Swaragini: Sacrifice 2


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So back to our story 🙂

Ragini is embarked once again in her thought


Little Ragini (LR) come to her nani.

LR- Nani see it's beautiful ( pointing to her chain)

Nani- Meri laado is very beautiful, so this chain just adores your neck

Swara comes and pout- Nani I'm not beautiful?

Nani- Yes Swara you are beautiful, Laado and you both are beautiful

Sumi- Lekin my Shona is more beautiful

LR- Haan Shona you are very beautiful

Nani- Laado comes and eats your food now

LR nod and come at the table. She sits and waits, Nani goes to her room. Shekhar sit and stare at LR for sometimes then look down. Sumi comes with Swara.

Sumi- Swara sit, I will come with your food.
Swara nod, Sumi come with a tray of food.

Sumi- Eat now

LR- Mama you don't bring food for me?

Sumi anger reach height and say- don't call me mama I'm not your mom samdji?

LR weeping- But Swara is your daughter na, so how I cannot be your daughter?

Sumi- God put this in your head I'm not your mom, and for god sake don't call me like this ok!

LR- But ma…
She didn't finish her sentence she gets a hard slap on her cheek from Sumi

Sumi- I said don't call me ma! I cannot be a mother of a girl like you. Thank God that your own mother died, If not I have to bear you two.

Shekhar now speaks up- Sumi stops it now

Sumi- Shekhar you will not talk in this matter! I have to bear her here so be happy I'm not throwing her on the road.

Nani- SUMI? how can you be so heartless, whenever happened it's not this girl fault!

Sumi- Ma she is at fault, she is alive that's why I hate her, don't come between us now. How can you love a girl who is not your real grandchild? You never behave with Shona like you behave with this girl.

Nani- Because Swara has you all, her dad, her mom, her dadi. At least I have me and her dadu, but like your husband, your sasur Ji fears his wife, like Shekhar, fear you. Coward man.
Nani gives a disgusting look at Shekhar, and he was looking down.
Swara has everyone love, what if I gave Ragini some love! I'm not like you, I cannot be so heartless. Watch your daughter, she is like nothing happened, she continues eating while we are shouting

Swara- Nani, you always shout at mom what I can do, I like Ragini but my mom will be my first priority. I cannot see Ragini like this, but I cannot see mom angry at me as well. I love them both

She said all this and went away.


Someone tap on Ragini's shoulder

Air hostess- Ma'am what would you like for your meal?

Ragini- Please give me something light and veg

Air hostess nod and went away

Ragini ( in mind)- How I craved to get their love, they never give me. Just Swara, Shona. Just Dida was with me, she fought every time for me. Sometimes Dadu comes to me, but he gets caught by Dadi.
I remember on my 13th birthday, Dida invites some of the neighbors and my friends too, but they never turn up. I was sad, but then Dida and dadu came to me and give me my gift, and cut the cake with me.
I will never forgive this Sumi for ruining my childhood and Swara for snatching my love while she was aware that I love him.

Air hostess- Ma'am your meal

Ragini- Thank you

Ragini eats her meal but was brought to her past again.


Nani comes to Ragini's room and saw her sleeping peacefully. She caresses her head and gives a her a kiss

Nani- Laado gets up beta

Ragini- Nahi nani I want to sleep few minute more

Nani- Beta you will be late! Today it's your first day at University

Ragini- I know Nani, but I don't want to go! You know I cannot get familiar with new people, like school I won't have friends, like Swara Di.

Nani- Don't worry Laado, get up now, I have a surprise for you

Ragini get up instantanetly- Sacch nani?

Nani- Yes now prepare yourself faster

Ragini- Ok nani love you Nani

Nani arrange her bed and after few minutes Ragini come out changing into a beautiful pink frock. Nani braid her long her.

Nani- You are absolutely beautiful

Ragini- Thank you Nani

They come down, Sumi, Swara and Shekhar was at table. Like always Sumi glare at Ragini. Ragini look at her mom with pain in her eyes, but now she is used to, so she sat quietly. Swara give her a warm smile, and Shekhar like always never speak

Swara- Ragini, today it your first day at University, I will introduce you to my friend

Before Ragini could speak, Sumi taunt her- Shona, how she will get adjust with your high class friend. She cannot stand for herself, how she will face your friend, she will not understand their joke, their style etc…

Swara keeps mom, and Ragini just looks at her plate.

Ragini- Nani I will go now, where is my surprise?

Nani- Come with me

They go out and Ragini saw a beautiful BMW blue sport car.

Ragini- Nani this is for me?
She was extremely happy and was jumping like a little kid.

Ragini ( hugging nani)- Thank you nani

Nani- This is our gift because you got you licence and for your first day at University.

Ragini- I have to thanks dadu for this

Nani- But do that when this buriya is not near

Ragini- Nani don't say that

Nani- What?

Ragini- Dadi is not old, she is like you

Nani- Oye God, Laado what are saying? Are you comparing me with this lady?

Ragini- Nahi nani, you are not old, you are young like me.

Nani- Chal juti, go to your university now, and like always I want you to be topper.

Ragini- Ok nani see you tonight

Ragini went to university and park her cars. She got down and then a man come to her.
Ragini was lost in his hazel eyes.

Man- Miss you cannot park here, because this my friend parking?

Ragini- What? but this a public university no? I can park my car whenever I want, If your friend want this parking he has to come early

Man- Excuse-me do you with whom are you talking?

Ragini- I don't know but you will tell me hai na?

Man- You are talking with the topper of this university, Mr Sanskar Maheswari

RAgini- Oh I see, and you are the most privilege to talk with the topper of everything! I mean I get gold medal in spelling, running, swimming, musics, physics, science. The list is very long should I continue?

Sanskar- Topper, you are my competitor, see you at the end of the year, we will see who is better, you or me?
Anyways you didn't tell your name?

Ragini- Hum you will know if you search
Ragini goes at the entrance of the uni

Ragini past was again intereput but not by an air hostess but with the pilote who announce that we will land up soon.


Ragini at Mumbai airport clashing with someone? Any guess?

Credit to: Lovely

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