Swaragini – Royal Love episode 29


Hello friends sinin and Sarah here..thank you so much for your lovely comments. Guys I have written a supernatural ff swasan devil’s love in my destiny.. Do read and share your views.

Swara is waiting at the entrance of Royal palace. Her childhood friend are going to come…princesses of Amer …Riya and Ritu.
Swara : Ritu…… Riya !?
They both hug her tightly and the trio falls on ground.
Swara : you both are seriously late.,..?
Riya : arrre swara don’t be angry…I just came runningly leaving prince of mewar.,,,,
Swara : Prince of mewar….!
Ritu : swara..I’ll tell you her..whole prem katha before that tell me..where is ragini…
Riya : yes..both marrying together that to same kingdom…
Ritu : sanskar and laksh !
Swara : don’t ask me ? this Sanji Lisa ragini Sarah…have made my life hell…ohh..dafsi and mica is also here….
Ritu : call Jwala..
Riya : she can handle ragini…

“Jwala ka naam liya..aur WO hajir…
Trio looked back and find Jwala.. And Arshi standing just behind them
Trio : Jwala….and Arshi too !!
Arshi : what..you all thought I won’t come,,after all did I celebrated my birthday ever without you all…that my swaragini are going to marry !
Riya whisper : I forgot…?
Arshi what..?
Swara : Jwala… Thank god you came..I was missing u so much… Now you handle ragini..
Jwala : Swara.. Don’t say this to my ragini.. By the way were are they ?
“Bachao….swara,.bachao…mujhe..sinin ” they heard a scream from courtyard
Swara : it’s… Simin….
All together : shaitan kumari…!

Simin is surrounded by Sanji Sarah ragini and Lisa.,,her state is…her state is like….she is fully drenched in red color water..,she is looking fully red..her eyes are red..and she is sneezing continuously… Looking totally frightened…
Ragini : how dare you..trouble yashu…?
Simin : I didn’t do anything with her..
Don’t lie..
Yashasvi comes from behind..simin became more frightened.. To see her..she recalls yashasvi throwing colour and pepper on her..
Yashasvi smirks evily
Yashasvi : didn’t you wink at me…
All took color on their hand.. And comes towards her..she goes back
She touches a plate full of color behind her..she to throws color on them and run…??
Ragini : simin…?
All starts to chase simin..but due to color they can’t recognize each other and.,.throws color on group members
Dafsi and mica comes there..without knowing anything they stepped inside the war..and comes out one in blue princess and another green princess ??
Swara comes with Riya and Ritu.. They both are looking at them in shock..ragini is throwing colour on Sanji.. She is throwing on yashasvi.. Sarah is trying to find water but Lisa is very angry… So that she took mud and starts throwing at all

Riya and Ritu are quite interested to join in this game…it looks damm funny..but swara is watching all this making a going to eat all face..they will also act like this..after all they are elder then them !

Pratap comes there to stop them,,
Pratap : I the yuvraj of durgapur order…
Before he could continue he is on the verge of crying mixed in mixture of color and mud.

“Ragini” Jwala shouted

All stopped in their position just like statue… Ragini is becoming pale.
Shaitan kumari : JWALA JIJJI !? aka Volcano !
SIMIN goes behind her..
Simin (monologue ) I thought this yashasvi is not like them..but she is the senapati of this gang !

Jwala : what are you doing here ?
Ragini ? woh…jijji..how are you ?
Arshi : my poor ragini..?
Swara helps her dadabhai
Pratap : ? I just came to give you both the letters from sanskar and laksh
Ragini smiles hearing the name..she rushes to get it..
Jwala : first change this… Clothes then letter !
Ragini looksa at swara..and runs to wash face

Sinin glares sarah and yashasvi and they returned home back….kids after all what will understand about love letter ??

At ragini room
Girls are running with the letter of laksh.. Sanji is passing to Lisa and Lisa. Ragini is running behind them..dafsi and riya comes there..
Riya : girls don’t trouble ragini..? give it to me
Lisa passes to riya..and she starts reading loudly
My dear Archer..
All together : ooo..Archer..!
Ragini : see na dafsi…u too ??
Dafsi : heyy..no one will trouble my ladoo..give it her back…
All hugs her together..”we are very happy for you”
She starts Reding

My dear Archer ,
How are you..always doing some fun na…do u miss me..I miss you a lot..we both have asked father to prepond the wedding.. As we both can wait anymore.. You too don’t do any drama and come to me soon..achca.. I want to say something… I love you.I love you. I love you. I love you . l love you. I love you……………….

Swara room

Ritu : no way..I will read first..
Mica : nooo…I have comes from so long only to read this..I mean..I will read the first love letter of our jiju sa..
Arshi : guys..it’s my birthday tomorrow.. I will read..
Ritu : TOMORROW u will read !
Simin : I’m ur besty..na..it’s my right

Swara was looking with open mouth,. How they were fighting on her love letter..which she didn’t read till now.
Sinin grabs it and reads
Dear swara,..
Swara :but he used to call me as pari na..

Jwala : are you all..let the poor girl read first,, just look at her face she will cry in sometimes..
She literally drags all outside after lectures

Swara starts reading
Dear Swara,
You must be fine…but I’m not…because of you.. Yes because of you I can’t sleep eat or laugh… In your love..I just came to know love is soon powerful it changes people into angel..and beast,.. I want to show you my love…just come soon to me..I can’t wait anymore.. I will make every moment of your life memorable..I am waiting for you my love……

Swaragini : I’m coming soon to you…

Precap – swaragini Roka.. Fun..fun..and drama ?

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  1. Cant wait for the next one finally wedding rituals begin

  2. Mica

    Hurrayyy.. we were save Dafsi!!!! thanks God *jumping
    oh poor you Simin…
    Yess… Jwala in action.. hahahha
    Sanskar…. just wait and watch! your biggest karma waiting dear….
    luv it Sinin…ty

  3. Yashasvi

    woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! achi practice kr li mere naam ki……………………..
    this was awesome……………………
    poor Simin…………… really senapati of shetaan kumari………………………
    will b waiting fr next epi………………………….
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fast………………..
    u knw 9th se xams he 23rd tak toh usse pehle plzzzzzz ff post krna n ya mujhe links msg kr dena kyoki i’ll nt b active on TU everytym ………………….

    love u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yashu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. yayyy i was throwing mud at everyone
    loved ur ff ur awesum incredible
    seriously who could have thought to add commentors on thr story
    love u

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