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Hello friends sinin here , thank you very much for comment . I am very happy to see that you all will read my story without caring about pairs. I have a surprise for you all. It is at the end. Wait wait ! No one will scroll down . Surprise is surprise you all will see it At the end. And silent reader please comment like sinduri.
Ho chuki hai dhamakedar mulakat
Jiske nazar me tha nafrat
Ab pyar dekhne lage
Par unhe kya pata
Koyi anjan abbhi hai khara
Ban ke divar….
Leave you fool.
The boy leave her and she falls down.
Boy : sorry sorry I didn’t want to do this.
Girl : shut up ! Do you know who I am I am Rajkumari kavita of malwar.
Boy : kavita…..
Kavita : what…..
Boy : nothing .. I am ….
Kavita : did I ask you ? Silly people
She goes in her tent.
Boy : what a beauty yaar ! Kavita…
He goes from there smilingly.

Laksh : ayaz where were you ?
Ayaz : sorry
Sanskar : come now sit.
Laksh and Sanskar sit for puja.
Pratap and swara sit opposite of them. The puja start and all close their eyes.
Laksh recalls the girl . Her irritated face.
He smiles unknowingly.
Pandit ji : puja is complete.
Sanskar : I am going laksh you take care.
Laksh : ok dadabhai
Sanskar goes.
Laksh looks at the Yamuna ghat. And finds that girl is playing in water. Laksh goes to her. He hides behind a tree. He looks at her lovingly. She is playing like a child. She looks so pure and innocent.
The girl looks here and there. She takes some muddy soil. And goes.
Laksh : what is happening to me ? How can I lose my concentration. No I will never look at her again.
Pratap looks here and there. He looks at a corner he sees the flag of asandh.
Swara sees this and understand.
Swara : dadabhai you go and meet phool kanwar . I’ll take care.
Pratap : ARE you sure ?
Swara : of course now you go.
Pratap runs toward that direction. Swara smiles seeing her brother’s happiness.
Ahh! A maid falls and get hurt in her leg.
Swara : ohhh Kali are you ok ? You go i’ll take all this.
Kali : no bari kumari…
Swara : Kali you go.
Swara start to help other maids. She picks all things and bind together.

Sanskar : oh no ! I don’t know the place. Let me go and bring ayaz .
He comes back and tries to find ayaz but he finds his pari.
Sankar saw her again. She was helping some women. No maybe she is a maid. He thinks ” shiv ji ! How can a made be so beautiful. She looks so attractive even in simple cloth. I want her in my bed. But I can’t do anything unless this fair ends. No problem let the fair end you will in my bed pari .”
He smirks and goes.
Swara even gets up and goes towards her tent. Here she sees a horrible scenery.
Ragini waa continuously sneezing. All maids were standing there. The whole tent was a mess.
Swara : Ragini What have happened ?
Ragini : woh jijji nothing
Swara : don’t lie
Ragini : woh jijji I went to Yamuna ghat and played in water.
Swara : what are you mad ? What if something happens to you ? Ragini this is not our palace. Why did you went there ?
Ragini : woh jijji one day you said that you want to make status of pure mud soil of Yamuna so I…
Swara : Ragini ! What should I do with you ? Come here.
She hugs her. And ragini to hugs her with sneezes.
Pratap : oyye choti ! What have happened ?
Ragini : nothing serious you say where is phool kanwar ?
Pratap : ( blushes ) woh she is in puja as they were late. And swara Saharan is looking for you. Meet him .
Raging (angry) : no need to meet that jerk.
Pratap : OK . You both discus I have some work.
Ragini : why did he came here ? All people are same. Jijji I am saying if he do something wrong I will kill him.
Swara : oh leave him. And what were you saying ?
Ragini : today I meet a fool he pushed me hard and didn’t even ask forgiveness.
Swara : oh ragini ! Please leave all that.
Ragini : ok. I am very hungry let eat some laddo.
Ragini : jijji I have a wish.
Swara : what is it ?
Ragini : first promise me you’ll fulfill it
Swara : um.. ok
Ragini : I will say in night
Swara : ok

Laksh : ayaaaazzz !
Ayaz : what ?what happened ?
Laksh : were are you lost I am yelling from 12 minutes
Ayaz :arre today I saw a girl soo pretty but arrogant the princess of malwa kavita.
Laksh : oh great now let’s go and see the works tomorrow is the opening ceremony.

PRECAP – 2nd meeting.
Kavita – from serial
Saharan : sahil from serial
Ayaz – dhariyaa from santoshi maa
Pratap – rishi from kasam
Phool – simar from sasural simar ka
Guys I am going to reveal the pairs as I don’t want to disappoint anyone later.
The pairs are

I am very sorry all swalak and ragsan fans. Especially ana in every episode you request for ragsan. But I made ragini ‘ s character like this that she is a ferocious fighter for all enemy. But she can’t handle close relationship with so much hatred. And if she marries sanskar she will have to be a slave. She can get the same love and affection from laksh like swara.
Swara will be the best medicine of sanskar rudeness. She will be able to bear his hatred and tortures as he can’t change in overnight.
As much I know there is another royal story for ragsan swalak fans. So this is for swasan. I hope that you guys will not stop reading this ff and enjoy the hate and love between swasan and raglak.

Credit to: sinin

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  1. Cutiie

    Thanx for pair

  2. Thanks for Swasan I loved it

  3. Akshata

    nice one….. waiting for next one

  4. u have hurt us sinsin

  5. dear am happy for the pair but how can u say that ragini cnt bear sanky hater coz his hate towards swara na but he likes ragini right then how that changed to hatred.. Watever this pair r perfect I Wat to knw the reaction when raglak & swasan get to knw abt each other..

    1. I think I didn’t make it clear. Actually sanskar wanted to marry ragini as a playmate. But swara insulted her because of ragini. And he can go to any extent to torture swara

  6. Sorry but disappointed with paring according to your story swara is a loving and cute princess so he can handle sanskar but she can’t do it because sanskar is cruel and he can maker her like slave and user her and ragini is a ferocious warrior princess and sanskar can’t force to do anything and she can handle him by hook or crook seriously I’m a swasan fan according your story pairing is wrong highly disappointed with pairing

  7. Yashasvi

    hey sisin, i’m soooooooooooooo sooooooooooo happy with the pairs yrrrrrrrrrrr, n ya ur reason is correct, even i thought that, sooooooooooooooo happy but where’s my chotti, say her that her yashu dii is angry with her…………………. btw loved the way how the pairs met.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! owsm

  8. Pairs r awsm…. I m a huge fan of Raglak…

  9. Arshi

    Omg superb epi yaar… couldnt control eagerness to know more

  10. I m a silent reader of ur ff dr
    Ur ff is just amazing
    I think the pairs r swasan nd rag lak
    Awesome ep

    1. I think I didn’t make it clear. Actually sanskar wanted to marry ragini as a playmate. But swara insulted her because of ragini. And he can go to any extent to torture swara. And ragini is a emotional fighter. Swara is not only a lovely sister she will be able control him because she has been doing that in childhood. Again I am very sorry for dissapointing you.

  11. Guys I am very sorry I posted this part twice as episode ten i

  12. hey where is abhigya

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