swaragini – Royal Love episode 3


Atit ko bhulana chaha
Wo samne aa khara
Biti kalke saari galti
Samne aa gaya……
Swara is getting ready for puja. She has wore a white and sky blue mix lehenga With big Pearl earrings. She takes her thali and goes in the courtyards. All guards bow to her.
Guard : bari kumari are you going somewhere?
Swara : yes. I am going to old shiv Mandir .
Guard : forgive me bari kumari but strong wind in blowing outside. It’s not safe. And choti kumari will be angry if you go.
Swara : no need to tell anything to ragini this puja is very important for Durgapur.
Bring my cart.

A medium sized Cart with two horses come.
Swara : badal birat can you guys take me to shiv Mandir in this storm ?
Horse gives positive sign.
Lets go then.
Swara goes away.
At mahismati
Laksh stares the sky which is turning into black. He unknowingly feels scared.
Why I am feeling scared ? It’s not good bhbi senapati of mahismati can be a coward . Why I am feeling strange ?

Sanskar was intimating with a dancer. Suddenly he wakes up and STARTS to throw things here and there. The dancer goes away in fear.
Why can’t I forget you Swara why can’t I forget your insult ? I can’t be in peace unless I punish you a punishment for which you will cry for dealth.
Sumi comes and looks at the condition of room. Her sons where not like this. She don’t know what happened 11 years ago but after that sanskar completely changed
Laksh to start to become workaholic but he was the most naughtiest. Sumi comes and holds sanskar hand who was having wine.
Sumi : enough son
Sanskar : no ma I will not leave until I take my revenge she has hurt my ego.
And he faints.

At Durgapur
Ragini wakes up and thinks where is jiji ?
Oh God how did I forget we have to go to temple. Naiya hurry up bring my dress.
Naiya : choti kumari woh… bari kumari has gone already as you were sleeping he didn’t disturb you.
Ragini : What how can she leave me .
She goes to balcony and sees a storm is ragging. She panics.
Oh God jiji his gone alone at that unlucky place .
She to goes by taking her sword in a warrior dress. Guards tries to stop her but invain.
The cart stops.
Man : sorry bari kumari the road is not good cart can’t go ahead.
Swara gets down and starts to walk . Rainfall had started. She reaches there . She gives the thal to pandit.
And looks around this is the place from where she lost her friends.

PRECAP – Storm

Credit to: sinin

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