Swaragini: Sacrifice 3


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Ragini waits for the plane land up, she takes her bag and her coat. Finally, the plane land and everyone was busy with their stuff. Being in first class, she was a priority, so she is the first to step outside the plan. She takes a breath of this city, she feels nothing apart betrayal and tears.

Ragini ( in mind)- Just focus Ragini, you are not weak like before, now you are Ragini Rawat. Don’t care about others, and don’t feel that you are wrong, they were wrong and they will be punished for what they did to you! Focus now

Ragini reassures herself and walks toward the registering board. Everyone know her here because she is the famous designer, and also because she builds an empire at a young age. Everyone greet her and show some respect. She was proud of herself and walk head held high. Some men try to flirt with them, she just smirks at them, and without looking where she walk she bump into someone.

Someone- Ouch

Ragini now looks at the person and kneel down- I’m sorry

Someone- It’s ok aunty

Ragini smile at him- What’s your name?

Someone- My name is Ragini

Ragini- Oh that’s my name too

Someone- Oh you are very beautiful aunty

Ragini- Thank you, but you are not less, very beautiful girl. I’m sure when you will grow up you will be a princess

Little Ragini (LR)- Thank you, aunty. I think I saw you somewhere?

Ragini- I am a famous designer, maybe you saw me on newspaper or TV

LR- No I think I saw you somewhere else

Ragini- Anyways where is your parents?

LR- I was searching them when I bumped into you

Ragini ( in mind)- How careless they are, but that doesn’t surprise me! When my own family can forget me, this girl parent can forget her too. She is such a lovable girl, anyways why I’m thinking about my past now.

Ragini- I will drop you to security section they will call your parents, come

LR take Ragini hand and start to walk with her.
LR- How old are you?

Ragini smile at her- Why you want to know my age?

LR- Nothing I just want to know

Ragini- I’m 26 years old

LR jump in excitement- WOW you are very young

Ragini- Yes and what about you?

LR- I’m 5 years old

Ragini ( in mind)- Why this girl reminds me my past! 5 years, in theses 5 years I keep myself into work. With the help of Nani and my nana, I come to Australia and lived like a machine. Studying and working hard to reach this level of success. I never let anyone come into my way, but why I feel I’m connected to this girl? No, Ragini just drops her with the security guard then go!

Ragini- Ok

Ragini and LR come to the security guard and Ragini speaks to them

Ragini- please call her parents, she is lost and bump into me. Please tell her parent to not let alone next time! She is a kid, irresponsible parents!
( turning to LR) Have a safe journey

LR- Won’t you meet my parents?

Ragini- Nahi, I have so much work take care of yourself.
Ragini don’t know why but seeing her face, she cannot control herself and kneel down. She takes a paper in her bag and writes something then give the chit to her.

Ragini- Take it whenever you are in trouble or feeling alone call me ok
She hugs LR and then goes away.

LR- Thank you maasi

Ragini wait outside, looking at her face, it clearly shows that she is furious. An handsome guys come to her with a flower and a sorry card.

Ragini furious- You are late! And you know

Man mimicking her- I don’t like people who are not punctual! I know beautiful lady, but kya karen, I have to prepare myself to welcome the most beautiful woman in India, and obviously the most successful young woman in this world!

Ragini angry- Just stop your drama now and drive me to the office.

Man- Office? No way you just come from 5 hours of flight you must be tired

Ragini angry- No I said drive me at the office! I won’t repeat myself ok
With that, she starts to walk, and the man sight

Man- Oh Madame angry face, the car is this side, where are you going?

Ragini stares at him and tells- I’m going to catch a cab

Man- I know you are stubborn, but you won’t get any taxi

Ragini- Why?

Man- Because I paid them for not taking you

Ragini furious- How dare you!

Man- I dare everything when it comes to you

Ragini was now pissed off and slap the man- Don’t try to impress me, you cannot do that when I was in Australia, you will not succeed here too.

Man keeping a hand on his cheek- Ouch, I must say your hand is very harsh! And yes I don’t try to impress you because I don’t need to do that. It’s your nana’s order, not to let you with stranger! Chaalo now angry woman

Ragini just follows him and then said- I’m sorry, but you are a stranger for me

Man stop walking and turn around, with his two hands on his cheek and his mouth forming an “O”- Please tell me that I’m dreaming? Ragini Gagodia, the heartless businesswoman said sorry to me?

Ragini- Oh shut up, don’t used to it, because I won’t tell it often! I just told you because I don’t like this city that’s why.

Man- It’s ok and your sorry is not accepting

Ragini- Oh please, I just said sorry now don’t think I start to feel something for you!

Man- Oye angry woman, please let me finish my sentence before jumping like a wild cat

Ragini angry- WHAT? Wildcat? You know I can fire you

Man- But you won’t do this because I’m the one who manage this branch and obviously who know everything about you and your past.

Ragini- You just know what I want to disclose you! You don’t know all truth, and I won’t tell you as well

Man- You don’t trust me

Ragini- I don’t trust anyone in this world, you are just a mere employee for me, so stay in your limit

Man- Ok ok angry woman

Ragini- Oh just stop it now with your angry woman! And where is your car?

Man- You have to walk

Ragini was cursing him, but don’t tell anything. Man watch her amused- Don’t curse me, you will hurt yourself
Ragini glare at him, then he stops in front of beautiful SUV.

Ragini- What are you waiting for keeping my luggage in the box? Christmas

Man- tell it sweetly

Ragini- I’m speaking sweetly, but I think you don’t understand! So I will take the avatar of a boss now, then you will understand, that I’m not here to hear your talking! You just have to obey me

Man a little tense- Ok angry woman


Man- What? Stop calling you angry or woman? because when you are like this you are not a woman

Ragini- Whatever, you are lucky that my nana like you, if not since a long time, you will on the road!
Ragini smirk at him and then add with a little attitude- Don’t push the plug too much, that one day I will forget that you are my nanu righ hand.


Ragini- That’s better! I like when people know their place, now drive fast at office

Man- Ok ( murmuring now) angry woman but beautiful
He smiles at his comment and looks at Ragini who is busy with her phone.
Then Ragini gets a call, she looks at the number and smile.
Man- Oh this angry woman can smile too! Her smile is very beautiful like her.

Ragini- Hello…

Caller- Have you landed?

Ragini- Yes, I land up few minutes back

Caller- Where are you now?

Ragini- I’m going to office now.

Caller- No you will come and meet me

Ragini- What?

Caller- Yes, and you have to come now

Ragini-Now? (Ragini sight) OK, I’m coming in 10 min.

She cut the call and look at the man who was looking at her- Listen, you go to the office, I will take the car with me!

Man- I’m sorry but you cannot

Ragini fold her arms and speak- Why? This car is bought by my company so where is the problem?

Man- You can take the car but not this one because this car is mine.

Ragini- Ok I will take one from office

Man- You can drive here?

Ragini- Yes, don’t forget that I was born and grow up here

Man- Doesn’t seem

Ragini- mind your business

Man- Ok ok, I will call the peon and tell him to take out one of our office cars.

Man call someone and then tell him to take out one of their cars. He cut the call and look at Ragini who was looking at her phone, in fact, she was typing something on her phone.

Man- Your car wait for you

Ragini doesn’t look up- Ok

Man in low voice- Unbelievable, how can her nana be so nice and her so heartless

Ragini- I heard you, and for your question, sometimes, we should keep mum rather talking rubbish! keep driving

Man just look up- God how can you create such a person

Ragini- God? ( smile sarcastically), why you take the name of something who doesn’t exist

Man- Oye Madame! Don’t talk like this, obviously, God exist

Ragini- So tell me why he doesn’t make everything good?

Man- because if you live in the candid world it will be very annoying! You have to live your life, and take all the test he gives this is life!

Ragini- This is your believing, not mine! In past, I believe in God, but now I think it’s just something to make people live on! We cannot believe in something we never saw. How do you know that your God is like this?

Man- I believe in God because he never let me down whenever I need him he is with me! He is with everyone, that just we don’t see him. I don’t what happened in past, but you have to trust God, he is the one who can solve your problem, without his wish you can do anything

Ragini- WRONG and absolutely rubbish! I write my destiny and live with my own wish, no one interferes in this, and even less a divinity

Man smile at her- You will believe on him, trust me! You are here again on purpose. Why are you here after a long time? Why didn’t you come before? What was stopping you? Anyways here we are

He stop the car in front of a big building, we can see the name written on the building: JRR fashion designing. Ragini look at the building with smile and tears flowing up, but remain unseen by the man, because she wore sunglass.

Man- Come with me, I will show you the parking

Ragini follows him and then take the key and drove to a place.

She sits on a bench waiting for the person to come.

Someone from behind- So I send you to your nana’s place and this how you thanks me?

Ragini turn around, with a smile- Nani
She runs to her nani- I missed you so much Nani
(Nani is played by Smita Jaykar)

Nani fake angry- Jooti! You never come to see me in theses 6 years. You know how much I missed you, you keep calling me, but you were not in front of me.

Ragini- I know nani, but I didn’t want to come here either.

Nani- How mean Ragini! Don’t you have any sympathy for your nani?

Ragini- Nani, please don’t talk like this! You know you are the most person that I love in this world

Nani- I know, you know after your departure your dad

Ragini angry- No nani I came here to see you, not to hear about them

Nani- You cannot hide this truth, he is your dad

Ragini- NO! he is not and this family is not mine! They have just one daughter and it’s Swara!

Nani cup her cheek- Meri bacchi I know how much you suffer after you learn the truth, but this man is your father, even if you don’t accept it, you have his blood in your veins.

Ragini- Please Nani I don’t want to remember my past

Nani- Laado

Ragini has tears in her eyes, she just shut her eyes to suppress her feeling but listening to her nani calling her laado, all her past flash like a car race.

Nani- Laado I’m sorry if I hurt you, but it’s better you accept this truth rather keep avoiding this.

Ragini- Nani I have accept the truth for a long time, I just hate them, and your daughter is one of them.

Nani- I know, I’m very ashamed for what my daughter did.

Ragini smile- You don’t have! Anyways, Nani, I’m going now, I have a lot of work pending.

Nani- Laado, I know what you intend to do, but please take care of yourself, I don’t want to suffer anymore.

Ragini- They already did the irreparable, they cannot break me now, It’s my turn now to play my card.

Nani- Please don’t do something which you will regret later

Ragini- Ragini Rawat never regrets anything

Nani- I hope you are doing right

Ragini- Nani I’m doing my justice!

Nani- I’m with you don’t worry Laado, if you need anything you can call me at any time

Ragini- Nahi nani, you did the best thing when you send me to nanu! Now I’m a new Ragini who don’t have any feeling left in her heart for theses people.

Nani- I send you there to make you forget your past, not your identity, and your innocence

Ragini- Australia didn’t snatch my innocence! I lost this here

Nani sight and then Ragini kiss her- I will drop you nani, come

Nani- Nahi they will see you

Ragini- Nahi nani, the cars windows are tinted, they won’t see me. Come

Nani follows Ragini till her car, then nani ask her- Will you go with me to mandir? I keep a manaat

Ragini- Nahi nani I won’t go, you go I will wait for you.

Nani- No when you will come with me, I will go! Still you think God is the reason for your misery?

Ragini- I never say that! I just stop believing in him! What he give me? nothing, just pain, and sorrows!

Nani keeps silence, and Ragini drove till a big gate.

Nani- You leave me here I will go now

Ragini- Don’t be silly nani, we will enter

Nani- No I said no

Ragini- Ok ok don’t be angry

Nani- Bye sees you tomorrow ok

Ragini- Ok nani take care of yourself

Nani- Ok bye my sweet Laado

Ragini drove back to her office, and everyone salute her, and she asks- Where is the manager’s cabin?

Receptionist- Ma’am follow me, I will show you

Ragini follows the receptionist and comes in front of a cabin. She knocks and said to receptionist to leave now

Manager- Comin

Ragini enter and the man is surprised to her here

Man- Ragini you here? I thought that you will take your leave?

Ragini- It’s my office I can come whenever I want! I just came here to ask you where is my cabin?

Man- Oh, here ( pointing to an adjacent room)

Ragini- Why there is glass separating the two cabins?

Man- I don’t know

Ragini- Ok let it be

Man- I will get a chance to look at you

Ragini- No will not

Man- Why?

Ragini- Because the curtain

Man- Which curtain?

Ragini- I will make sure after today I will not see your face, and obviously, you won’t see mine.

Man- Ragini you are very rude you know

Ragini- I know

Man- But I like this, your nana told me everything about you! Oops I’m sorry not everything

Ragini- Stay in your limit, I’m warning for the last time now

Man- Ok ok

Ragini goes to her cabin and makes sure that they will come and keep a curtain. She hates when someone interfere in her things.
She sits in her chair and remembers what her nani told her. Then something stroke in her mind, she goes near the glass and knocks. She signals the man to come to her cabin.

Man- You call me? I thought you don’t want to see my face

Ragini- Stop it now Mr. Laksh Matur! I want you to call a detective for me
( yes the man is Laksh, I didn’t want to disclose so soon that’s why I keep writing Man or Manager)

Laksh- Why you want to follow me? No need to call a detective


Laksh was surprised to see so much anger- Ok I will do it, you want him to come here directly and now?


Laksh just nods and goes out. Ragini think about her nani’s word and her past. She closes her eyes and remembers something.


It’s Ragini 19th birthday, like always her nani and dadu were present, and others were not here.

Ragini- Nani and dadu if I ask you something you will give me?

Nani- Yes bolo

Daddu- You don’t have to ask I can give the world if you want

Ragini smile sadly- Yes you can give me the world when Dadi is not near you, if not she will beat you for being with me

Daddu- Nahi Laado, I will always be by your side

Ragini- Ok then you will give me?

Nani- Yes Laado

Ragini- Why Mom don’t love me? Why she said that she is not my mom? Why she said that she is happy that my mom died, and sad because I didn’t die with her?

Nani- Ragini ask somethin which I can give you, who will make you happy

Dada- I think It’s time to tell her

Nani- Nahi

Ragini- Please Nani, you know I’m old now, I’m not stupid, I have some doubt, but I want to hear from you

Voice- They won’t tell you anything I will tell you

Nani and dada are angry

Ragini- Ma?

Sumi- Oh Ragini please stop addressing me as your mom, because I’m not. You know today is your mom death anniversary too, she died when giving you live. That’s why I’m telling that you are manoos, you kill your mom.


Sumi- Why mom? She want to know the truth I’m telling her the truth.

Dada- You just told her half trust

Voice- Don’t you dare to speak against Sumi Ji
( It was Dadi)

Dada- Why? what you will do? Will you not talk to me? Don’t talk, I don’t know how I can live with a heartless woman like you
Laado, this is the truth. Your dad married your mom without your dadi consented. Despite coming from a rich and popular family your dadi was against her because she was a free mind woman, she was not like bahu type. She never wishes to stay with her sasural, she just wants her husband, she wants to build her own universe. Your dadi was against her, she thinks that Janki, your mom, were separating her from her only son. So she talks with Sumi mom and they get the two married. And Shekhar cannot do anything. Janki was shattered to see that her husband married another woman, but still she remains strong. Shekhar never loves Sumi, and care about Janki which anger Sumi more. Shekar came to know that Janki is pregnant and his care toward your mom increase. Shekhar asks Dadi to let you come to our house, that you can keep an eye on her, but your dadi was adamant and refuse, and said that the child is najaiz.

Ragini- But what about Swara she is elder to me? How can my mom is the first wife of Dad?

Sumi- Shona is our daughter, I’m the first wife of Shekhar, your mom snatch my position. What did she think of herself?

Nani- Your dad and Sumi were into relationships, and your Dadi was against but then think Sumi is my only daughter after we passed away she will get Takur’s property, so she agreed. Sumi was pregnant and your dad goes to Australia for a meeting, then she meets your mom, her innocence and simplicity make him fell in love with Janki.
He was here for ten days and Janki too liked him, so when Shekhar came back she told Sumi that they can be together because he loves someone else. I was very angry with Shekhar, after all Sumi is my daughter, so I told everything to your dadi. She was against Shekhar but he goes to Australia and married your mom after that Sumi give birth to a girl here. Your dadi call him and tell him everything. Shekhar comes here with Janki, really she was very beautiful and a simple girl. She didn’t know that Sumi was my daughter, and when she come to know everything, she sacrifices herself and told Shekhar to marry Sumi, because she was the mother of his child. After so much argument from both sides, Shekhar agreed, but on one condition. Janki will not go back to Australia and will leave in India.
Janki agreed, but then she discovers that she is pregnant too, but keep quiet. Shekhar came to know that and cares a lot about Janki. Your mom was in her 8th month she was climbing the stair and she fell down. I was here and hear her scream I call Shekhar and the ambulance come here and they take Janki to OT. After some time I heard a baby crying I was happy, I don’t know why but I was happy to hear you. The nurse comes to and hand you to me, and you were cute. I was in love with you, I don’t know why, maybe because your mom always care for my need, unlike my own daughter. I keep you with me until Shekhar come and doctor give us the news that Janki is dead. Shekhar was devaste, then Sumi come and talk against you. She told Shekhar that you are at fault, you are the reason of Janki death, but I stop her. You were not at fault, she just sliped. I don’t know if ot was an accident or not, but when Janki left us, I was the one who told her parents taht her only daughter is dead. They were broken, but then I told them that she gives birth to a girl. They came from Australia, Shekhar and Janki Dad did her last funeral. They want to take you back but your dad stop them, and take you with him.

Voice- But When I came with you Sumi told me to chosse between you or her and Swara.
( It was Shekhar)

Shekar continues- You can think I was unfair with you, but I think you are responsible for Janki death, I just keep you with us, because I want Janki akri nishani in front of me. You look like her same mentality, obedient, and smart.

Ragini was crying, her mama give her, her life. She died and his father hold her responsible. She run to her room and lock her.

Flasback end

Her thought was stop by someone knock. She wipe her tears and said- Come in

Laksh enter with a man- Ragini this is Aman Chatterji, he is an excellent detective.

Ragini- Thank you, you can leave now. And make sure no one interrupt us.

Laksh nod and goes out.

Ragini- Mr Chatterji I want you to tell me the whereabout of Gagodia family! All informations, they coming and going, their favorite place, their enenemy all information you can.

Chatterji- Gagodia family?

Ragini- Yes you know them?

Chatterji- Hum, yes, in fact on newspaper they talk about this family. Yes after the death of the head family, Mr Deendayal Gagodia, the family goes bankrupt and for paying back the investitor, they had to sell they mansion.

This was a shock for Ragini, that’s why Nani get down in front of the gate, and didn’t let her enter at the entrance. And wait why Nani don’t informed me about Daddu’s death?

Ragini- Do you know where their lived now?

Chatterji- Nahi, but I will inquired about them.

Ragini- Ok

Ragini call some of her contach in India and she get to know that the mansion is still for sale. So she call the real estate agent

Ragini- Hello It’s Ragini Rawat, I want to buy Gagodia mansion, don’t worry about the money

Agent- Oh Ms Rawat, it’s a really a pleasure to have you on phone. I will send at your office the paper, sign on them and give me the payment.

Ragini- Ok make sure nobody know that is was me who bought the mansion.

Agent- Of course! It was a pleasur to deal with you

Ragini cut the call off, and said- Now count your day Mr and MRS GAGODIA.

Please tell me if it’s confusing, I will clear your confusion! And regarding the pair I think you have now an idea?)

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