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Hey guys, How are you? So want to tell you that I will end this story soon! So enjoy

Ch 10-

Ragini was driving and was thinking- Do I still love Sanskar? I mean he is now married to Swara, he will never be mine. He has his own family, and still I love him?
She was not concentrated at her driving and was about to do an accident. She was shocked but then she concentrate on her driving and goes to hospital.
She parks her car and go in, then peep inside the room of Lavanya. She was teary eyes seeing her like this. She was about to enter but someone taps her shoulder, she turns around and saw Shekhar, she so-called dad. He has tears in his eyes
Shekhar- Beta how are you?

Ragini doesn’t reply and goes inside leaving a broken Shekhar. Someone console him

Shekhar- See how unlucky I am, my own daughter hate me, she didn’t talk to me once. I’m the reason of her misery since her childhood, kaash, Janki was here, maybe she would be happy.

Someone- Don’t worry uncle, I will change her, your daughter will talk to you, this is my promise

Shekhar- Thank you Laksh, thank you very much

Sanskar came and saw Shekhar like this and panic- baba what happened why are you crying? Lavanya is all right hai na?

Laksh- Haan bhai she is stable, don’t worry

( Almost everyone guessed right, Laksh is Sanskar’s bhai )

Sanskar take a breath of relief- So why baba is crying?

Laksh- Because he saw Ragini and want to talk to her but she ignored him.

Sanskar- Yeah we are all at fault, due to us she was suffering till now

Sanskar was really guilty and Laksh saw that somewhere he was angry at Sanskar and Swara. How can they play with a girl emotion without her fault?
Before Ragini saw him, he goes out. Ragini was talking in phone and goes out. While speaking he saw Sanskar, immediately her eyes welled up. Before he could see her tears, she goes out

Ragini- Yes Rags?

Rads- I talked to dad, and he agreed to come, we will land up tomorrow morning, and will directly come to hospital. Dad had already spoke with the intern there.

Ragini- Thank you so much Rads you are the best, I’m missing you so much

Rads- Yeah me too, and plus I have to tell you something

Ragini- Ok will talk tomorrow, bye

Rads- Bye see you tomorrow

They hung off, Ragini turn to go but Sanskar was waiting for her. Ragini ignores him and cross him but Sanskar held her arms, she feels something but then thinks that now he is married

Ragini- mera haat choro Mr. Maheswari

Sanskar- Please meri baat suno

Ragini- I heard enough years back, now I don’t want to listen more

Sanskar- Please, I know I do wrong with you, but please forgive me. I hurt you a lot I know I’m feeling guilty, maybe that’s why God is punishing me this way. Maybe that’s why Lavanya, my princess is between life and death.

Ragini turns and sees how much Sanskar is in pain and it’s hurt her a lot. She takes his hand off and Sanskar saw her smiling sarcastically- You know Sanskar even if you have hurt me a lot, I cannot stop loving you. I should not have said that, but seeing you in this state pained me a lot.
Sanskar looks at her surprised- Haan Sanskar I never stop loving you event after theses years away from you all. And don’t worry for Lavanya she will be alright

Ragini was about to go, but stop and said- If you think that’s because I still have some feeling for you, I will forget you or forgive you, then you are wrong. How much I loved you, this much I hate you and Swara for making me a puppet in your love story.

With that, she goes and Sanskar breaks down. Laksh listens to all this, and somewhere he was hurt listening Ragini’s confession, but then think- She is very brave, she don’t hide her feeling, some people will hide their feeling, but she openly said that she still feel for Sanskar bhai.
He comes to Sanskar and consol him- Laksh what did I do? How can she love me after what I did to her?

Laksh- Please bhai don’t break up, stand up and go see Lavanya. Imagine if Lavanya saw you like this?

Sanskar- Haan you are right, please don’t tell all this to Swara.

Laksh nod and they go to Lavanya’s room.

Laksh- Bhai, I have to go, I just get one day break

Sanskar- Laksh, why don’t you joined our office! Papa had already made you M.D why you don’t…

Laksh- Bhai don’t worry, one day I will work with you all, but now I have work

Sanskar nod and Laksh go to Ragini’s office.

He enters and goes to his cabin, and start to work. after some time, he looks at the clock and saw that It was almost 12.00 a.m so he went to canteen, but then stop and goes to Ragini’s cabin, he knocks, but didn’t get any reply so he enters
He was shocked to see Ragini crying. His Ragini was crying like a child holding a photo is her hand. His Ragini, his tigress, his strong girl was crying like anything. It’s hurt him a lot, yes Laksh was in love with Ragini. He closes the door and kneels down and touch Ragini.
Ragini look at him, and was about to get up but Laksh hug her tighly, which surprise her, but she too hugs him and cries.

Laksh- Cry, cry the much you want. Scream aloud, don’t keep your feeling inside. Don’t worry no one will hear you, this cabin is sound free.

Ragini chuckle and feel relax. She feels secure in his arms.

Lakhs- May I know, what made this tigress crying? I should give the person an award.

Ragini- Mr. Mathur…

Laksh- Yes it’s me

Ragini- Thank you

Laksh- Mention not, I prefer you when you are screaming at me, you are more beautiful. When you are crying you are like a chudail

Ragini get up abruptly making Laksh fall- How dare you comparing me with a chudail??

Laksh gets up and laught- Aur nahi to kya, by dint of crying, you make your mascara fall, look at you
He brings his phone and shows Ragini her face.
Looking at her face, she laughed- Yeah you are right I look like a witch

Laksh was happy that she was smiling, but then he wants her to share her grief with her, so he ask- May I ask you something?

Ragini- You want to know why I’m crying?

Laksh nod Ragini smile sadly and tell her story- My mom died when she give birth to me. My dad takes me to his home, but never love me, his second wife, Sharmishta Gagodia hate me. In fact, everyone doesn’t like me here, except my nani and my dada. She was not my nani, but she always love me, she never let me feel unwanted. When I grew up, I was very timid, I didn’t make friend easily. When I came to university, Swara has her group of friend. Sanskar was the most intelligent, and he wants to be my friend. I accept it, but one day he propose me and I refused because I don’t feel that I love him, but he keeps asking me, showing me his care. No one except my nani and dada cared for me, so in no time I felt for him, and when he proposed me again I accept it. We dated and I felt in love with him deeply. Then our wedding came. For every girl, this day is the most important day of her life, but for me, it was my worst day.
This day I Sanskar and Swara came and told me that they love each other since a long time, that’s why they married each other. I was shattered, they told me that it was a bet between them.
I heard everyone taunting me, while I have no fault, but I heard it in silence.
When I go to university everyone make fun of me, which hurt me more, then I decide to go to Australia, where my real nani and nana live. There, I met Radhika Sharma, who is my best friend, but I never forget Sanskar, his betrayal. Since then, I want to take my revenge from them, so I change my surname because I hate the name of Gagodia, and vow to make Sanskar, Swara, and Gagodia life hell.
I thought that I don’t love Sanskar anymore, but yet I failed to stop loving him, in fact, my love for him turn to hatred.
Then, I met an angle, I was unaware that she was Sanskar and Swara’s daughter, and I like her instantly. Now she is in hospital so I have to keep my revenge besides and concentrate on her.
I know it’s a sin to love a married man, furthermore is my brother in law, even if I don’t think that they are my family, I cannot deny this fact, that Swara is my sister.
That’s why I don’t believe in God, he snatched my everything. First, he takes my mom, then Sanskar. Maybe he thinks I don’t deserve happiness.
Tears escape from Ragini and Laksh eyes, but then Laksh takes her hand and say- You know Ragini I thought you were Kadhoos, don’t have a heart, but I’m wrong, you have a heart, a bruised a heart but don’t worry, with time everything will take his place.

Ragini smile- Yeah, everyone told me this, but yet I know one thing it’s not God who make your destiny, it’s you. I made my own destiny

Laksh- Ragini, why you don’t back off! What will you gain in the name of revenge? I don’t tell you to forgive them nor to forget what they did to you, but what will you gain? Satisfaction to destroy a family? I don’t think that you will sleep well, you will feel guilty. You won’t be happy

Ragini- I know but …

Laksh- But what Ragini? Don’t you want to have a peaceful life? Don’t you want to overcome your grief? Don’t you want to marry and lead a happy married life? You are still young, beautiful, intelligent, smart, you have numerous quality in you, I’m sure someone will love you.

Ragini- Numerous guys came to me, but not for me for my wealth, so I don’t think they are still honest guys in this world.

Laksh- I’m honest.

Ragini looks at him with weird face and Laksh stammers

Laksh- Wo… wo I… I mean that they are still honest person like me.

Ragini laught at him- Look at you, how much scared?

Laksh relieved- I’m not scared of you

Ragini- When I told you that you are afraid of me?

Laksh- Nahi wo… I mean

Ragini- It’s ok Mr honest, and thank you

Laksh- Think about what I said to you Ragini, oups I mean Ms Rathore

Ragini- Oh please you can call me Ragini Laksh

Laksh- It’s an honor Ms Ragini

Ragini- Oh god, when you will stop your drama

Laksh- When you will laught heartfully

Ragini changing the topic- Why you came?

Laksh- Lunch madam Ji

Ragini- Oh I don’t feel like eating you go

Laksh- No, if we are friend you have to come with me?

Ragini- When I said to you that we are friend?

Laksh- When you told me to call you Ragini instead of Ms. Rathore

Ragini- Doesn’t mean that we are friend Laksh. It’s just that I’m thanking you to support me when I was not in my state.

Laksh- Oh, so what I have to do to gain your friendship?

Ragini- Work hard

Someone at the door- Liar, I will tell you what you have to do?

Ragini turn around and was surprised but then happy.

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