Swaragini – Royal Love episode 32 (decision time)


Hello friends sinin and Sarah here sooo sorry for soory much break.. Please please please forgive us..here is the next episode and note for u all..hope to see ur support.

Its night time

All Royal family member are sleeping peacefully.. Guards are doing their duty..whole Mahel is tightly secured. Among them a soldier is walking.. With a sword on hand and face covered.

She climbs to second floor and jumps on the Hall making a loud noise..
She hides and a immediately a soldier comes..
Though she tried but the soldier caught her..

Soldier : who are you ?
She : pigeon..
Soldier : what…
She : above..
As soon as he looks above the next moment he is in ground..
She : training from pahalwan chacha was great..!

She crosses many corridors carefully.. And reaches in front of her destination.. The chamber of prince laksh

Soldier : who r u ?
She : Queen sumi has sent me too cheek u all
Soldier : is it..OK stay here

After five minutes

She : its so boring na too..guard whole night
Soldier : yes.. That’s true..
She : here take this laddu..its special
Soldiers narrows his eyes..
Soldier : why ??
She : ahem..ahem..cause I’m going to meet my husband !
Soldier : what..
She : I mean my wife..
Soldier : but u r here…
She : uff..my husband is pregnant..
Soldier : what rubbish
She : soory..actually I’m very happy..cause my wife is pregnant..
Soldier : are eat it..its better than his silly talks..

All soldiers eat laddos…and after sometimes falls into great sleep..

She enters into the chamber carefully where laksh was standing near the window.. She comes closer and laksh sees it in the mirror..
He shocks and turns..
He was about to call the guards but she pinned him into the wall..keeping the sword near him..
Laksh : who r u..do u even know who I’m..
She : coward..
Laksh : what..
She : yes…who can’t even meet his Archer..

He narrow his eyes..and slowly removes the cloth..revealing the glowing face of ragini..

Laksh : u here !!!!
Ragini : u were not going to come soo…I had too do this..
Laksh became happy and hugs her…
Laksh : I missed this mischief Archer a lot..
Ragini : are u are so buddhu..I’m going to marry now..I’ll have to be a adarsh bahu..na..but after marriage u will see my real mischief..

Ragini winks
Laksh acts to be scared..

Laksh engulfed ragini into a tight hug..

Here all the girls are becoming bored..they are tired of sword fighting..
Sanji Lisa are discussing about ragini and her metting with laksh..
Sinin is out of room..and glaring the girls for their mischief..
Rest of the girls are hearing stories from mica and dafsi..about their lands and kingdoms.. Sarah and yashasvi are also with them..
While Arshi Jwala and sinin are tensed for swara..as bride can’t meet with groom without permission from elders..

Arshi : we should go n stop her or it will be apshagun..
Jwala : ragini is also missing.. Oh Krishna.. This girls will not let me be in peace..
Sinin : first let us find barikumari then chotikumari..
Jwala : u both go I’ll try to find ragini…

Near the pond

Sanskar is waiting for Swara.. He is drunken state…his hopes are joining again..
Swara comes there in small steps..sanskar hears the rhythm of anklet..he feels his pari and looks back…
A girl is coming covering her face..
Sanskar runs to her but falls in middle..
Swara runs and helps him to stand..
Sanskar keeps starring her lovingly.. He slowly removes the veil…revealing the angelic face which he wanted to see,…..

Swara : kuwar ji..what is this..
Sanskar : pari..my pari..ur here.. Its true not any dream..
Swara turns away..
Swara : no I’m angry with u u don’t love me….
Sanskar : angry.. But why…
Swara : u didn’t saw face of ur bride for once in the Roka…
She pout..
Sanskar doesn’t understand anything…
Sanskar : yes…I’m angry with u..
Swara : why…
Sanskar : u left me alone..how could u do this..I was so scared..
Swara : soory.., but now your marrying princess swara..we will be one forever..
Sanskar : pari..
Swara : why r u drunk ?
Sanskar : please don’t leave me…
Swara : kuwar ji…I’ll never leave u….
Sanskar falls down…

Arshi And sinin comes there..
Sinin : barikumari let’s go if queen comes we’ll be in problem..
Swara : but sanskar…
Arshi : swara we’ll send soldiers.. Now come..

They both dragged swara from there.. And informed soldiers to take sanskar..

It starts raining…
Ragini : its raining… The symbol of happiness..
Laksh looks at her lovingly

Swara : its raining… The symbol of sorrow…
Sanskar is seen in the bed..chanting pari and only pari…

He dreams of the moments… He started having fever..

He dreams pari is coming… He tries to hold her..but she turns and say I’m angry with u..but why pari…u want to saw the face of ur Bride… No..it’s not like this..your marring princess swara we can never be one..no pari its for revenge… Of ur dealth….u don’t love me kuwar ji…he falls and she starts going far….

Pari…….he shouts..

He was having high fever…still he went on that place near the pond and started yo find pari madly…

Sanskar : no pari…I’m doing this just for revenge.. I love u n only u..if u want I promise ” I’LL NEVER SEE TRY TO SEE HER FACE AGAIN” but please don’t be angry with me…pari…

Swara’s heart starts pounding loudly… As if something bad…very bad has happened…

Episodes ends on the face of happy raglak n sad swasan……


Guys we have notice that u all r finding bit boring… Same here..maybe we both can’t make the wedding season interesting… Sorry.. But as this ff is very special for all of us…we have a option..

1) start direct from haldi and then wedding…bidai and then start of hate love story..

2) take leap of some days in story and start from their married life..

Guys please all give their opinion… The next epi depends on that..

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      I posted the 4th part..do read n comment

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