swaragini – Royal Love episode 4

Hello friends hope you all fine. But I am not cause I am writing same chapter twice and my father have scolded me for my little sister (chudrail) mistakes.
Third one is why you all are not commenting ? Please suggest me what you want so that I can meet your expectations. But this sudden decrease makes me feel I am very bad writer……

(There is no poem in my mind.Let’s do a fun if you all like this part and want to encourage me than please comment in poem we will find our shaher I mean poet among you it will be fun )

Swara is sitting on Puja. She can’t move for one hour. She is thinking about Ragini.
She feels she should have meet ragini before leaving. Who knows what she is doing now.. maybe teasing dadabhai about phool kanwar or trying to eat ladoo or crying because she left her alone.
Ragini was not like this. She was very naughty but she never cared about this things. She didn’t even what could be the result of this mistake. Best would be being defamed and worst a deadly war between Durgapur and mahismati.
That night she bought her to palace and slap her for fast and last time. She didn’t even talk with her for 7 days.she was feeling scared cause first time her sister was angry. She tried a lot to talk but swara was stubborn. She promised her She will never go anywhere without her permission.
When finally swara forgave her she hugged her tightly. Swara feels that she was being hard but this was necessary or this new ragini wouldn’t have born.
“Puja is completed” pandit ji said
Swara was about to proceeds
Swara : pandit ji how will you go in this storm ?
Pandit ji :(worried) bari kumari don’t worry I’ll manage
Swara : tantri Take pandit ji to his destination. And come back to take me.
Tantri : but bari kumari….
Swara : it’s an order
Tantri monologues: appne kitni sahegta see keh diya kintu choti kumari too mujhe nahi chorengi unke behen ko tufan me rakhne ki liya…

Ragini point of view
This horse is not fast like badal or birat. Oh the storm is becoming stronger. Oh my jiji war not a fool. Then what was the need to puja in this weather. Urrgh.. I just hate storm no actually I am very scared of lightning . Maybe to scare ragini nature mother had sent a lightning. The horse stops suddenly and ragini falls down. She says oh god I came to surprise jiji but now I am stuck. JIJJI.
Oh shivji how Will jijji found me in this storm ? Jijji……

At mahismati
Maharaj shekhar singh his called sanskar but he is late.
Sumi he will be here in the first place.
Shekhar : enough sumi he is already spoilt. Does my order have any importance ? Though laksh is younger Sanskar is good at nothing. I have done a mistake by making him yuvtaj. After 3 days there will be fair of economy. Our partners are Durgapur. After manydays we will Do something together. Sanskar will lead them. It’s your duty to make him understand.
Sanskar comes.shekhar gives a hopeless look. And went away.

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  1. please need more ragini scenes

  2. Superb story, plsss continue. Give the long update ,next part asap plssssßsssssssssssssssss

  3. Divyanshri

    Sinin I dnt know to write poems sorry…. …..
    n ur ff is awsome continue……

    n all small sisters are devils of our life…. but still they r angels…… so no use of being sad…..it is our destiny to get scold for the thing as didn’t even did…. haha????
    yo so be cool….. n chillx

    1. Your absolutely right

  4. Kavyaa0755

    rajaon aur raniyon se bhara hua hai darbar
    swara hai rajkumari aur sanky rajkumar,
    ragini hai yoddha ,lakshya bhi hai damdar,
    swaragini aur sanlak ki mahima aparampar…….
    hehehe bear with my shuddh hindi shayari …….and i love your story.

    1. Oh my God ! It was awesome kavyaa. Tumhari shuddh hindi shayeri kamal ha… thank you soooo much

  5. Purvi

    Awesome…… Continue soon…..

  6. Awesome episode . give long update & post it asap.

  7. too short more ragini scene and make it raglak

  8. dear it was superb ff but 1thing which am disappointing is u always giving a only short updates.. so as here it cnt take imp to al character in each very episode.am loving al the 4characters & who r actual pairs..

    1. I am very sorry but I promise I will give a big one for you all

  9. Awsm but what about pairs?????
    I mean is it Raglak nd Swasan or Ragsan nd Swalak…. Plzzzzzz tell me….Nd one more thing I don’t know that how to write poems…… A very big sooooooooorrrrrrrryyyyyyy Sinin

    1. It’s okay thank you for the comment

  10. I like your ff very much dear..my favorate character is ragini..so plz give more ragini seens and make it lengthy..

  11. Awesome dear.. Plzz try to make it longer hope for swasan

  12. Guys sorry I will not be able to post today.I’ll post tomorrow

  13. Nice..

  14. Superb

  15. Nice royal story loved it

  16. nyc..good going..

  17. awesome but please make it ragsan

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