swaragini – Royal Love episode 5


Hello all didi ke friends ! Hope you all are fine. I am not sinin but her chotu sister with whom she is angry. Actually I did a little mistake and my father scolded her. Now she is outside and not talking with me. I am a little angle na as divyanshri di said. Please you guys tell her to forgive me..
I am posting this part on behalf of my angry sister……

( still no poem in my sister’s head)

At mahismati
Sumi : why are you late son ? Your father is highly disappointed.
Sanskar : ma please I don’t want to talk about it. So why did he called me ?
Sumi : after 3 day arryavart grand fair is going to held. We are taking part in it. It is going to help our economic crisis. Maharaj shekhar singh have decided you will lead this time. As your father can’t go.
Sanskar : no ma I can’t send laksh I can’t handle this
Sumi : you are yuvraj not laksh… you can’t leave everything on him.
Sanskar : ma then what is his work after all he is my brother…
Sumi (angry): Brother ! Have you ever talk with him normally without ordering anything ? You treat him like servant but he is not servant he is my son. After that day he completely changed. I also didn’t give him time but now you should take your responsibility. At least let him live. Its not a advice it’s an order
Sanskar was numb.he never think like this. But what if laksh also think like this? No ma is right.
Sanskar : ok ma I will go.

Laksh was reading something. At that time shekhar singh came.
Shekhar : laksh I want to talk with you.
Laksh : yes dad I know I have made list of goods which will go to fair. I have called all merchants for metting.
Shekhar : (shocked ) you have make my work easy son. Good I am proud of you
And on other side sanskar …..
Laksh: pitaji dadabhai is ready to go there with me.
Shekhar : ohh good. I can’t trust him. You are my only hope. Only five kingdoms are participating in fair. Asandh kaling malwa mahismati and Durgapur
Laksh (shock worried) Durgapur oh no dadabhai is going what if swara come there..
Shekhar : I haven’t said this to sanskar you talk with him.

At Mandir
Swara looks here and there. She feels as ragini is calling her. But this is not possible how can she came here?

Ragini point of view
Jijji please help me aahhh… a lightning falls. The storm is becoming stronger. She is fully drenched. Her white war dress ( which jodha used to wear while fighting white kurta pajama in jodha akbar )
Is muddy. She is shivering like hell.
Point of view ends

Swara unknowingly goes towards the jungle. Her heart is skipping. She sees raginis sword she was sure now. She runs towards that direction. She sees a horrible scene her dress is covered with mud and she is crying like baby. Swara rushes to her and holds her.
Swara : Ragini Ragini wake up what are you doing here ?
Ragini : leave me I want to go to my jijji
Swara : arrey I am your jijji
Ragini : no jijji
It was very dark in jungle and due to stupid storm ragini couldn’t recognize swara
Swara forcibly take her to mandir. She was still shivering.
Ragini : jijji where are you
Swara : in front of you
Ragini doesn’t open her eyes
Suddenly lightning falls and she cries more.
Swara understand that she need to do something or she will become sick
A big lightning falls making everything shiver swara hugs ragini tightly and says careress her face.
Swara : I am here
Ragini struggles to go away and later leaves her self on her familiar lap.
After sometimes she opens her eyes and sees her jijji she hugs her triple tightly.
Swara : what are you doing here ?
Ragini : I will not say you will scold me
Swara : no I will not now say
Ragini : I have come here to save u but …jijji..
Swara : ok enough crying now let’s go
Ragini : jiji my dress
Swara : ohh noo you take my chunri
The cart comes
Tantri : choti kumari you….
Ragini glares him.
They get inside.
Ragini knows now swara will start her lecture but she didn’t
Swara : thank God nothing happened to you.
Ragini sleeps in her lap
When they reached durga pur the storm was stopped.maids take ragini with her.
Annapurna : what happened to ragini
Swara : nothing ma . She is drenched.
Annapurna : your father is calling you.
Swara reached into the chamber.
Dp : how was your puja dear ?
Swara : good pitaji.
Pratap : where is choti ?
Swara : sleeping
Dp : after 3 days arryavart grand fair is going to held. Pratap is going to lead but I want you also go with her you will have a good experience.
Pratap : if you want take ragini also
Annapurna : yes take her in this way she can meet with sanskar
Swara : what
Pratap : yes mahismati is also participating in this fair.
Swara : pitaji is it necessary ?
Dp : yes beta obviously you have to go
Swara : ok but Ragini can’t go she has fever
Annapurna : oh no this girl na…

Swara goes in her chamber
Ragini is sleeping peacefully.
Swara : no I can’t let ragini meet with him again. I will not let my sisters suffer.

PRECAP – preparation of fair and stubbornness of ragini
Bye all keep remember me and please tell my sister to forgive me.

Credit to: sinin and sarah

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