Swaragini: Sacrifice 1


Hello, you all! Lovely is back
Thank you so much for your comment! I just want to tell you before I start the story because I forgot to tell you! This story will not be same as the serial, obviously, the characters are same.
I will start Beauty with brains in few day also. So here we go

The plane takes off, and the woman just closes her eyes. She remembers her childhood, then her adolescence.


Two girls run to a lady. One of the girls seems to be older than the second girl.
Girl 1- Mama sees I have got 95%

Lady- Oh that’s great Shona
Then the lady kiss Shona forehead

Girl 2- Mama see I got 99%
( So you can guess that the girl 2 is Laado)

Lady doesn’t care about her and tell- Shona go and take a bath, we will lunch after

Shona nod, the girl 2 stays here and hope that she will get some happy word from her mom.

Lady- What are you doing here Ragini go now

Little Ragini- But mama you didn’t give me my kiss, I have also passed like Di

Lady- Oh Ragini you are not little, grow up, now go

Little Ragini is hurt but doesn’t show it. Someone shouts at the lady.

Voice- SUMI! How can you be so rude with my laado? Cannot you wish her, like you wish Shona?

Sumi- Oh mom what a big deal! She is not a kid anymore

Sumi mom- She is still a Kid, she is just 10 years old, how can you behave like this!

Sumi- If you have an interest in her, go and kiss her, I won’t! She is…
Before she can complete her sentence she gets a hard slap from her mom

Sumi mom- That what you deserved! Remember Ragini is this house choti daughter, she is my second grandchild! If you behave like this, I will forget that you are my daughter! Understand?!

Sumi angrily- You slapped me for this girl? Don’t forget that you live in my husband house!

Sumi mom- Yes I know but you two have to be aware that you have two daughters, not just one! Challo Laado comes with me.

Sumi mom held little Ragini hand and they go upstair.
( Sumi mom is dida, but I will name her nani)
LR crying- Nani why they don’t love me? Am I that bad?

Nani- Nahi Laado, you are my brave girl hai na? Don’t cry bacchi, your nani is here for you.

LR- But Nani why mama behave like this with me? Why she care for Swara and not for me?

Nani- Nahi Laado your mom love you also, but she doesn’t show it.

LR- This is truth? Mama love me also?

Nani- Yes meri bacchi but nani also love you very much.

LR- I know nani you love me. Don’t leave me ok?

Nani- Never Laado, chaallo show me your bookmarks

LR is happy now, she shows her bookmarks.

Nani- Are wa meri granddaughter is very smart and intelligent.

LR- Don’t praise me nani, give me my reward now

She forward her hand, Nani smile at her innocence then stand up and go to her cupboard, and give her a parcel. Little Ragini opens it and smiles broadly.

LR- Oh thank you nani it’s beautiful! You know how much I want one! Mama and dad gift Di the same golden chain for her birthday. I thought they will give me when my birthday comes, but they never turn up, anyways thank you nani.
LR hug nani

Nani- Laado keeps this with you. If I’m not with you, just touch this chain you will feel that I’m around you OK?

LR- Yes nani, but you said that you will never leave me?

Nani- One day I have to go, but don’t worry I will always be in your heart.

LR- Thank you Nani

Nani- Welcome my lovely Laado, chalo go and freshen up.

LR nod and goes.

The air hostess disturbs Ragini’s thought.

Air hostess- Excuse me you are Ragini Gagodia?

Ragini- Yes why ?

Air hostess- In fact, I’m your big fan, I love all you designing. Can I take a selfie with you

Ragini- Sure

The Air hostess take some selfies with her and thanks her.

Air hostess- If you want something, please don’t hesitate and ask.

Ragini- I don’t want to be disturbed during the flight, just when It’s time for dining

Air hostess- Ok ma’am.

Ragini close once again her eyes, and plugs in her thought one more time.

So This will be just Ragini as the main role because I’m a bit angry with the current track! After all, it SWARAGINI not just Swara! I’m a fan of Helly Shah, but I’m a bit disappoint with the show!

Regarding the pair you will know may be in chapter 3 or 4! I will continue with the flashback for sometimes. I’m sorry for posting a little update, I will try to post longer!
If you don’t understand let me know ๐Ÿ˜‰

Credit to: Lovely

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