swaragini – Royal Love Sanskar’s lust episode 1

Hello friends thank you all for the comments. Yes I know I was supposed to post this part on ten july but by seeing the comments I’ve goon crazy… but this part is small please don’t bash me and if I again got good number of comments I will again post before time.

Nafrat aur galti sey dost ka hatt chuta
Koyi gamm me roya to koyi badle ki aag me
Ase hi bit gaya bachpan….
11 years later
At mahismati
Two boys are doing sword fighting in a big ground surrounded by guards.
One was attacking others was defending himself. At last the attacker wins and he puts the sword in defenders neck.
Attacker smiling : I won dadabhai
Sanskar : good now I am sure there will be no problems you will be able to protect me and mahismati
Laksh : yes yuvraj but u need to practice
Sanskar : no I can’t my girls are waiting for me
Laksh : but no…
Sanskar : no but I’m going take care of pitaji. The more ill be late the more they will crave.
He goes away
Laksh : don’t worry dadabhai I’ll take care of everything i’ll always stay with you as a shield

Sanskr goes in a chamber
There are many beautiful girls in awful clothes. All bow to him.
He sits and one girl serves wine and others start dancing. He looks at them with lustful eyes. He grabs one and kisses hardly
He takes another and start to kiss her neck.
At last he finds the most beautiful among them and makes her naked infront of all. The other girls leaves the room. He holds the girl by hair and ask what is your name?
Sanskar half conscious state thinks that she is swara and says ” swara how dare you come here oo to insult me ?wait and watch what I do”
He intimates with the maid wildly
She shouts “nooo”

Laksh listens to it and look helpless. In front of his brother lust …and only hate for swara.

PRECAP – our young princessess

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  17. why sanky hate swara??????????..waiting for princess intro…..hope it s swasan……….

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