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Hello. pehle didi ke ab mere friends! Thank you all for helping me. Friends til now didi was verry happy as if she is going to meet sanky. By seeing 53 comments!! She is nearly crying. But I think comments will decrease after the revelation of pair.
Now let come to STORY.
Karne apni jid ko puri
Kar rahi hai puri tayari
Kya swara ko mana
Payegi ragini…
It’s mid night
All are sleeping except swara. She is practicing sword fighting . Alone. She is doing this secretly for 11 years.
Swara point of view
Swara you are a coward
Swara you can’t do this
You are slow
This are the lines which I have been listening from childhood. First kuwar ji then Saharan . I don’t know why my mother wants me to marry him . He never tried to understand me. I don’t know him will I live with him ? But this marriage will bring benefits for Durgapur. I think that’s enough. I am having a dream from past few years I want to show kuwar ji that I am not that coward girl anymore I am changed. I can protect myself and ragini. No I don’t need to protect her She enough for self defense.As much I know her She will definitely do something. But what ?
I don’t want her to be in trouble anymore.
Now wait…. what is that sound ?
She goes inthe royal armed room there I saw someone isgiving training to soldiers.
” you all should remember why we are taking only 100 soldiers among2000 because you guys arethe best. Now come on attack me in group. 3 soldiers were attacking on her. And sue would defend herself. It was visible that she is excellent fighter. I think I know she is ragini. Actually she is very conscious about security. Now I am thousand percent sure she is up to something big.

At mahismati
Laksh was packing their stuffs.They are going to start their journey today. So they they can reach by tomorrow.
Sanskar was in his royal attire and attitude.
He is trying to keep his mind calm. But kusum’s curse is not leaving him alone.
Shekhar : ARE all the arrangements are done ?
Laksh : yes pita ji now please permit us to proceed.
Sumi comes and does the aarti. Sanskar smiles a bit. After all she is his mother.
The royal priest came and binds mauli on sanskar hand.
Priest : try to keep faith on god.
Sanskar : what
Priest binds mauli on laksh hand. He touches his feet.
Priest : something good is going to happen with you.
Laksh : thank you.
Sanskar and laksh goes in front and rides on the horses .
Laksh : har har mahadev!!
They all proceeds towards banks of Yamuna river.
Priest : today is a good day .all signs are good. Maharaj shekhar singh your sons are going to bring something very priceless.
Shekhar : maybe lots of profits
Sumi : or maybe love
Ma hurry up. Raging yells
Swara is keeping eye on ragini from morning. All her work is very normal. But something is not right.
Dp : swara come here
Swara : yes.
Dp : child take ragini also see she is working very hard. And more ever she never stayed with out you.
Swara : but ….
Dp : give her a chance . After all she can help you. As you don’t know sword fighting.
Swara : (monologues) you don’t know I don’t want to take her.because she might be in trouble.
On other side
Ragini : dadabhai I have great news for you
Pratap (uninterested) : yes say
Ragini : phool kanwar was going to come
Pratap (happy ) what ! Great…
Ragini : oh dadabhai but now she won’t come cause you and jijji will be busy in work. And I am also not there.what will she do there ?
Pratap : oh no Ragini you to come with US

Annapurna : ragini what are you thinking
Ragini : ma Swara I think we need more security
Annapurna : why.
Ragini : cause all soldiers will be busy and dadabhai he will go mad after seeing phool kanwar. Whowill protect your daughter?
Annapurna : arry you are right
Ragini : more ever I am al so not going…
Annapurna : no you should go

Swara was standing in front of balcony.
Mother and son : swara
Swara (shocked) : yes
Mother and son: ragini is going with you
Swara : but…
Mother and son : no it’s final
Swara ::ok
Annapurna : ragini Ragini
Ragini (innocently) : yes ma
Pratap : get ready you are going with us.
Ragini : What
Swara : don’t act I know it’s your plan. I’ll see you latter.
Ragini goes from there and starts to dance.
Swara looks and smiles” don’t worry I’ll not let anyone take advantage of your innocents.”
Dp : are all arrangements done ?
Pratap : yes.
Priest does arti of all.
Priest : be careful Swara something bad is going to happen.
Swara ( worried): ok Priest bless me
Ragini : come on jijji hurry up
Swara goes and sits in royal cart will ragini.
Pratap : har har mahadev
They proceeds towards destination

PRECAP : Rajkumari kavita v/s ragini
Grand fair hate and love story begins

All friends a important note from nowards episodes are important. Please don’t miss them. And comments . Pairs will be revealed after this grand fair ends. Till then please have patience.

Credit to: sinin and sarah

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