Swaragini – Royal Love episode 28


Hello friends sinin and Sarah here. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments. Friends I think that no one wants to be the sisters of our princes. And most of the scenes will be at durgapur as we all are there.

Swara and sinin are sitting on the terrace. Swara is thinking about her kuwar ji and his love proposal… And the romantic heavenly night..on the other hand sinin is very worried… Swara has only one but she has ek pe ek free..yashsvi and Sarah… She have got new from her secret source that other devils are also coming…”I wish divyanshri was here…”

Swara comes out of her dreamworld when she finds a pair of hands on her eyes..
“Guess who I’m”
Swara smiles….” Simin… I know it’s you..
Simin comes in front.. Sinin smiles seeing her friend.
Simin : so our princess is going to leave us..
Sinin : but at last you got your love… Prince Sanskar
Swara becomes emotional and hugs both..
Swara : I’m going to miss you all..
Sinin : wait…wait you came…that means sanji and and Lisa also came..
Simin nods in yes
Swara : this ragini she has became so careless…what should I do with her..hope Jwala jijji comes fast..or else..

Thum..thum thum
Drum beats can be heard…swara sinin and simin came to portico..
Sarah is beating drums.. All maids and soldiers gathered there in fear..it’s not a good sign..
Sarah : suno..suno all..the “shaitan kumaris” are going to join.. All be careful don’t do any wrong.. Or else you know choti kumari.. She will just..
Sarah laughs evilly and loudly
Yashsvi sign her to keep quite but she laughs even more louder.
Sinin : Sarah ! What is going on here ??
Sarah stops laughing hearing sinin..she saw swara and sinin are looking at her with daggers.. Simin is winking at her..
She pretends to be normal and behaves as nothing happened.
Sarah : nothing jijji.. I was just explaining them to work sincerely… Not to do shaitani..heyy drama is over., all get back to work..
She runs from there
Yashsvi was also going to follow her sister but sinin called her back.
She took a deep breath and give sarah a I’m gone just for you look.
She comes near them..
Yashsvi : yes jijji ?
Sinin : what’s going on you both mind..
Yashsvi : nothing.,,, we are just..just..
Simin : don’t try..as you can’t lie..
Sarah was watching althis from behind a pillar as she can’t leave her CRIME IN PARTNER alone..she grithes her teeth looking at simin.
Sarah : I’m not going to leave you simin… Let me tell this to choti kumari she will deal with you !
She goes from there with smrik on her face

Yashsvi was sweating profusely and trio continued their interrogation.
Sinin : what’s “shaitan kumari “..
Simin : don’t lie…
Yashsvi : choti Kumari group..
Swara : have you all meet with sanji and Lisa..?
Yashsvi nods in yes then in no
Sinin : yashu..
Yashsvi ‘ yes..
Swara : okay yashu you go..and be good sister and bring information for us
Yashsvi nods in no
Sinin : yashu…
Yashsvi nods in yes and runs from there
Swara : we have to do something to stop this Shaitan kumari..

At a isolated place
A girl is seen cheeking the weapons… Pichkari,red pepper, salt,cowdung, broom etc.
Another girl comes and says ap”are this sufficient ? ”
They both are revealed to be Sanji and Lisa
Ragini comes there in serious face
Ragini : its enough for tomorrow
She smiles and Sanji hugs her and Lisa sit on the branch of a big tree. She shouts from there.
Lisa : I missed you soon much ragini,,
Sanji : and you’ll go forever …not meet us again..
They become sad remembering their childhood funs.
Ragini think to light the atmosphere
They both sit in the shadow of a banyan tree. Lisa plucks fruits for them.
Sanji : ragini…how will you do this fun in your sasural..
Lisa : prince laksh will prison you in his love..
Ragini : enough.. Enough.. Lakshraj will stop me.. No chance
Comes closer and whispers ” actually he is very scared of me ”
All laugh while sarah comes running there.. She tells them the whole story.
Lisa jumps from the tree
Ragini : how dare she trouble our yashu..
She smriks and looks at sanji lisa
Sanji and lisa looks at their precious weapons and says ” we didn’t thought what we’ll get a prey so soon..
Ragini : when will other member come..
Sarah : soon…I have sent message
Ragini : now see simin how shaitan kumari., will teach you a lesson.

Someone holds swara from behind and binds her hands. Swara became shock and suddenly he eyes are also tied..then they took her to another room.
Swara : who are you leave me…
“Surprise ”
Her eyes are open and she saw her best friends whom she met during visiting their state.. They became friend very soon..
Swara : mica…!
Mica runs and hugs her..
Mica : I missed you swara…
Swara : where is dafsi ?
Dafsi : thank god you remembered me..
Mica : jealous..
Dafsi : no way…you’re so fast.,.where I’m single and you’re going to mingle…
Swara : dafsi… Thank you came from your kingdom that to on a short notice..
Mica : you’re saying like I wouldn’t have came if you won’t call me… Let me also see our lucky man.,
Dafsi : but where is my ladoo ?
Swara : where is will be…doing some prank
Mica : she will come running if she gets to know about you..
Swara : divyanshri ! You’re here..! ?

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  2. Divyanshri

    yaar……. Sinin Sarah…… Kaha se main tapki yaha??????……….not only me nearly all the readers r here…….. wow….. we can attend swasan n Raglak marriage…… ?
    back to the story…. it’s awsome…… as always loved ur story……. S sisters…….. waiting for jwala di’s entry ?

  3. Dafsi

    Omg such a lovely epi loved to th core and back….from where do you get such ideas girls??? I’m literraly laughing while reading you ff ??? keep going hoping to see some masti with my laado ??? and yeah love you and waiting for the next part eagerly and awesomely written…

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  7. Hiiii dear ….epi wz osm …..loved d shaitan kumaris…..update nxt prt soon….i can’t wait to c marriage of swasan…..sanky’s rxn vn he vl c his pari Infront of his eyes…..

  8. Naaz21

    I have read ur both ff’s n I luv them! They r great. But everytim Sanskar is villain
    I luv ur ffs?

  9. Awsome..loved it

  10. G.Chandu

    awesome…!! loved it…!!

  11. Its amazing episode… Both of u rocks… But what happen with Jwala di???Make her entry fast…

    1. And yeah one more thing Sarah u r really very naughty…My cutie chotu sister

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  14. Yashasvi

    Awwwww the epi was mind blowing , literally laughing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Haya me kitni khush hu ki kissi ne mujhe darra diya , i mean mujhe kitna innocent bnaya he……… vesse hu toh me shetan hi like our ragz n sarah par koi ni ff me hum innocent ban jate he…………..

    and meri chotu sarah meri naame ki spelling me ek A kha gyi kya……hehehehe…………….
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  16. Megha123

    Amazing u two r just awsm

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  18. Mica

    omg Sinin… how can you spare this little rascal Sarah and her gang ?
    as swara.. i wish jwala will coming soon to handle them.
    yay! i’m hugging Swara !!!
    luv it soo much Sinin and Sarah.. can’t stop laughing huft!

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    oh.. god. . what was this sinin.
    I came .. I’m here. . hehe.

  21. Yashasvi

    hey dear OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i knw i’m late bt sorry……………………… and hope i’m nt wrng , sorry if i’m bt i remember in a epi sinin dii told me dat my chotu’s b’day is on 26 august……………. and today is the date………………………… hope nt wrong………………

    LOVE U MERA BACHHA……………………:

    1. Sinin_kabir

      Thank you so much yashu di…It was my best birthday gift ever…I love u 11..as I have become 11.. I can’t even think you remember it..by the way you’ll see your true colour soon

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    Oh hoooo… so its our sarahs cute bday… wish u a many more happy returns of the day

    You have a very bright future dear… ur cyte antics.. ur naughtiness drives me crazy.. may god keep u like this happy ever aftr…

    Happy bday my dear princess sarah…

    In todays epi… i mean last 2 epis… u guyz just kneeled it… i m speechless… i just want to give a tight hug to ur sisters… so sweeeeet idea … and i was enjoying like hell… wow…

    And the wishes s specially for bday girl

    It is a true blessing to have such a fun, smart and caring sister like you. Have a joyful and unforgettable day, full of everything that you love most!

    And sinin dear when is ur bday…????

    And my birthday also falls on this end of month.. 31st august… so dont u dare to forget to wish me ?????

    1. Sinin_kabir

      Thank you so much arshi di…It was my best birthday gift ever…I love u 11..as I have become 11.. I can’t even think you remember it.. Thanks..but don’t scold me after reading the next part..

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    Nice dear

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    Oh my God
    U sistrs r imposible
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    Our shaitaaaaans

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