swaragini – Royal Love episode 6


Hello friends I’m back again ! You guys don’t worry I have forgive chudrail. Actually divyanshri guessed right I was not angry. Now don’t tell this to her. And yashu she is packing her bags to go to her new sister…..lol
And about pairs please wait for some more time. Please try to enjoy the story. Like you all did in all samjhota series of eva.
Biti huyi kal ko jab
Swara ne dekha pass
Kya karegi wo
Bachane ragini ka

Swara: may I come in dadabhai ?
Pratap : oh sure swara . I want to say that don’t worry you can take ragini with us She won’t trouble us.
Swara :(shocked) dadabhai don’t you know her She will create trouble . Then the ritual of sattavatan is also very tough I don’t think she can do this.
Pratap : maybe you are right. Listen after going there we have to take care of all. This fair is very important for us. And we will not take much security cause kaling can attack us any moment. They are just looking for a chance.
Swara : ok dadabhai don’t worry I’ll take care.
Pratap : swara maybe laksh will also come
Swara : I hope I can meet with him for once.

Jijji ! Im hungry said ragini
Swara brings food. And says ragini why don’t you go to panchal for a change you will find old friends of your.
Ragini : yes jijji good idea let me pack our bags
Swara (fumbles) : voh ragini actually I have to stay here but you go
Ragini : no I will go with you
Naiya : bari kumari should I pack your bag…..
Swara glares her.
Ragini : jijji where are you going ?
Swara : no… I am not going anywhere
Ragini : then what about packing
Swara : (strictly ) Ragini stop it it’s time for sword practices
Ragini but… ok going
Swara : I should be more careful . Ragini should not know about this

At mahismati
Laksh was talking with the merchants.
Laksh : I want all the best products for grand fair. Whole arryavart people will come. As all of you know all kingdom can’t participate in this fair. We are lucky to have this chance. Its about our prestige.
Sanskar : alone
All merchants leave from there.
Laksh : dadabhai do you need something?
Sanskar (shocked): no . I have come to meet my brother. Can’t I ?
Laksh : sure . I am very happy that you are going to lead this time.
Sanskar : ok but you must help me. I can’t do anything with out your help. Now tell me what is going to happen there ?
Laksh (happy) : of course you come . We will start our journey tomorrow. And hopefully we will reach next day at early morning. We need to perform a sattavatan puja and bath in Yamuna river. After that we will make our tents at reserve places. And our soldiers will help the merchants to set up their stalls. And we will …….
Sanskar : woh Bhai stop it’s enough for today. By the way which kingdoms are participating in fair ?
Laksh : woh asandh malwa ….
Soldier : yuvraj kusum kali have arrived
Sanskar : ok .laksh . See you
Laksh : oh god today I saved but what will happen next ?

At chamber
A girl of 18 years old is tiedup . She is crying vigorously.
Sanskar enters and looks at her with lustful eyes. He goes and touches her back sensuously. She shivers. Sanskar smriks wickedly. He smashes his lip into her and bites. Blood oozes from the corners of lip.
Kusum : please leave me yuvraj
Sanskar : no beautiful it’s your fortune to be with yuvraj for sometime.
Kusum : no please leave me I can’t leave with my husband.
Sanskar : then forget him. He removes her clothes. And holds her ***** and pinches them. The girl cries loudly.
Kusum : yuvraj I beg to you please leave me. My husband will never accept me again.
Sanskar : then stay in my brothel. You will have all pleasure.
Kusum : no . You can’t do what you want.
Sanskar fumus in anger. He recalls swara and her order. He became more wild.
Sanskar digs his nails into her arms. And intimate with her. He became an animal.
After an hour he leaves her. Kusum was like a lifeless body.
Sanskar : did you see I can do what I want.
Kusum looks at him with red eyes.
Kusum : today you have ruined my life. You have snatched my love from me. Today I curse from your wildness your loved one will not be safe. Like I am crying one day you will also cry for your love. But you will never get that. Today you was stonehearted but one day she will be stone hearted.
Kusum runs and jumps from the window.
Sanskar looks down and saw she was dead.
Sanskar : stupid girl there’s no place for love in my life. Soldiers make her family see her body

At Durgapur
Naiya Was going to sleep. But suddenly she feels a tight hand on her mouth.
She was going to scream
Ragini : it’s me
Naiya : choti kumari
Ragini : tell the truth where jiji is going?
Naiya : fumbles woh …
Ragini glares her
She is going in arryavart grand fair she don’t want you to know about it
Ragini : What how can jijji do this to me now let me see how she will leave. I will surely go to the fair.
She smirks
******************************************** please you all say who will suit with swara most ?

Credit to: sinin

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  7. Nice episode & in this story I want to choose the pair is swalak. Cz they r good matured & understand each other in proper way.
    & I thought for something interesting that sanky falling in love with swara but swalak get married. & as u said sanky is cursed for his love. Like that only.

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    as u shown he is beast and swara is kind hearted and brave only she can handle him !

  14. I think here Laksh is better for Swara….Episode is nice

  15. I think here Laksh is better for Swara…Episode is nice

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  17. what a epi…and make it swasan or swalak whatever u want..

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