar le gallan goodiyan
Now Nana, Sachin and Ragini’s maama are dancing along with their respective wife, and Sachin dance with Ragini)
Chana chanak tera pan dunga nak main to
Chana chanak tera pan dunga nak
Main kabootar phaseya ki hor koi
Phase vi na haay phase vi na
Phase vi na haay phase vi na
Chana chanak tera pan dunga nak main to

Main kabootar faseya ki
hor koi phase vi na..
Ye baat na maine jaani
Kyun itni khush hai diwaani
Tu mujhko aisi kahaani samjha de, samjha de..
(Ragini dance with Sachin then with Nani)
Ye baat hai sabne chaahi
Mile janmon ka humraahi
Yahaan huaa hai kuch aisa hi
Samjhe na samjhe na o ho..
Ab main jaana keh rahi ho kya fasaana ho ho.
Pyaar karne se bhi mushqil hai nibhaana ho ho
Hello! Hello! don’t mind mera yeh kehna
Ye lo, ye lo, zara mere touch mein rehna
Dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhadke ye dil
Chhan chhan bole Amritsari choodiyan
Raat badi hai mastaani
koi dilbar jaani kar le gallan goodiyan
O haaye…
Dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhadke ye dil
Chhan chhan bole Amritsari choodiyan
Raat badi hai mastaani
to dilbar jaani kar le gallan goodiyan
Raat badi hai mastaani ee ee..
Dhak-dhak dhak-dhak dhadke ye dil
Chhan chhan bole Amritsari choodiyan
Raat badi hai mastaani
to dilbar jaani kar le gallan gooniyan
Nana sings this at the end, and the song end with a hug with all family together.
o marjaana oye…
Everyone clap for them. Ragini and Sachin are hugging, then she come to her nanu, and his nanu give her kiss on her forehead. Her maami come to her and tell- Ragini the house is very beautiful.

Ragini now comes to her sense and look at Maheswari and Gagodia.
Shekhar and Sumi come to them

Shekhar- Ragini bete?

Sumi- Ragini?

Then the Maheswari come to them.

Ragini turn to them like a cold person- Excuse me do I know you?

Shekhar- Ragini beta I’m your papa

Ragini smile coldly at him- Papa? You?
Ragini take the mike next to her and call- Attention everyone! I want to made an announcement! This man ( pointing to Shekhar) Declare himself at my father? Any of you is a psychologist? because I think he is mad! I’m sorry Mr. Gagodia I don’t have any relation with you, my dad is dead when I was 19 years old. I’m Ragini Rawat, not Gagodia, please keep this in your head.

Swara touch her hand- Ragini what are you talking? We are your family! I know we all hurt you a lot, but trust me we all are repenting now

Ragini- First Mrs. Swara MAHESWARI, don’t touch me! And what you said to trust you? I have trusted you before now I cannot trust a woman like you! You snatch your own sister fiancee

Sumi- Ragini beta, please don’t make a scene here, people are looking at us

Ragini- Let them enjoy the drama because you deserve all this! you all pointing to the Gagodia and Swara.

Nana tuning to the guest- Please Excuse us, some family problem

Ragini- No nanu, not a family problem! They are not my family! I just have my nani here even my dada is no more, because of the shame that his daughter in law did. MRS Gagodia, you failed to be a good daughter to your parents, you failed to be a good daughter in law, and you also failed to be a mother. And you Mr. Gagodia, you failed to be a son, failed to be husband, and failed to be a good father!
You MRS Swara Maheswari, like your parents you failed to be a good sister, and a good best friend too! Seeing you in this condition, I have pity for your unborn child! Having a mother like you oh god I can’t imagine the value you will give him.

Someone raised his voice toward Ragini. Ragini looks at him with hate and anger

Someone- Don’t you dare to point a finger on my child

Ragini- Oh how can I miss you Mr. Sanskar Maheswari! in fact you and Swara make a good pair you know what because you two is a total failure!

Now guest start to leave, leaving them alone.

Sachin with anger- Princess why you talk with them, let them rot in hell

Ragini- Chill, they will! I will make sure of that! What you think That I will let you live in peace after what you did to me! tutu too naive

Swara was crying now- Ragini you were not like this before

Now Ragini is furious everyone sees that nani, nana, and Sachin tries to calm her down. Maheswari and Gagodia are shocked to see this side of Ragini

Ragini- Don’t shed your fake tears, you may trap Sanskar with theses crocodiles tears, not me! Yes, I was not like this before, because this Ragini is dead the day you came into my marriage hall with my fiancΓ©e with my Sindoor on your maang and my mangalsutra on your neck. Thay day you all kill this Ragini, that day a new Ragini born! And this Ragini will not spare you! This is my promise to you all, that I will make you all cries blood. Today drama is just a trailer, I will make your life a hell now

Maheswari and Gagodia look at Ragini with horror. How the sweet and bubbly Ragini turn this evil, but then think they are all at fault.

Shekhar- Papa how can you stand beside Ragini?

Nana- don’t call me papa, when my pari is born I request you to let me handle her, but you denied! You snatch my daughter and also my granddaughter! Like Ragini told you few minute back, you failed to be a good husband to my daughter and failed to be a good father to my grandchildren! I regret the day I say yes to you for the hand of my daughter, I wish I have said no, maybe today my daughter would be alive!

Nani( Janki’s mother)- You all did wrong with her, you let her alone when she need you the most! You keep her responsible for her mom death! You claim you as Ragini’s father right? What did you do for her? She was alone in this big mansion, she never gets happiness. Luckily, your wife mom was here with her, she gets some love, but what you all did? Chi

Ragini- Nani let it be they won’t understand! Please now please leave

Sujata- See bhabhi for this girl’s family we have to bear so much embarassement! People will laught at us now, society will make fun of Maheswari, just because of their fault.

Sanskar- Mom stop it now

Ragini- Why Sanskar? Why she have to stop? Oh because she said something against your 2 rupia’s wife?

Sanskar- Ragini you are crossing your limit now! I’m warning you

Ragini- Warning me? In my house?

Sanskar come to Ragini and held her shoulder hard that she hissed in pain. Sachin want to come between but Ragini stop him

Ragini- Ruko, SECURITY!

She yelled, Sanskar was not letting her.

Ragini- Call the police, Mr Sanskar Mahewari is mesbaving with me!

Evreyone is shocked now, Swara plaid her, but Ragini remain like nothing happened.

Few minutes later, police came

Police- Ms Rawat what happened someone was misbehaving with you?

Ragini- Yes

Police- Kaun?

Ragini- Sanskar Maheswari, make sure next time, he won’t even point his finger at me

Police- Yes we will

Swara- Ruk jao, you cannot take him, you don’t have any proof

Police- Wrong, this house is full of camera, we record everything.

Police take Sanskar, and Swara come to Ragini pleading her- Ragini please let Sanskar, please you want to take you revenge, take your revenge on me, not on my Sanskar!

Ragini looks at Swara then at the police- Ruko, leave him!

Police- Are you sure?

Ragini- Yes leave him

Police release Sanskar who was still in shock, he think, how Ragini turn like this!

Swara- Thank you

Ragini- That’s the differents between you and me! You beg me I leave him, but that day, when I was pleading you to leave Sanskar for me what you told me?
Yes, Sanskar told me: Ragini I never love you, I love Swara and only her, I’m sorry I thought that I love you, but you were just my attraction, my obsession because you were like me, smart and all.
You are wrong Mr. Sanskar Maheswari, I was not like you, but yes you transform me in that monster. But you are right on one thing that I’m smart, and I will use my brain to not let you all leave in peace.

And yes Swara what you told me? Something like that- Ragini what the big deal if I have married Sanskar? You were just engaged, not married! Thanks me rather begging me to leave Sanskar, because Sanskar just loves me, if he married you, you will never be happy.

Swara and Sanskar bend down they head, Ragini doesn’t have tears in her eyes, just hate.

Ragini- About you Mr. Shekhar, what I can say! Like always remaining a silent spectator, agreeing with your wife like a coward.
And how could I forget the Greatness Mrs. Sumi Gagodia, who locked me in my room, and then open the door when her daughter ruined my dream, shattered my heart.
I can never forgive you for what you did!
Today Swara you just ask me, someday I will make you beg me! Remember my word, Ragini Rawat is not done with you all. Now you can go before I lose my patience and make my security throw you all out.

Ragini was facing them, telling them without emotion, except anger and hate. No tears, no red eyes nothing.

Everyone is going, but Swara and Sanskar stay back and speak

Sanskar- Ragini I’m your main culprit, I’m sorry, but please don’t harm my family! I’m sorry for whatever I did to you
He was really repenting

Swara- Ragini I know I was selfish, but I love Sanskar that’s why I told you all this, please forgive us.

Ragini- Nothing is left now, your sorry won’t change anything! You two left me alone, with nothing. Everyone laughed at me, criticized me, told me unlucky, badmouthing me while I have no fault. You two were happy making me unhappy. You said sorry, I too can say sorry to you, but that won’t change anything! Now nothing can save you from me!
Now left from here, I cannot slap a pregnant woman, so better go

Swara looks at her nani- Nani you won’t come?

Ragini- No, she won’t come, her grandchild is here for her now. You can go to your house and act to be happy, because, in few days, I will make your happy world turn into a hell world!
They left

Nani( Sumi mom)- Laado beta, you didn’t do right

Maama- Yes beta Ragini why you want to be like them?

Maami- If Janki bhabhi was here she wouldn’t let you do this

Ragini look at her maami- correct maami, IF she was here, but she is not! They snatched her to me. And about what is right and wrong, I know what I have to do.
She goes to her room leaving them like a statute.
They know Ragini bear so much, they pray that she will melt somehow because she might hurt herself in the name of revenge.

Kiss from Lovely xxx

Credit to: Lovely

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