Swaragini – Royal Love episode 31


Hello friends sinin and Sarah here…thank you all very much for the lovely comments on last part.. Guys please all comment today…

All girls are looking at their jiju sa..
Mica : did you see ragini and laksh jiju sa..their choice is same !
Lisa : yes..how it happened ! ?
Simin : and see sanskar jiju sa..he is looking soo..
Divyanshri : he is our jiju sa..!
Ritu : cute..
Riya : yes just like prince of mewar..
Sanji : but why he is not looking at swara ?
Arshi : yes..see ragini and laksh they are just looking at each other…
Jwala : girls..maybe he will talk with her… Alone
Yashasvi : alone !
Sarah : what will they do alone ?
Sinin : they will play hide and sick..!
Yashu looks at the sad face of swara..she thinks of a plan..and tells this to sarah..
Dafsi : guys..see the rituals are going to start !
All concentrates…

The pandit ji is chanting mantras..
Rani Annapurna signs Jwala Arshi…they both came down..
They holds a net cloth in front of swaragini.. They are slowly going in the centre where sanlak are present…
They came face to face…first time sanskar tries to see the face of Swara.. He doesn’t know why..
And laksh is starring ragini…even though the barrier.. Ragini blushing sensing it..
Jwala and Arshi stands at both side…
Sumi : you four will be see each other after completion of Roka..
Pandit ji takes their arti

Pandit : do you laksh singh Prince of mahismati ready to get bound in the pure relationship of marriage with princess ragini ?
Laksh : Im ready..

Pandit : do u sanskar Singh yuvraj of mahismati ready to get bound in the pure relationship of marriage with princess swara ?
Wind starts blowing…all became shocked as the weather was good..
Sanskar remembers all moments with his pari…
Sanskar : of course !

All became happy and starts congratulating each other…
Sumi brings the ancestors bangles for brides…
She makes swaragini wear it..
They both happily admires it..

The couples are sit together…. People from different places have came to entertain the couples.. The function goes on full swing when all the girls dances together..

Badhai ho badhai
Badhai ho badhai
Preet me rang me
Rang jar do dil
An hua hai Milan
Badhai ho badhai
Badhai ho badhai

At late night

Yashu writes a letter…
Dear kuwar ji ,
Why you didn’t see me today… I came for you na..I want to meet you alone..near pornima pond..
Your pari
Sarah : pari ?
Yashu : Buddu… Jiju sa calls her pari..
Sarah : ooo..
Yashu : go and leave it near his room…
Sarah goes knocks the door,keeps the letter and runs from there.

All the girls are talking and teasing each other
Swara is sword fighting with Jwala Riya and Ritu..
Swara is wearing a white angrekha..covering her face except eyes..
She is little bit sad..

Ragini and her group is sitting and talking with each other.. Ragini is looking here and there…
Sanji : ragini what happened ?
Lisa : where is your attention
Dafsi : its taken by her lakshraj isn’t it ladoo ?
Ragini : yes…I mean noo
Arshi : you want to meet with him..do u know prince maan used to came at night to meet jijji…
Lisa : then ragini let’s do something…
Sanji : really
Dafsi : ladoo..its risky !
Ragini smiles naughtily

Sarah comes to swara
Swara : Sarah why you came here…u might get hurt
Sarah : woo bari kumari sinin jijji called you near pornima pond
Swara looks here and there but sinin is not here..
Swara : okk I’ll come..but why is calling me..

Sinin is seen banging the door of her room shouting yashu and sarah ?

Laksh is walking desperately in his room.. He is having a big urge to see ragini.. He couldn’t even see her a bit..due to clothes ! But he is forbidden by his mother..and he can’t disobey it..ideal son..
But ragini can comes na..! But how will she come..its not possible
Such security !
He goes to sleep in a sad face…who knows what will happen ??

Sanskar is seen drinking wine..he is not in his sense..he continuously remembering his pari..her talking.. Her angelic smile.. Deep black eye.. Their blissful lovely moments, their love confession.. The worst day of his life..her anklet and death…
He goes to open the door hearing a knock.. He can’t walk properly..
He founds a letter and reads it with difficulty..
He smiles and thinks that she is back and now no need of this revenge marriage..
He goes to pornima pond…

Guys I’m soo sorry for late and Short episode but I’m helpless as just now guests has arrived… I promise I’ll post the next part by today..

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  2. Will sanskar get to know swara is his pari wow waiting for it do update soon dear

  3. Such a wonderful episode…. Loved it too too tooooooooo much….Can’t wait for the next episode….Update it soon Sinin… And Sinin why you always think that I only like Sarah?????? I also like you too….And how old are you???

    1. Sorry Sinin and Sarah I couldn’t gave comment in the last two episodes… Because I was highly busy with my studies… And one more thing my account’s logo is changed so I think both of you can’t recognise me…Its me your Riya di…Don’t get confused…. And plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz forgive me….I wasn’t able to give comment because of my studies…

  4. Wow…loved it .
    Next part soon .

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  6. Mica

    uh noo… this Sanskar will drunk, blabbering his intention to swara…oh ghoosh !

  7. Deeksha

    Nice dear!!!!! Continue soon!!!!!

  8. boring from 2 3 episode it become boring bcoz ur USP is ragini mischievous and naughtiness which is missing

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  14. Sanji

    nice episode

  15. Arshi

    Wowowowoow no words to praise… its simply awesome…..

    I went to my home town to celebrate eid…. and when i returned.. i was dam upset.. missing my mom and all… and ur ff became a lil medicine…. ots sooo cite….

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