swaragini – Royal Love episode 8

Hello friends sinin here. I am very happy with the response. But I am scared that you’ll stop supporting me after knowing the pairs. But you’ll get to know the pairs after the grand fair. But I am sure at least yashu divyanshri ritu neha arshi will support me till the end without caring about pairs.
Dushmano se ghera
Hai asman nafrat aur jalan
Ke kale badal hai jaha
Kya prem ke tare
Rah payenge waha…..
In early morning
Yamuna ghat

A very big place (like 3 ,4 football ground) is shown. Some people are making their stalls . Some soldiers are making the tents of royal family. Malwa kingdom is already present.
Suddenly drummers start their drum
Person : shavdhan ! Royal family of Mahismati is present.
Sanskar and laksh enters. They goes in their respective resrve place.
Ayaz : ( son of prime minister and good friend of sanlak ) sanskar Laksh let’s go we will first do Yamuna snan and sattavatan puja . And soldiers you all arrange the tents and help the merchants toset up stalls.
Soldiers : yes

Three of them proceeds towards Yamuna ghatin only dhuti and a white cloth.

Person : shavdhan ! The royal family OF Durgapur is present. All of them enters. Ragini peeps from the window.
Ragini : jijji look ! So many people are there but nothing to buy. So how is this a fair ?
Swara : the fair will start from tomorrow. Today they are just preparing everything.
Ragini : jijji I want to buy kamardhan and mangtika
Swara : but you have it
Ragini : arre jijji it is specifically designed from malwa.
Swara : ok buy whatever you need. But first we need to go for Yamuna shan and sattavatan puja. I and dadabhai is going to sit for it.
Ragini : ok jijji
Pratap was looking here and there.
Ragini : dadabhai phool kanwar has not come yet. Don’t worry she’ll come soon.
Pratap : now let’s go for snan.
Swara and ragini wears white cotton lehenga very simple without any accessories and open hair.

Sanskar : oh the water is too cold.
Ayaz : ooh yuvraj Yamuna river is like this. Now hurry up.
Sanskar comes knee water. Swaragini comes there. They both are surrounded by white cloth by maids.
Swara enters into water and comes up.
Sanskar comes up and enters again into water. He does surya naman.
Swara calls ragini . First she hesitant but later comes . She does surya naman.
Laksh enters into water and doesn’t comes back.
Sanskar became tensed.

Laksh : dadabhai hurry up
He sees laksh is doing surya naman.
Sanskar laksh let me go and change you go ahead.
Sanskar head towards princess room.
Swara and ragini where coming back in tent. Swara was walking two maids where in front and two in back. Sanskar to comes in that direction. Strong wind starts to blow. Dust goes in the eye of a maid. And she stumbles and falls. The white cloth falls on face of Sanskar. He removes and looks the best creation of God. He sees a angel in white dress. And open hair. She looks so beautiful. Her rosy lips which he feels like sweet. But he cloudnt admire her for long. Cause their maids cover them.
And a big crowd comes and he lost her. He tries to find her but couldn’t.
Ayaz : arre sanskar where are you ? Common hurry up pandit ji is calling us.
Sanskar : woh that Pari….
Ayaz : what
Sanskar : nothing let’s go

Swara Ragini are you ok ?
Ragini : woh jijji something has gone in my eyes see na..
Swara checks.
Swara : you take rest I have to go.
Ragini : OK jijji
Swara goes away.
Ragini : what will I do by waiting here let me see the preparation.
Ragini to goes .

Laksh : where is this dadabhai ? I had sent ayaz now he is also missing.
Laksh sarts to go but suddenly he dashes with somed. He tries to apology to her.but she ” where are you going can’t you look while walking ? Silly people
Laksh looks at her face. He was spellbound by her beauty. Her eyes are the most precious creation of God.
The girl looks at him and goes.
Laksh tries to find her but pandit ji called him. He sits for puja.

Ragini was roaming in malwa kingdom reserve place. She was very irritated. She thinks to go back but..
Girl : hey you ! Come here
Ragini : me ? Yes say
Girl : bring water for me
Ragini : it is on your leftside take it by yourself.

Girl : what do you know me ? I am the princess of malwa
Ragini : then ask to your maids. Not me everyone is not your servant.
Ragini goes . Princess of malwa fumes in anger.
P o M : how dare she wait I will teach her a lesson
She slips and was about to fall but a strong pair of hand holds her.
Oh God what a girl ! She is so beautiful!
P o M : leave me you fool
Guys here is the chapter. Readers please don’t miss any episode from now then you will have difficult to understand . Today confusion will be revealed in next episode. Silent readers please comment I need them very much.

Credit to: sinin


  1. Divyanshri


    |Registered Member

    awsome episode but it’s very small Sinin n Sarah……. post next part soon….. I will surely read till the last episode dnt worry….. pairs u decide….. I think it’s Swalak n ragsan…..

  2. Rasha

    oh god laksh is mesmerized by ragini & liked her then sanskar is saw rag r swara it’s not got clear then last pom was catched by pratap..

  3. Riya

    I think the pairs r maybe Raglak nd Swasan…… Interesting plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update the next part soon….

  4. Riya

    I think the pairs r maybe Raglak nd Swasan….. Interesting plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update the next part soon…

  5. Ritu

    awesome amazing .thanks you soooooo much for writing this ff.you know I love royal stories. prithviraj chouhan,Jhansi ki Rani , shobha somnath ki and specially Jodha Akbar I love all this serials . Thanks once again for giving precious time and writing this royal ff.you are an amazing writer. hats off to you and I love this poems keep it up.

  6. Desi_Girl


    |Registered Member

    hey surely i’ll always support u, after all ur my sissie , n the way u r saying i think the pairs r swalak n ragsan……………………

  7. Neha

    Hey dear….amazing part as always….loved it…iam litle bit confused about pairs..i don’t know who will be the pairs..but i will suport you whatever the pairs wil be…you are just rocking with ur story yar..luv u and stay blesed..waiting 4 next part

  8. S priya

    Hey i dont hve t prblm wit pairs…I really loved ragini in ur ff…nd sanskar plz change him positive

  9. Megha123


    |Registered Member

    I really don’t care about pairs .I just liked the plot very much so I’ll also support u.
    BTW I loved today’s epi very eager to know who clashed with whomwhom.

  10. alia

    Yrr plz mame swalak yrr andaa its all ur choice but im giving my point of veiw. And yaa no one has write love story of Prince anx Princess… At last ur wish and plz disclose fast…

  11. Arshi


    |Registered Member

    Oh my god… superb … wateve the pairs may be.. i would love to read it to the end.. ur ff drives me crazy… superb yaar… And sarah dear.. I m also same like u.. roaming around my jiji always for apology aftr doing mistakes hahaha… i can bear anything but cant handle her anger.. as i love her the most…

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